28 February 2023

Alliance Airlines To Acquire 30 ERJ-190ARs

Simple Flying reports that Alliance Airlines will acquire 30 ERJ-190ARs from AerCap, with the first jet to be delivered in September, and the last of the group to be delivered by the end of 2025. The 30 ERJ-190ARs are currently leased to jetBlue Airways. It's not known how many of the 30 will be designated for its own flights, or to operate for QantasLink.

26 February 2023

N351AC's Cameo In Magnum P.I.

N351AC (msn 31-051), a Learjet 31A owned by Air Rodriguez LLC, and operated by Mid-Pacific Jets [FGR], is made an appearance in tonight's episode of NBC's "Magnum P.I.", titled "Number One with a Bullet".

17 February 2023


Elan Express is ferrying N566NC (c/n 30566, l/n 817) from VCV to QPG, via ONT, HNL and GUM, as ELX566. Elan Express is ferrying the 767-3BGER for Northwest Aviation Leasing for freighter conversion.  It will be leased to Cargojet Airlines following the conversion.

30566ʻs History:
Nov 2000: Delivered to Sobelair as OO-SLS.
Aug 2004: Sold to Deutsche Structured Finance, and leased to Hainan Airlines as B-2562.
Jly 2007: Leased to Ethiopian Airlines as ET-AMG.
Mar 2020: Withdrawn from service, and ferried to MZJ for storage.
Aug 2020: Sold to Fortress Transportation as N566WW.
May 2021: Ferried to VCV for storage.
Jly 2021: Acquired by Northwest Aviation Leasing.
Nov 2022: Re-registered as N566NC.

14 February 2023

Bonza's VH-UKH

Bonza Airline is taking delivery of their fourth 737-8, VH-UKH (c/n 61884, l/n 7773) today. It's making its delivery flight from BFI to MCY [Maroochydore / Sunshine Coast, Marcoola, Queensland, Australia] (via HNL and NAN) as BNZ4, and will overnight at HNL. This 737-8 was originally bound for LOT Polish Airlines as SP-LVP, under lease from SMBC, but was not taken up.

Super Air Jet's PK-SAS

Super Air Jet is taking delivery of PK-SAS (msn 3414) today. This A320-232 is making its delivery flight from TUS to CGK (via HNL and MAJ) as SJV2, and make a gas & go stop at HNL.

3414's History:
Feb 2008: delivered to IndiGo as VT-INQ, under lease from Allco Aviation.
Jan 2011: Sold to HKAC, and the lease transferred.
Jan 2016: Sold to Avolon,  and the lease transferred.
Jan 2020: Withdrawn from service, and stored at CGK.
Sep 2020: Re-registered as OE-IDJ, and ferried to TUS for storage two months later.
Jan 2023: Leased to Super Air Jet from Avolon.

10 February 2023

QantasLink's N947UW

Alliance Airlines is taking delivery of its next QantasLink-liveried ERJ-190AR, N947UW (msn 19000078) today. It's making its delivery flight from SJO to BNE (via SDM, HNL, and MAJ) as UTY9813.

19000078's History:
Apr 2007: Delivered to US Airways as N947UW (f/n 947).
Dec 2013: Transferred to the American Airlines fleet (f/n 947) following the merger.
Mar 2020: Withdrawn from service, and stored at PIT, then ROW a month later
Jly 2021: Sold to Jetran.
Nocv 2021: Sold to TVPX Trust Services, then ferried to SJO to prep for Alliance Airlines.


Cargo Aircraft Management is ferrying N274CM (c/n 25587 l/n 604) from ILN to Asia, via ITO and GUM. This 767-333ER is bound for freighter conversion.

25587's History:
Feb 1996: Delivered to Air Canada as C-FMWY (f/n 635), under lease from Aircastle.
Nov 2003: Painted as a Star Alliance logo jet.
May 2014: Transferred to Air Canada Rouge.
Dec 2015: Purchased by Air Canada.
Mar 2020: Withdrawn from service, and stored at MZJ.
May 2022: Acquired by Cargo Aircraft Management,
Aug 2022: Ferried to ILN for storage.

07 February 2023

Mitsubishi Cancels Their SpaceJet Program

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries announced that they are cancelling their SpaceJet program after numerous delays in trying to resolve design flaws and certification delays. The former MRJ90 was to have had orders from All Nippon Airways, as well as SkyWest Airlines and Mesa Airlines in the US. JA23MJ (msn 10003) was captured at HNL in 2016.

Further information in this Aviation Week article.

05 February 2023

Antonov Airlines' UR-82027

Antonov Airlines' An-124-100M, UR-82027 (c/n 19530502288, l/n 02-08) is making a stop at KOA as it transits from PAE to YAMB, as ADB348F. It arrived this evening, and parked on the south ramp.

04 February 2023


Nordic Aviation Capital is ferrying N780NC (msn 17000280) from CRK to TUS, via GUM, MAJ, and HNL. This ERJ-170LR, with the titles and logo painted over, is making its lease return ferry flight.

17000280's History:
Mar 2009: Delivered to Airnorth [Australia] as VH-ANV, under lease from Jetscape.
Mar 2016: Sold to Nordic Aviation Capital, and the lease transferred.
Oct 2021: Withdrawn from service, then ferried to CRK for storage.

Strat Airʻs N351CM

Strat Air, a sister airline to Aloha Air Cargo, and subsidiary of Northern Air Cargo, has its 767-323ERF, N351CM (c/n 25201, l/n 437) doing the Aloha Air Cargo HNL-LAX-HNL run as AAH7002/7001.

25201ʻs History:
Jun 1992: Delivered to American Airlines as N374AA (f/n 374).
Nov 2013: Repainted into the current livery.
Aug 2015: Withdrawn from service, and stored at ROW.
Apr 2017: Ferried to BFM for storage.
Dec 2017: Sold to Cargo Aircraft Management, ferried to ILN, then to TLV a month later for freighter conversion.
Jun 2018: Leased to Northern Air Cargo, then subleased to Strat Air.
Jly 2018: Re-registered as N351CM.

03 February 2023

FAA Suspends Asia Pacific Airlines' Operating Certificate

The FAA has immediately suspended the Air Operations Certificate of Asia Pacific Airlines this past Wednesday. The FAA noted that there are major discrepancies in the pilot training and certification records. N888LT made a flight on Wednesday morning to GUM as MGE300.

Currently, N688SL is at HNL, N757QM is also at GUM, and N922TS is in storage at SFB.

Further information in this Civil Beat article.