30 July 2021

Qatar Executive's A7-CGB

Qatar Executive's Gulfstream 650, A7-CGB (msn 6167), made a overnight stop at HNL from SAN as QQE255, after it arrived yesterday. It's continuing onto TSA as QQE269. Qatar Executive is the business jet arm of Qatar Airways, as the livery shows.

République Française's F-RAFB

F-RAFB (msn 86), an Armée de l'Air Falcon 7X, is making an overnight stop at HNL as it goes from the South Pacific to France. It's flying as CTM4, and arrived from NOU yesterday afternoon. F-RAFB is primarily used as a VIP transport, and has the République Française livery.

29 July 2021

Royal Canadian Air Force CC-150s

A pair of Royal Canadian Air Force Airbus CC-150 Polaris transports from the 437 Transport Squadron are paying a visit to HNL. 15001 (msn 446) [top photo] and 15005 (msn 441) are here at HNL.

Both CC-150s were originally delivered to Wardair Canada, then transferred to the Canadian Airlines International fleet after Wardair was acquired. During Wardair's heyday, these A310s probably served HNL from YVR and other Canadian airports.

15005's History:
Nov 1987: Delivered to Wardair Canada as C-FWHD "Don C. Braun" (f/n 804) as an A310-304.
Jan 1990: Transferred to Canadian Airlines International after Wardair merger.
Jly 1990: Sold to Thai Airways International as HS-TIF "Pattani".
Aug 1993: Acquired by the Royal Canadian Air Force as a VIP transport 15005, as a CC-150.
Jly 1997: Convereted to a multi-role transport/tanker (MRTT) as a CC-150T.
Nov 2018: Painted in the present livery.


JetOneX is ferrying its 747-409, N337JX (c/n 33734, l/n 1353), from TPE to VCV, via HNL.

33734's History:
Dec 2004: Delivered to China Airlines as B-18210, in the "Dreamliner" livery.
Dec 2012: Painted in the standard China Airlines livery.
Dec 2019: 60th Anniversary decals applied to aft section.
Feb 2020: Withdrawn from service.
Jly 2021: Sold to JetOneX.

26 July 2021

Malindo Air's 9M-LNK

Malindo Air is ferrying a second 737-9GPER from KUL to SBD, bound for the Delta Air Lines fleet. 9M-LNK (c/n 38737, l/n 4600), is making the flight as M9LNK, with stops at GUM and HNL.

9M-LNK's History:
Sep 2013: Originally ordered by Lion Air as PK-LLL, but was instead transferred to Malindo Air, and delivered in September 2013. leased from Castlelake.
Jly 2019: It had the "Visit Truly Asia Malaysia 2020" decals added.
Jun 2021: Withdrawn from service, and returned to Castlelake.
Jly 2021: To Delta Air Lines as N950DA (f/n 3950).

23 July 2021

Alliance Airlines' N995QQ

Alliance Airlines is taking delivery of its next ERJ-190AR, N995QQ (msn 19000095). It's being delivered by Southern Cross International as SXI2138, from SJO to BNE (via SDM, HNL, and MAJ). It will overnight at HNL before continuing on. This E190 will receive the registration of VH-UYN.

19000095's History:
Jul 2007: Delivered to Copa Airlines as HP-1562CMP.
Oct 2007: Leased to Aero Republica for one year. Also from Nov 2009 to May 2019.
Oct 2010: Aero Republica rebranded to Copa Airlines Colombia.
Mar 2020: Withdrawn from service.
Mar 2021: Acquired by TVPX Trust Services.
Jul 2021: Delivering to Alliance Airlines.

22 July 2021


Jet Test is ferrying N286TM (c/n 28869, l/n 2887) from TPA to KUL, via SBD, HNL, MAJ, GUM and BKI. This white-tail 737-33RF is flying as JTN148, and is making an overnight stop at HNL tonight.

28869's History:
Jun 1997: Delivered to Western Pacific Airlines as N964WP, leased from Bouillion AS.
Apr 1998: Leased to Olympic Airways as SX-BLA.
Dec 2003: Lease transferred to Olympic Airlines.
Apr 2005: Leased to Ukraine International Airlines as UR-GAQ, Blended Winglets installed in 2008.
Mar 2015: Sold to Aergo Capital, and leased to Alas Uruguay as CX-OAB.
Aug 2016: Leased to LAW-Latin America Wings as CC-ARQ.
Sep 2018: Leased to Star Air Cargo as ZS-TIV until Oct 2020.
Jan 2021: Freighter conversion at TPA.
Feb 2021: Purchased by the Bank of Utah.
Jly 2021: Acquired by World Cargo Airlines as 9M-WCM.

20 July 2021

Malindo Air's 9M-LNL

One of the first of the second-hand 737-900ERs bound for the Delta Air Lines fleet is making its way to the mainland. Malindo Air's 9M-LNL (c/n 38736, l/n 4592) is ferrying from KUL to SBD, via GUM and HNL. CH-Aviation reports that Delta is in the process of acquiring 29 second-hand 737-900ERs (along with seven second-hand A350-900s) from undisclosed airlines. The 737-900ERs will need to have the Delta cabin configuration installed, and repainted, before they begin to enter service next year. It's not known how many 737-900ERs Delta will acquire from the Lion Air Group.

9M-LNL's History:
Sep 2013: Originally ordered by sister airline Lion Air as PK-LLM, but the parent Lion Air Group transferred it to Malindo Air as 9M-LNL, leased from Castlelake.
Jun 2021: Withdrawn from service, and returned to Castlelake.
Jly 2021: To Delta Air Lines as N949DK (f/n 3949).

Alaska Airlines Begins MAX Service

Alaska Airlines launched 737MAX service to HNL today, with N918AK (c/n 44083, l/n 7836, f/n 918). This 737-9 is arriving from PDX as ASA889.

Alaska is the third US airline (along with United and Southwest) to use the 737MAX in regular scheduled service to HNL. Southwest has 737-8s in their Hawai‘i schedule. United has yet to bring their 737-8s or 737-9s back in service to the islands.

19 July 2021


N498TA (msn 3148), an A320-233 owned by Fortress Transportation, is being ferried from GYR to CGK as JTN186. It's making stops at HNL, MAJ and BIK.

3148's History:
Mar 2008: Delivered to TACA International as N498TA.
May 2013: Transferred to Avianca El Salvador as N498TA, after the Avianca / TACA merger.
Oct 2019: Withdrawn from service, and stored at GYR a month later.
Dec 2019: Acquired by Fortress Transportation.
Jly 2021: Stored at CGK.

16 July 2021

Armée de l'Air's 64-GQ

An Armée de l'Air Transall C-160, 64-GQ (msn R217) is making a stop at HNL from PDX. It's on its way to PPT.

FAA Grounds TransAir's 737 Ops

According to a KITV report, the FAA has grounded the TransAir Hawaii 737-200F operations due to suspected shoddy aircraft maintenance. The 737-200Fs are operated by Rhoades Aviation, TransAir's sister company. The TransAir Shorts SD360s are still operating its cargo flights.

15 July 2021

Virgin Australia's 2-VYFI

Jet Test is ferrying Virgin Australia's 2-VYFI "Porpoise Bay" (c/n 41000, l/n 3963) from MCI to BNE, via HNL and MAJ as JTN83. This 737-8FE, owned by AerCap, is making an overnight stop at HNL, and will rejoin the Virgin Australia fleet as VH-YQH.

All Nippon Airways' JA780A

All Nippon Airways is ferrying JA780A (c/n 34895, l/n 639) from HND to MHV, via HNL. This 777-381ER is flying as ANA9434, as it heads for storage. JA780A was delivered to ANA in May 2007.

12 July 2021

All Nippon Airways' JA779A

All Nippon Airways is ferrying JA779A (c/n 34894, l/n 631) from HND to MHV, via HNL for storage. This 777-381ER is flying as ANA9431, and will make a brief fuel stop here tonight. JA779A was delivered to ANA in April 2007.

08 July 2021

Indian Navy's N536DS

The Indian Navy is taking delivery of their tenth P-8I Neptune, IN329 (c/n 64891, l/n 8291), today. The maritime patrol variant of a 737-8FV is making its delivery flight from BFI to GOI [Dabolim, India], via HNL, GUM and BWN, as BOE232, and is wearing its temporary test registration of N536DS. The next flight segment is from HNL to GUM.

07 July 2021

ANA Cargo's JA8970

All Nippon Airways Cargo's 767-381ERF, JA8970 (c/n 25619, l/n 645), has made two flights from NRT as ANA8598/8597 on July 4th and this morning. Both flights had a two-hour stopover.

We're trying to find out if this is seasonal cargo service. The ANA website does not have any information as to this service, but the flight numbers (ANA8598/8597) belong to ANA Cargo. It appears that the flights arrive and depart on Sundays and Wednesdays.

JA8970's History:
Feb 1997: Delivered to All Nippon Airways.
Nov 2010: Delivered to ANA Cargo after freighter conversion, with the OCS logo on the aft fuselage.
Jan 2017: Painted in the current livery.

06 July 2021

Virgin Australia's 2-VYFG

Virgin Australia is having Jet Test return another 737-8FE return to its fleet. 2-VYFG "Hanson Bay" (c/n 40999, l/n 3941), is being ferried from MCI to BNE (via HNL) as JTN82. It arrived last evening, and will continue onto MAJ later today. It will be re-registered as VH-YQG.

40999's History
Feb 2012: Delivered to Virgin Australia as VH-YFG, leased from ILFC.
May 2014: Sold to AerCap, and lease transferred.
Sep 2020: Ferried to GYR for storage.
May 2021: Moved to MCI for storage.
Jly 2021: Re-deliver to Virgin Australia as 2-VYFG.

02 July 2021

Fiji Airways' DQ-FAF

Fiji Airways is taking delivery of their third 737-8 ordered, DQ-FAF (c/n 64310, l/n 7726), this evening. It's making its delivery flight from BFI as FJI2205, and will make a stop at HNL.

Transair Hawaii's N810TA Ditches Off ‘Ewa Beach

Transair Hawaii's N810TA (c/n 21116, l/n 427) ditched 1.86 miles (3 km) off-shore of ‘Ewa Beach at 0145HAST, after the pilots reported engine trouble. The pilots tried to return to HNL, but the second engine failed as well. Both pilots were rescued by the US Coast Guard, HNL ARFF, and Honolulu EMS. The flight, RDS810, was scheduled to fly to OGG. Reports say that the airframe broke apart upon landing.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.

Coverage from the AP Newswire and KITV Island News.

Radar playback with LiveATC audio from FlightRadar24.com.

04 July 2021 UPDATE
TransAir has grounded the four remaining 737-200Fs pending the investigation and inspections.

01 July 2021

Ground Collision At KOA

Two aircraft were involved in a ground collision at KOA today. The pilot of a Piper PA-23-250, N1715Y (msn 27-7654096), owned by Pacific Fleet Aviation LLC (Rochester, NY), accidentally taxied the light twin into the nose and forward fuselage of a Dassault Falcon 900, N917JF (msn 179), owned by Fabick Aircraft Co LLC (Dover, DE).

Further details in this Hawaii News Now report.