31 January 2024

QantasLink's VH-NXL

National Jet Systems is ferrying VH-NXL "Daintree National Park" (c/n 55093, l/n 5083) from CBR to VCV, via APW and HNL. Southern Cross International is ferrying this 717-231 as SXI2411. The APW-HNL segment is being flown as QFA6701.

55093's History:
Sep 2001: Delivered to Trans World Airlines as N426TW (f/n 2426), under lease from Pembroke.
Dec 2001: Intergrated into the American Airlines fleet following the merger.
May 2002: Leased to Impulse Airlines as VH-VQG, and operated for QantasLink.
May 2004: Leased to Jetstar Airways.
Feb 2006: Re-registered as VH-YQG.
Mar 2007: Sold to GGAM, and leased to National Jet Systems as VH-NXL, to operate for QantasLink.
Oct 2011: Sold to BBAM, and the lease transferred.
Mar 2013: Sold to Falko, and the lease transferred.
Sep 2015: National Jet Systems purchased VH-NXL, and named it "Daintree National Park".

Kunming Airlines' B-224K

Kunming Airlines is taking delivery of their first 737-8 that has been in storage. B-224K (c/n 61709, l/n 7923) is making its delivery flight from BFI to KMG, via HNL, and GUM, as KNA224K, and will overnight at HNL.

China Southern Airlines' B-20CA

China Southern Airlines is taking delivery of their second 737-8 in a seven days. B-20CA (c/n 65256, l/n 7666) is making its delivery flight from BFI to CAN, via HNL, GUM and TSN, as CSN5033, and will overnight at HNL.

27 January 2024

Japan Airlines Commemorates 70th Anniversary Of TransPacific Service

This morning, Japan Airlines commemorated its 70th anniversary of TransPacific service, with a special charter flight from NRT to HNL, as JAL604, that traced the original route flown by a DC-6, that overflew Wake Island, which was then a fuel stop. A 777-346ER, JA743J (c/n 36130, l/n 821), was used for the charter flight and arrived this morning. Following a short stopover, the flight continued onto SFO as JAL602.

Twenty years ago, Japan Airlines celebrated its 50th TransPacific service anniversary with life-size Douglas DC-6 decal applied to a 747-446, JA8906 (c/n 26350, l/n 961), seen above.

26 January 2024

Alaska Airlines Returns Some 737-9s To Service

After completing its inspections, Alaska Airlines announced today that the first batch of 737-9s, will be put back into service.

Three Alaska 737-9s (N947AK, N983AK, and N912AK) remain at HNL following the stand-down, 947 and 983 are parked at on Taxiway F, while 912 is on the North Ramp.

24 January 2024

China Southern Airlines' B-20C8

China Southern Airlines is taking delivery of their first 737-8 since the grounding was lifted, the pandemic, and the trade issues between the US and China. B-20C8 (c/n 63282, l/n 7703) is making its delivery flight from BFI to CAN, via HNL, SPN, and TSN, as CSN5073. It's scheduled to overnight at HNL.

This 737-8 was built in August 2019, made its first flight a month later, and  was placed into storage at MWH. It's the airlines' first 737-8 delivery since December 2018, and the airline expect to take delivery of all 26 of their 737-8s that are in storage.

22 January 2024


ZK-LFW (msn 976), a British Aerospace Jetstream 3201, owned by Air Freight NZ Ltd, is ferrying from PMR [Palmerston North International Airport, Palmerston, North Island, NZ] to TUS, via AKL, APW, CXI, HNL, and MYF.

976's History:
Mar 1993: Delivered to Regionál Airlines as F-GMVJ.
Oct 1997: Leased to Air Normandie.
Oct 2001: Acquired by Trident Aviation Leasing, re-registered as G-BUUZ, and stored at LEZG.
May 2007: Acquired by IAP Group Australia as VH-OTR.
May 2012: Acquired by Vincent Aviation as ZK-LFW.
Oct 2014: Acquired by Air Freight NZ Ltd., and operated by Life Flight NZ

FAA Issues Safety Alert For The 737-900ER

The FAA issued a Safety Alert for airlines who operate the 737-900ER, as the mid-cabin door plug design is the same as the ones on the 737-9.

This new inspection will impact flights by Alaska Airlines and United Airlines to Hawai‘i.

20 January 2024

QantasLink's VH-X4B

National Jet Systems is taking delivery of their second A220-300, VH-X4B "Koala" (msn 55269). It's making its delivery flight from YMX to CBR, via YVR, HNL, and NAN, as QJE6075.

17 January 2024

TNI Angkatan Udara's A-1344

Lockheed-Martin is delivering A-1344 (msn ____) to TNI Angkatan Udara (Indonesian Air Force, IDAF). This C-130J-30 Super Hercules is flying from MGE to HLP (via SAN, HNL, MAJ, and GUM) as LAC5977, and is making an overnight stop at HNL. It's also wearing a temporary US registration, N5105A. This is the TNI-AU's fourth of five C-130Js to be delivered of the five that were ordered.

16 January 2024

Sentry Aloha 24-01

The Hawai‘i Air National Guard's 199th Fighter Squadron / 154th Wing is hosting Sentry Aloha 24-01. The two-week one exercise will also include F-35C Lightning IIs, FA-18 Super Hornets, and EA-18G Growlers from the US Navy's VX-9, as wells an E-7A Wedgetail from the RAAF.

15 January 2024

KOA's Runway 17/35 Closed

The Hawai‘i Department of Transportation (HDOT) has closed KOA's Runway 17/35, and suspended operations at 16:25HAST, due to significant cracks found in the asphalt, partially accelerated from the recent heavy rains. As of 17:40HAST, HDOT-A crews are trying to determine how much usable runway is there to allow restricted operations, as well as planning emergency repairs.

KOA has a variety of aircraft ranging from single-engine general aviation plans to Boeing 777-200ERs that serve this west Hawai‘i Island airport.

15 Jan 2024, 20:20HAST UPDATE
HDOT announced that crews are working to patch the section of Runway 17/35, and have the runway ready for operation by sunrise, 16 Jan 2024.

16 Jan 2024, 03:05HAST UPDATE
HDOT announced that KOA will be open for operations from 06:00.

FlightAware shows that the first arrival into KOA was UPS4965 from HNL at 06:05, and the first departure is AAH447 scheduled for 08:01


Nomadic Aviation is ferrying LATAM's N572LA (c/n 41747, l/n 1034) from MIA to CAN, via JRF for freighter conversion. This 767-316ER is flying as OMD361, and will make a brief fuel stop at JRF this evening.

41747's History:
Aug 2012: Delivered to LAN Airlines as CC-BDG.
Nov 2013: Acquired by TAM Linhas Aéreas as PT-MSO.
May 2016: Integrated into the LATAM Brazil fleet following the LAN/TAM merger.
Oct 2023: Withdrawn from service, and stored at QSC.
Dec 2023: Ferried to MIA for storage.

13 January 2024

Malaysia Airlines' 9M-MVB

Today, Malaysia Airlines' 9M-MVB (c/n 66440, l/n 8801) is the first TransPacific 737MAX delivery for 2024. This 737-8 is making its delivery flight from BFI to KUL, via HNL and GUM, as MAS5041. It will overnight at HNL tonight.

09 January 2024

QantasLink's VH-YQU

Southern Cross International is ferrying VH-YQU "Royal National Park" (c/n 55180, l/n 5132) from CBR to VCV, via APW and HNL, as SXI2402. The APW-HNL leg is being flown as QFA6070. This 717-2BL was part of the National Jet Systems fleet, and operated for QantasLink.

55180's History:
Jun 2004: Delivered to Midwest Airlines as N918ME, under lease from Boeing Capital Corporation (BCC).
Mar 2009: Leased to Mexicana Click as XA-CLB.
Jan 2011: Returned to BCC, and stored at VCV, after Mexicana Click ceased operations.
Dec 2013: Leased to National Jet Systems as VH-YQU, and operated for QantasLink.
Jan 2021: Painted in the current livery, and named "Royal National Park".

08 January 2024

NOAA's N49RF Returns

NOAA's Gulfstream G-IV, N49RF "Gonzo" (msn 1246) is back at HNL for testing and training. It arrived this afternoon from LGB.

Airfast Indonesia's PK-OFI

Airiest Indonesia is taking delivery of their first 737-8, PK-OFI (c/n 63970, l/n 7110), today. It's making its delivery flight from SBD to CGK, via ITO and GUM, as OTH2402.

63970's History:
Oct 2018: Delivered to Norwegian Air Shuttle as LN-BKE, "Hans Børli" tail artwork.
Oct 2019: Sold to Mitsui Bussan Aerospace, and leased back; then subleased to Norwegian Air Sweden as SE-RYB.
Jly 2021: Withdrawn from service, and stored at ILD.
Sep 2023: Leased to Airfast Indonesia, with the temporary registration of T7-OFI, and ferried to MZJ for storage.
Dec 2023: Ferried to SBD for repainting.

QantasLink's VH-8NP

Network Aviation is taking delivery of VH-8NP "Karajini" (msn 2470) today. This QantasLink-liveried A319-132 is flying from LCQ to PER, via OAK, HNL, MAJ, and CNS, is being ferried by Southern Cross International as SXI2377. This is the first of three second-hand A319s to be leased by Network Aviation from Gryphon Aviation Leasing, and operated for QantasLink.

2470's History
May 2005: Delivered to Spirit Airlines as N503NK "Spirit of the Caribbean" (f/n 503), under lease from ILFC.
Oct 2007: Painted in the 2007 livery, and the name removed.
May 2014: Sold to AerCap, the lease transferred, and painted in the 2014 livery.
May 2018: Purchased by Spirit Airlines.
Jan 2020: Given fleet number 1503.
Feb 2023: Withdrawn from service, and stored at P08 [Coolidge Muni Airport, Coolidge, AZ]
Apr 2023: Acquired by Gryphon Aviation Leasing, and stored at MCN.
Aug 2023: Ferried to LCQ for prep to QantasLink.

10 Jan 2024 UPDATE
SXI2377 departed for MAJ this afternoon.


ST Aerospace Resources is having D-AADS (msn 1763), ferried from CAN to SAT, via CRK, GUM, MAJ, HNL, and PHX. It arrived last night with an overnight stop at HNL. No information is known as to who this white-tail A321-231P2F will be leased or sold to.

1763's History:
Jun 2002: Delivered to Monarch Airlines as G-OZBF
Sep 2011: Sold to CIT Aerospace, and leased back.
Nov 2012: Painted in the 2012 Monarch livery.
Apr 2017: Sold to Avolon, and the lease transferred.
Oct 2017: Withdrawn from service, as Monarch ceased operations, and stored at SNN.
Mar 2018: Ferried to MPL for storage, and re-registered as OE-IFZ
Jun 2018: Leased to Red Wings as VP-BVQ.
Dec 2021: Withdrawn from service, returned to Avolon, and stored at TLL.
Mar 2023: Sold to ST Aerospace Resources, and ferried to CAN for freighter conversion.
Dec 2023: Re-registered as D-AADS.

13 Jan 2024 UPDATE
D-AADS will be sold to GlobalX Airlines as N435GX (f/n 435) after painting at SAT.

07 January 2024

FAA Requires Inspections Of Some 737-9s

In light of the recent rapid decompression of the Alaska Airlines 737-9 door plug, the Federal Aviation Administration is requiring immediate grounding and inspections of 737-9 mid-cabin door plugs.

For Hawai‘i, other than Alaska Airlines, United Airlines has some west coast flights that use 737-9s, and the airline announced prior to the FAA notice, that they will voluntarily ground and inspect their fleet of 79 737-9s.

According to Airways Magazine, the EASA is adopting the FAA EAD, although the 737-9s flying in Europe are flown in high-density layouts. They also report that, globally, Aeroméxico (19), Copa Airlines (29), and Turkish Airlines (5), have also grounded their 737-9s for inspection. 

05 January 2024

Alaska Airlines Grounds Its 737-9 Fleet

Alaska Airlines announced that they immediately grounding their 737-9 fleet following an incident this evening where a door plug separated from the fuselage about six minutes into its flight that departed from PDX. N704AL (c/n 67501, l/n 8789, f/n 704), a two-month-old 737-9, was flying as ASA1282 from PDX to ONT, when the incident occurred, and fortunately there were no casualties. Because of the airline's cabin configuration, the small exit door behind the wings are plugged, and not considered an exit. Regular cabin paneling covers the interior part of the door plug.

The airline issued a statement, that all 65 737-9s will be grounded to have those door plugs inspected. This will affect almost all of Alaska's flights to HNL; and to some degree, affect flights servicing OGG and KOA; LIH is unaffected, as the Alaska flights service there are done by 737-890s.

06 Jan 2024 UPDATE
Alaska Airlines canceled some of its Hawai‘i flights due to the grounding.


N227GV (msn 19000159), an Embraer Lineage 1000 (ERJ-190-100 ECJ), owned by PT Indocater, and operated by Premiair, is making a stop at HNL from BUR. The flight originated at LAS, will continue onto GUM, then return to its base at DPS. This E190 does make occasional stops at HNL.

03 January 2024

Pelita Air Service's PK-PWJ

Pelita Air Service is taking delivery of their latest A320-214, PK-PWJ (msn 4616). It arrived from VCV this morning, and will make its way to their base at PCB.

4616's History:
Mar 2011: Delivered to Virgin America as N840VA "bytheway" (f/n 640), under lease from Aviation Capital Group (ACG).
Jan 2018: Transferred to the Alaska Airlines fleet following the AS/VX merger.
Dec 2022: Withdrawn from service, and stored at SAT.
Aug 2023: Ferried to LCQ for storage, for a month, then back to SAT.
Nov 2023: Ferried to VCV for prep to Pelita Air.

01 January 2024

Hauʻoli Makahiki Hou!

The HNL RareBirds™ team wishes you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2024! 🎉