30 June 2007

Xiamen Airlines' B-5303

Xiamen Airlines is taking delivery of its next 737-85C(W), B-5303 (c/n 35050). It stopped off at HNL yesterday, and departed for MAJ this morning.

Sorry ... no HNL photo available ... missed its departure by a few minutes.

28 June 2007

Island Air's N829EX

Island Air's Dash8-103, N829EX, has received its new livery, dressed as "Island Beauty". It's the same colors that N539DS, the Q400, wore during its stint with WP.

China Southern's B-5193

China Southern Airlines' B-5193 (c/n 35370), a 737-81B, is scheduled for delivery, and to stop off at HNL today. All flight trackers has the aircraft listed as a -700, but it's an -800.

Sorry, no HNL photo available ... though Rick Schlamp got its departure shot at BFI.

25 June 2007

Southern Air 747-200 Visits Hickam

Passing through for a very brief stop at Hickam Sunday was Southern Air's 747-206B (SF/SUD) N748SA (c/n 21110/271). It taxied in to the Hickam cargo ramp in the early afternoon and departed at 2000 local time. Interestingly, the aircraft is still painted in its former Martinair Cargo livery, minus the titles. No photo yesterday, but it can be found on airliners.net.

24 June 2007

Shandong Airlines' B-5332

Shandong Airlines' second 737-800 delivery flight to stopover at HNL in a week, is B-5332 (c/n 35095), a 737-8FH(W). It's seen here taxiing to Runway 8R for its departure to MAJ.

19 June 2007

JAL's 5th 737-800

The fifth 737-846 for JAL arrived today as JAL7901, Jun 19, from BFI. This aircraft's registration is JA305J (c/n 35334). It will layover and depart tomorrow for MAJ.

World MD-11

This World Airways MD-11 arrived in HNL on June 18 from Rockhampton, Australia. Here it is parked on the North Ramp. I'm pretty sure it is just laying over after flying a military charter. This is an ex-DL aircraft and still carries the same registration, N804DE.

China Southern Daily Double

Two China Southern Airlines jets crossed paths at HNL today. One, a 737, was being delivered, the other, a 757, was being flown to a storage facility for possible sale to a new customer.

Their newest 737-71B, B-5241 (c/n 35372), is enroute from BFI as CSN5241 to CAN (Bauiyun Airport, Guangzhou, China) via HNL, MAJ and SPN. B-5241 is seen above as it begins its taxi to the "Reef Runway" for departure to MAJ.

A 757-21B, B-2811 (c/n 24714), arrived from CAN via SPN as CSN2099 early this morning. It looks to be headed to the mainland, and is wearing an all-white livery. B-2811 left for GYR (Goodyear Airport, Phoenix, AZ) early this morning. Sorry ... no HNL photo available.

17 June 2007

Shandong Airlines' B-5331

Shandong Airlines' newest 737-8AL, B-5331 (c/n 35075), is making its way across the Pacific from BFI, and is seen here taxiing to Runway 8R for departure to MAJ. B-5331 is being leased by Shandong from SALE.

China United's B-5323

China United Airlines is taking delivery of B-5323 (c/n 30725), a 737-8Q8(W). A subsidiary of Shanghai Airlines, it wears the old colors of Shanghai.

Sorry ... no HNL photo available ... but Rick Schlamp got a great one at BFI.

13 June 2007

Xiamen Airlines' B-5318

Xiamen Airlines is taking delivery of their newest 737-85C(W), B-5318 (c/n 30723). B-5318 departed today for MAJ..

12 June 2007

Lion Air's PK-LFH

Lion Air International's third 737-9GPER, PK-LFH (c/n 35710) has made its appearance at HNL. It arrived late this afternoon. This 739ER is the first to wear the full Lion Air colors.

Sorry, no HNL photo available ... though Rick Schlamp got this at BFI as it left for here, and thanks for the catching my error.

Post corrected 06-14-07 @ 01:43

10 June 2007


A Dash8-311 registered as C-FJKP (msn 641), stopped off at HNL yesterday from GRR via CCR. It continued onto PPG this morning.

Sorry ... no HNL photo available.

*Update 06.30.07*
This was an Air Nelson (Air New Zealand Link) Dash8-311 delivery flight, and is now registered as ZK-NES.

Volga Dnepr AN-124-100

Another AN-124-100 has stopped over at HNL. It is one from Volga Dnepr and registered RA-82042 (msn 9773054055093/606). This aircraft was parked on the North Ramp.

RA-82042 arrived here from ONT yesterday as VDA4802, and will continue to NAN tonight.

08 June 2007

Aloha Wyland Fly-by!

Did anyone else catch Aloha's 737-700 doing a very low pass down 8L today at about 1130? I saw the tail first, then caught a glimpse of it doing a high-speed, gear-up pass down 8L at what looked to be about 50'! Interestingly, a few minutes later, the aircraft taxiied into the interisland ramp, did a complete left 180 degree turn as if it were going back out to 8L, then weaved it's way into the gate.

If this was a fini-flight (retirement/final flight) it was something that I have never seen done with a passenger aircraft. The Wyland aircraft is a true HNL Rarebird, but this was a once-in-a-lifetime spotting. I'm curious if it was loaded with pax or not.

Details anyone?

01 June 2007

Aloha's N841AL

Topping off a busy news day ... Aloha Airlines has brought on a new 737-2X6C, N746AS (c/n 23123), named "Ke‘opualani". It was purchased from Alaska Airlines, and will soon be re-registered as N841AL.

N746AS began life as N672MA with MarkAir (Alaska) in 1984, and was purchased by AS in 1994. While N746AS was with AS, it was used as a Combi, hauling cargo in the forward cabin, and carrying passengers in the aft cabin. With AQ, N841AL will be in an all-pax configuration. This is the second ex-AS 732 that AQ has recently acquired.

Shanghai Airlines' B-5330

Shanghai Airlines' newest 737-86N(W), B-5330 (c/n 35212) has completed its first leg of its delivery flight bound for Shanghai, by stopping at HNL for the night, and will leave Saturday for MAJ.

Sorry ... no HNL photo available, but Rick Schlamp got one at BFI.

Air China's B-5325

Air China is taking delivery of B-5325, a 737-86N (c/n 32692), which arrived this morning from BFI as CCA058. B-5325 will leave tomorrow for MAJ. It's seen here soaking up some Hawaiian afternoon sun.

DL1579/1566 Aircaft Change

Starting today, June 1st, Delta has changed the aircraft for their early LAX-HNL flight from a 767-400ER to a 767-300. The 767-300 is the domestic non-ER version and are the same as the ex-DL 767-300s bought by HA. The flight is DL1579 from LAX and arrives at 11:00. The outbound flight from HNL is DL1566 and departs at 12:27.

Sorry, but forgot to go out to get a picture of this first arrival.

JAL 777 Charter

JA703J returned today to pick up the charter passengers for their return to Hiroshima. This aircraft arrived from Haneda at 06:40 for a 10:00 departure to Hiroshima. I originally said it would be next week, but I didn't realize this day fell on the same week.

Yuri Gagarin Tu-154

An HNL insider told me that a Tupolev Tu-154M/LK1 belonging to the Yuri A Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre arrived at HNL about an hour ago. The Tu-154 is registered as RA-85655 (msn 89A798).

According to their account, the Tu-154 landed on Runway 4R, rolled to the end, and taxied along Taxiway A toward HIK.

Photo link of RA-85655 on Airliners.net.

This also happens to be the 300th HNL RareBird post!