11 July 2024

N144KW Crashes Off The Nā Pali Coast

N144KW (msn 12805), a Robinson R44, owned by Aloha Helicopter Tours LLC [Līhuʻe, Kauaʻi, HI] (operating as Aliʻi Air Tours & Charters) crashed off of Kauaʻi's Nā Pali Coast, abeam the Hanakoa Valley. The helicopter was last tracked at 13:20HAST, and the crash was called in by hikers at Hanakoa Valley. 

Hawaii News Now reports that one person was killed, and two remain missing. The US Coast Guard dispatched an HC-130J and an HH-65A, and the US Army sent a UH-60 to assist in search and rescue efforts. Other civilian helicopters have assisted as well.

Our condolences and prayers go out to those lost in the accident.

Hawaiian Airlines' N227HA Runway Excursion

Hawaiian Airlines' N227HA "Olopua" (msn 9223, f/n 227) had a runway excursion after landing on OGG's Runway 2 this afternoon. This A321-271N, flying as HAL29 from SEA, was able stop in the runway safety area. Reports say that there was an issue with the brakes. None of the 173 passengers and six crew were injured, and the A321N did not sustain any damage.

Further information in this Hawaii News Now report.

Boeing's N779XX

Boeing is flying N779XX (c/n 64241, l/n 1571) from PAE to KOA for test flights around the Hawaiian Islands, and testing the nacelle cooling system. This 777-9, the second testbed built, is flying as BOE2. It's not known how long it will be here.

10 July 2024

Hawaiian Airlines' Amazon Prime Air Service

Amazon Prime Air has added a Hawaiian Airlines-operated A330-343F flight between SBD and HNL. N4621K began service on Monday, 08 July, as HAL1621, and the return leg is flown as HAL1728.

Royal Australian Air Force's A62-001

The Royal Australian Air Force is taking delivery of its first of two 737-8 BBJs to replace their 737-700 BBJs. A62-001 (c/n 67959,  l/n 8532) is making its delivery flight from DAL as ASY378. It had been flying around to different US Military bases since 22 June. A62-001 will make an overnight stop at HNL, and continue onto CBR in the morning. This BBJ will be assigned to No. 34 Squadron.

Upcoming 737MAX Deliveries

With airlines around Asia and Oceania ordering the 737 MAX series, a majority of these airliners will stop through Hawai‘i (mainly HNL) during the first segment of their island-hopping delivery flights from Boeing Field (BFI) [map]. Boeing has indicated that the variants will be referred to as the -x without the MAX name, we will do the same.

We launched our own Google Sheet documenting the 737 information below, as well as deliveries as of 2021.

Boeing P-8As and E-7As on order for armed forces around the Pacific Rim have been added below.

This post will be continuously updated as new information becomes available.

According to the Boeing Test Fights Google Sheet and PlaneSpotters.net's 737 MAX Production List, these listed below are the airframes that have begun final assembly, made its first flight from RNT, or are being readied for delivery on the BFI flightline. Those listed below, should make a stopover in Hawai‘i on their first segment out of BFI on their delivery flights in the near future. In the past, additional information was also provided by Tyke's Aero Blog, and The Boeing Test Flights website.

8234 | B-____ | 61457 | Shandong Airlines | -8 [07.06.24 BOE680 to JRF as N234BE]
8532 | A62-001 | 67959 | Royal Australian Air Force | -8 BBJ [07.10.24 ASY378 fr DAL ]

» Ferrying to HSN [Zhoushan, China] for cabin completion, with a Boeing flight code.

• • • • •

737 MAX
7263 | B-206L | 61374 | 9 Air | -8 (orange) | BOE452 « VCV
7346 | B-208J | 61142 | Shenzhen Airlines | -8 | BOE935 « BFI » Air India Express VT-___
7351 | B-208E | 63276 | China Southern Airlines | -8 | BOE692 « MWH » Air India Express VT-___
7371 | B-209A | 63284 | China Southern Airlines | -8 | BOE693 « VCV » Air India Express VT-___
7408 | B-209C | 63287 | China Southern Airlines | -8 | BOE694 « MWH » Air India Express VT-___
7415 | B-208F | 63277 | China Southern Airlines | -8 | BOE695 « MWH » Air India Express VT-___
7440 | B-20A3 | 61637 | Shanghai Airlines | -8 | BOE616 « BFI
7493 | B-209V | 61143 | Shenzhen Airlines | -8 | BOE936 « BFI » Air India Express VT-___
7496 | B-209T | 63279 | China Southern Airlines | -8 | BOE697 « BFI
7506 | B-20A6 | 60910 | Air China | -8 | BOE267 « BFI » Air India Express VT-BXY
7508 | B-20A0 | 61448 | Shandong Airlines | -8 * | BOE658 « SKF » Air India Express VT-___
7511 | B-209S | 63278 | China Southern Airlines | -8 | BOE698 « SKF
7519 | B-209W | 61144 | Shenzhen Airlines | -8 | BOE937 « BFI » Air India Express VT-___ (N5573L)
7530 | B-209U | 63289 | China Southern Airlines | -8 | BOE699 « SKF » Air India Express VT-___
7546 | B-20AY | 61644 | Shanghai Airlines | -8 | BOE618 « VCV 
7575 | B-20AG | 61449 | Shandong Airlines | -8 | BOE659 « MWH » Air India Express VT-___
7595 | B-20C7 | 63281 | China Southern Airlines | -8 | BOE696 « MWH » Air India Express VT-___
7613 | B-20AU | 63290 | China Southern Airlines | -8 | BOE701 « MWH » Air India Express VT-___
7619 | B-20AQ | 42961 | Xiamen Air | -8 | BOE336 « MWH » Air India Express VT-___
7624 | B-____ | 61712 | Kunming Airlines | -8 | BOE201 « MWH » Air India Express VT-___
7645 | B-20CC | 61645 | Shanghai Airlines | -8 | BOE619 « MWH
7646 | B-20AT | 63280 | China Southern Airlines | -8 | BOE702 « VCV
7651 | B-20AX | 61450 | Shandong Airlines | -8 | BOE661 « MWH » Air India Express VT-___
7662 | B-20AZ | 43833 | Xiamen Air | -8 | BOE338 « MWH » Air India Express VT-___
7676 | B-20DK | 61147 | Shenzhen Airlines | -8 | BOE940 « MWH » Air India Express VT-___
7677 | B-20D3 | 63286 | China Southern Airlines | -8 | BOE703 « BFI
7690 | B-20CQ | 64677 | Xiamen Air | -8 | BOE339 « MWH
7691 | B-20C9 | 63283 | China Southern Airlines | -8 | BOE704 « BFI
7697 | B-20CR | 64678 | Xiamen Air | -8 | BOE340 « MWH
7706 | B-20CM | 43834 | Xiamen Air | -8 | BOE341 « MWH » Air India Express VT-___
7715 | B-20D6 | 65258 | China Southern Airlines | -8 | BOE712 « MWH
7720 | B-20CF | 61454 | Shandong Airlines | -8 | BOE663 « BFI » Air India Express VT-___ (N5515R)
7723 | B-20DL | 61148 | Shenzhen Airlines | -8 | BOE941 « MWH
7728 | B-20CU | 65274 | China Southern Airlines | -8 | BOE713  « VCV
7738 | B-20D5 | 63288 | China Southern Airlines | -8 | BOE706 « MWH
7750 | B-20CL | 43836 | Xiamen Air | -8 | BOE342 « MWH » Air India Express VT-___
7751 | B-20CT | 65251 | China Southern Airlines | -8 | BOE714 « MWH
7760 | B-20CN | 43835 | Xiamen Air | -8 | BOE343 « BFI » Air India Express VT-BWE
7761 | B-20DH | 60922 | Air China | -8 BOE275 « MWH
7764 | B-____ | 65275 | China Southern Airlines | -8 | BOE715 « MWH
7775 | B-20D0 | 61455 | Shandong Airlines | -8 | BOE665 « MWH
7782 | B-20CP | 43837 | Xiamen Air | -8* BOE370 « VCV » Air India Express VT-___
7784 | B-____ | 65253 | China Southern Airlines | -8 | BOE716 « MWH
7792 | B-225H | 64708 | Fuzhou Airlines | -8 | BOE513 « MWH
7795 | B-____ | 65257 | China Southern Airlines | -8 | BOE717 « MWH
7798 | B-20DP | 61157 | Shenzhen Airlines | -8 | BOE942 « MWH
7809 | B-20DN | 61150 | Shenzhen Airlines | -8 | BOE943 « BFI
7813 | B-20DJ | 60923 | Air China | -8 | BOE276 « MWH
7817 | B-20DU | 42963 | Xiamen Air | -8 | BOE3711 « MWH
7826 | B-____ | 61652 | China Eastern Airlines | -8 | BOE622 « MWH » Air India Express VT-___
7831 | B-20DV | 42964 | Xiamen Air | -8 | BOE372 « MWH
7848 | B-20DW | 42962 | Xiamen Air | -8 | BOE373 « MWH
7856 | B-20DZ | 61151 | Shenzhen Airlines | -8 | BOE944 « BFI » Boeing N235BE
7860 | B-20E0 | 43838 | Xiamen Air | -8 | BOE374 « VCV
7865 | B-20DQ | 60924 | Air China | -8 | BOE278  « MWH
7867 | B-20E1 | 64679 | Xiamen Air | -8 | BOE375 « VCV
7875 | B-____ | 65250 | China Southern Airlines | -8 | BOE719 « VCV
7878 | B-20E2 | 61456 | Shandong Airlines | -8 | BOE666 « VCV
7887 | B-____ | 63291 | China Southern Airlines | -8 | BOE708  « MWH
7919 | B-225G | 61654 | Shanghai Airlines | -8 | BOE623  « VCV
7929 | B-____ | 61385 | 9Air | -8 (orange) | BOE454  « MWH
7931 | B-20DS | 60826 | Air China | -8 | BOE279 « MWH
7934 | B-20DX | 64680 | Xiamen Air | -8 | BOE376  « MWH
7944 | B-20E3 | 60928 | Air China | -8 | BOE280 « MWH
7948 | B-20DY | 64681 | Xiamen Air | -8 | BOE377 « MWH
7971 | B-____ | 60930 | Air China | -8 | BOE281 « VCV » Boeing N5573K
8001 | B-224E | 61657 | Shanghai Airlines | -8 | BOE625 « VCV
8025 | B-20EA | 64682 | Xiamen Air | -8 | BOE378 « VCV
8038 | B-____ | 61659 | Shanghai Airlines | -8 | BOE627 « MWH
8100 | B-____ | 43840 | Xiamen Air | -8 | BOE380 « MWH
8125 | B-____ | 61661 | Shanghai Airlines | -8 | BOE629 « MWH
8178 | B-____ | 61154 | Shenzhen Airlines | -8 | BOE950 « MWH
8181 | B-____ | 60938 | Air China | -8 | BOE284 « MWH
8186 | B-____ | 43841 | Xiamen Air | -8 | BOE387 « MWH
8189 | B-____ | 61460 | Shandong Airlines | -8 | BOE679 « MWH
8194 | B-____ | 43845 | Xiamen Air | -8 | BOE388 « MWH
8206 | B-____ | 60941 | Air China | -8 | BOE287 « BFI
8212 | B-____ | 61156 | Shenzhen Airlines | -8 | BOE953 « MWH » Air India Express VT-___
8213 | B-____ | 61710 | Kunming Airlines | -8 | BOE203 « BFI
8220 | B-____ | 43848 | Xiamen Air | -8 | BOE390 « MWH
8221 | B-____ | 60942 | Air China | -8 | BOE289 « VCV » Boeing N5573P
8229 | B-____ | 61124 | Shenzhen Airlines | -8 | BOE954 « BFI
8235 | B-____ | 61153 | Shenzhen Airlines | -8 | BOE955 « MWH » Boeing N5573B
8242 | B-____ | 61157 | Shenzhen Airlines | -8 BOE956 « BFI  » Boeing N230BE
8248 | B-____ | 43847 | Xiamen Air | -8 | BOE391 « MWH
8254 | B-224L | 65254 | China Southern Airlines | -8 | BOE171 « BFI
8610 | A62-002 | 67960 | Royal Australian Air Force | -8 BBJ | BOE9  « GED
8879 | HL7216 | 63442 | Jin Air | -8 | BOE385 « PDX
8882 | VH-8IE  | 66644 | Virgin Australia | -8 | BOE6 « BFI
8914 | VT-YBB | _____ | Akasa Air | -8 | BOE451  « BFI 
8918 | HL7217 | 63445 | Jin Air | -8 | BOE386 « BFI
8944 | VH-8IH | 66650 | Virgin Australia | -8 « RNT

• • •

P-8A and E-7A
9142 | 230921 | 66448 | Republic of Korea Navy | P-8A | « NIP
9526 | 230922 | 67012 | Republic of Korea Navy | P-8A | POSIDN1 « NIP
9602 | 230923 | 67013 | Republic of Korea Navy | P-8A « BFI
____ | 230925 | 67014 | Republic of Korea Navy | P-8A « RNT
____ | 230926 | 67015 | Republic of Korea Navy | P-8A « RNT
____ | 230927 | 67016 | Republic of Korea Navy | P-8A « RNT

The RoK Navy P-8As may be re-designated as P-8Ks.

• • • • • 

« Final Assembly / Pre-Flight Prep / First Flight from RNT
« Pre-Delivery Test Flights / Ready For Delivery
« Stored (Location [IATA])
° New / Modified Livery
* Special Livery / Markings
» New airline and registration
» Boeing registration for ferry to HSN

RNT: Renton Municipal Airport, Renton, WA
BFI: Boeing Field International Airport, Seattle, WA
PAE: Snohomish County Airport (Paine Field), Everett, WA
MWH: Grant County International Airport, Moses Lake, WA
SKF: Kelly Field, San Antonio, TX
VCV: Southern California Logistics Airport, Victorville, CA
NIP: Naval Air Station Jacksonville / Jacksonville Airport, Jacksonville, FL
GED: Delaware Coastal Airport, Georgetown, DE

• • • • •

In the event that a delivery flight stops through any Hawai‘i airport other than HNL, their IATA airport code will noted after the flight number. 

Delivery flights that go through ANC, KEF, or any other non-Hawai‘i airport, will only be listed on our Google Sheet.

Due to the airworthiness directive for the 737MAX series, along with delivery deferrals, some airframes may deliver from sites other than BFI, and will be noted in the flight number information. 

If an airframe listed is sold to another airline, it will be noted with a » symbol, along with the new airline and registration. If the airframe delivers through Hawai‘i, the information will be revised with the delivery information. If it's not making a delivery flight through Hawai‘i, that listing will not be changed to the new airline, then removed upon its delivery flight. That information will be kept on our Google Sheet.

Air India Express is acquiring 55 737-8s that were built for Chinese customers, and have been re-marketed by Boeing, as part of Air India's massive order with Boeing. Akasa Air is also purchasing China-bound 737-8s re-marketed by Boeing.

Most 737s delivering to airlines in India will deliver east-bound through KEF [Keflavik International Airport, Keflavik, Iceland] as their first fuel stop. 
Most 737s delivering to airlines in the Republic of Korea normally delivers through ANC [Ted Stevens International Airport, Anchorage, AK] for their first fuel stop.
In the event they deliver through Hawai‘i, they will be listed on a post, and on the deliveries page.

Some of the deliveries bound for China will ferry to the Boeing China 737 Completion and Delivery Center, in Zhoushan, China, will have this
» symbol following the flight number, that probably will be the Boeing test flight number assigned to the particular airframe.


09 July 2024

Alliance Airlines' N292JB

Alliance Airlines is taking delivery of N292JB (msn 19000179). This ERJ-190AR, being flown by Southern Cross International as SXI2446, is making its delivery flight from SJO to BNE, via SDM, HNL, and BNE. It made its SJO-SDM segment yesterday, and making its SDM-HNL segment today with an overnight stop. It will receive its new registration, VH-A2T, after it completes its delivery flight.

19000179's History:
Jun 2008: Delivered to JetBlue as N292JB "Parley-blue" (f/n 292) with the "Bubbles" tail livery.
Oct 2016: Tail livery repainted in the "Tartan" design.
Nov 2022: Withdrawn from service, and stored at MZJ.
Apr 2023: Acquired by Wilmington Trust Company.
Dec 2023: Acquired by TVPX Trust Services.
Jan 2024: Ferried to SJO for prep to Alliance Airlines.

08 July 2024

Omni Air International's N36NE

One of the two 767-300ERs that Omni Air International that operates for the NFL's New England Patriots, is making a stop at HNL this afternoon. N36NE (c/n 25193, l/n 388) is flying as OAE2348 from NID [Naval Air Station China Lake, China Lake, CA].

25193's History:
Sep 1991: Delivered to American Airlines as N366AA (f/n 366).
Jan 2013: Painted in the current livery.
Jan 2016: Withdrawn from service, and stored at ROW for three months.
Apr 2016: Ferried to SBD for storage, and acquired by Unical Aviation a month later.
Sep 2017: Acquired by the New England Patriots as N36NE, and operated by Eastern Airlines.
Feb 2024: Operating contract changed to Omni Air International.


N788DP (c/n 29441, l/n 111), a 737-79U BBJ owned by DP World FZE, is making a stop at HNL.

Republic of Korea Air Force's 22-001

The Republic of Korea Air Force's [ROKAF] 747-8i, 22-001 (c/n 60410, l/n 1538), is making a stop at HIK, as President Yoon Suk Yeol and First Lady Kim Keon Hee are visiting O‘ahu. President Yoon will meet with the US Indo-Pacific Command, before continuing onto Washington, DC for further meetings.

Further information in this Kores Joongong Daily article.

60410's History:
May 2017: Delivered to Korean Air as HL7463.
Feb 2021: Withdrawn from service.
Mar 2021: Ferried to HAM for VIP cabin conversion.
Dec 2021: Acquired by the Government of South Korea, to be operated by the ROKAF as the presidential transport.
Jun 2022: Re-registered as 22-001.

06 July 2024

Shandong Airlines' N234BE

Boeing is ferrying N234BE (c/n 61457, l/n 8234) for Shandong Airlines, from BFI to HSN, via JRF and GUM, for cabin completion. This 737-8, flying as BOE680, will be delivered to Shandong Airlines upon completion, and receive its Chinese registration.

05 July 2024


Nomadic Aviation is ferrying N195AN (c/n 32389, l/n 984) from XMN to GYR, via GUM and JRF. This white-tail 757-223F, owned by AerSale, is flying as OMD211, will make a brief fuel stop at JRF this evening.

N195AN stopped through JRF on its way for freighter conversion in August 2023.

02 July 2024

Amazon Prime Air's N5441K Returns

Hawaiian Airlines has flown N5441K "Elevate" (msn 1874) back to HNL. This Amazon Prime Air liveried A330-343F entered service on 26 June, but flew to HNL from SBD as HAL1703. N5441K stopped through HNL this past March on its way to get painted at SBD.

30 June 2024

Breeze Airways Hints At Hawai‘i

In a Simple Flying article, Breeze Airways was approved for international supplemental operations, which would allow them to fly international charter flights, along with unscheduled domestic flights. The carrier applied for "flag carrier" certification, and is awaiting approval from the FAA. Flag carrier status will allow Breeze to fly scheduled service outside the country. No timetable has been given as to if or when the proposed expansion to the Caribbean, Hawai‘i, and Europe would begin.

With its 3,600nm range, Breeze's A220-300 fleet would be used for the west coast to Hawai‘i flights. Currently, the airline has 24 A220-300s in service, and another 66 on order with Airbus Canada.

28 June 2024

USS Carl Vinson Ship Visit

The RIMPAC media team hosted a ship visit today. The main attraction was the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70), was the first ship we visited. The aircraft carrier had one of its hangar bays, and the flight deck open for photos and video b-roll. F-35Cs, FA-18Es and Fs, EA-18Gs, and MH-60s were visible during our tour.

We also visited two Republic of Korea Navy ships, the ROKS Chungmugong Yisunsin (DDH-975) and the ROKS Yulgok Yi-i (DDG-992). Both ships have helicopter hangars on the aft section, but were not present.

View our highlight video on YouTube.


Boeing is ferrying Shenzhen Airlines' N243BE (c/n 61703, l/n 8198) from BFI to HSN, via JRF and GUM, as BOE951. This 737-8 will make an overnight stop at JRF tonight. It will be painted, have its cabin completed, and receive its Chinese registration at Boeing China's Completion Center at HSN.

27 June 2024

Virgin Australia's VH-8IG

Virgin Australia is taking delivery of VH-8IG "Whitehaven Beach" (c/n 66648, l/n 8905). This 737-8, leased from DAE Capital, originally ferried from PAE to MLB for cabin modifications on 20 June as VOZ9946. It's delivering from MLB to BNE, via ONT and KOA, as VOZ9947.

QantasLink To Acquire 14 Second-Hand Q400s

QantasLink will be acquiring 14 second-hand Dash8-Q400s to replace their Dash8-Q200s and Q300s. In a CH-Aviation.com article, The Q200s and Q300s are operated by Eastern Australia Airlines and Southern Australian Airlines. 

It's  not known where the Q400s will be sourced from, but here are quite a bit of them in storage in CA and AZ. These Q400s may make their delivery flights through HNL.


The 2024 edition of the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) international maritime exercise begins today. This year's exercise features record 29 nations participating. RIMPAC 2024 will feature air assets from the Hawai‘i Air National Guard, the US Air Force US Navy's USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70), US Marine Corps, the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Royal Australian Air Force, the Royal New Zealand Air Force, the German Air Force, and others, totalling over 150 aircraft.

26 June 2024


Automatic LLC is ferrying N490AY (c/n 23490, l/n 1390), a 737-376F, from MEL to BXM, via BNE, MAJ, HNL, and PHX. It's making an overnight stop at HNL tonight.

23490's History:
Jun 1987: Delivered to Australian Airlines as VH-TAY "Valiant".
Oct 1993: Integrated into the Qantas following the merger.
Nov 2003: Transferred to JetConnect as ZK-JNA.
Jun 2006: Returned to Qantas as VH-XMR, and converted to a freighter.
Feb 2007: Transferred to Australian Air Express.
May 2013: Acquired by Express Freighters, and operated by QantasFreight.
Jly 2020: Australian Post titles added.
Jun 2024: Sold to Automatic LLC.

24 June 2024

Ukraine Air Alliance's UR-CAJ

Ukraine Air Alliance's An-12BK, UR-CAJ (msn 8346106), is making a stop at HNL, from SBD, as UKL5071. The flight originated from LCK [Rickenbacker International Airport, Columbus, OH], and is headed for Asia. It will overnight at HNL, and depart for TRW tomorrow morning.

20 June 2024

Pacific Air Charters Applies For Commuter Service

Pacific Air Charters applied for authority to also fly as a scheduled commuter carrier within Hawai‘i. The airline submitted an application with the US DOT on 07 June, to be flown by the Tecnam P2012s they have. Pacific Air Charters also has an Essential Air Service bid for service to/from LNY. 

Thought the three P2012s here are registered to Pago Wings, they have yet to make their way to PPG. Pacific Air Charters also has two registrations on hold with the FAA, N1220P and N1221P.


Cargo Aircraft Management is ferrying N29387 (c/n 29387, l/n 840) from GYR to CAN, via PHX, HNL and GUM, for freighter conversion, and sale to SF Airlines. This 767-3Q8ER is still wearing the Condor livery.

29387's History:
Jun 2001: Delivered to Air Europa as EC-HSV, under lease from ILFC.
Nov 2008: Subleased to Garuda Indonesia for two months.
Apr 2012: Withdrawn from service.
May 2012: Leased to Transaero as EI-RUY.
May 2014: Sold to AerCap, and the lease transferred.
Sep 2015: Withdrawn from service, and stored at SNN for four months, then HHN for another two months.
Feb 2016: Leased to Condor as D-ABUO, though inducted in five months later.
Jly 2022: Withdrawn from service, stored at HHN and DUS, then ferried to GYR two months later.
Oct 2022: Re-regisetered as N29387 by AerCap.
Apr 2023: Acquired by Cargo Aircraft Management.
Dec 2023: Leased to SF Airlines.

14 June 2024

Malaysia Airlines' 9M-MVC

Malaysia Airlines is taking delivery of 9M-MVC (c/n 66360, l/n 8843) today. This 737-8 is making its delivery flight from BFI to KUL, via HNL and GUM, as MAS5041.

QantasLink's VH-8NR

Network Aviation is taking delivery of VH-8NR "Cape Leeuwin" (msn 2485). This QantasLink-liveried A319-132 is making its delivery flight from BQN to PER, via PHX, HNL, APW, and BNE. It's being flown by Southern Cross International as SXI2443. VH-8NR departed BQN for PHX yesterday, with an overnight stop, and will make an overnight stop at HNL. The remainder of the delivery flight will be flown as SXI2441.

2485's History:
Jun 2005: Delivered to Spirit Airlines as N505NK (f/n 505), under lease from ILFC.
Nov 2007: Painted in the 2007 livery, and the name removed.
May 2014: Sold to AerCap, and the lease transferred.
Sep 2015: Painted in the 2014 livery.
May 2018: Purchased by Spirit Airlines.
Jan 2020: Given fleet number 1505.
Feb 2023: Withdrawn from service, and stored at P08 [Coolidge Muni Airport, Coolidge, AZ].
Apr 2023: Acquired by Gryphon Aviation Leasing.
Aug 2023: Ferried to MCN for prep to QantasLink, and back to P08 a month later.
Mar 2024: Ferried to BQN [Rafael Hernandez Airport, Aguadilla, PR].

13 June 2024

Cargojet Airways' C-GAJG

Cargojet Airways 767-323ERF, C-GAJG (c/n 25446, l/n 453, f/n 642), is making a brief fuel stop at HNL from LAX this evening as CJT3205. It's flying from XCR [Vatry Chalons Airport, Paris, France] to NOU, via YHZ, LAX, HNL, and NAN.

12 June 2024

Kamaka Air Cleared To Resume Operations

The FAA has allowed Kamaka Air to resume operations this evening, following a week-long suspension of service. Kamaka's cargo operation will return to normal service by Friday.

10 June 2024

Runway 4R Re-opens

With the construction work on Runway 4R/22L completed, the runway will re-open today. Later this afternoon, Runway 4L/22R will close for continuous repairs similar to the work done to 4R, lasting to 02 September (weather permitting). Runway 8L will remain shortened to 8,600 feet, with Taxiway E as the last exit point; and Runway 26R will remain closed for arrivals.

The above illustration shows Runway 4L/22R closed, along with the corresponding taxiways. Because most arriving heavy traffic is required to roll to the end of Runway 4R, they are not able to turn left to taxi to the main terminal. Only flights going to the south ramp are landing on 4R, or those able to turn left at Taxiway E. Most commercial and military flights will have to land on Runway 8L, with Taxiway E as the last exit point. Runway 8R is available for full-length arrivals on request. Aircraft can cross both Runway 4s at Taxiway D or E when going between the north to south sides.

No mention was made if there should be a reversal in the traffic pattern.  Both Runway 26R and 22R would be closed for arrivals, but 26R will be open from Taxiway E for departures. 22L can be used for departures, though traffic from Terminals 1 and 2 will cross the 22s at Taxiway D or E, then down Taxiway C.

Further information in this HDOT press release.

05 June 2024

FAA Suspends Kamaka Air's Operations

The FAA has suspended the operating certificate for Kamaka Air, Wednesday, as the airline undergoes a change in leadership. While Kamaka awaits its leadership change, they have contracted with TransAir Hawaii to cover for their services.

News coverage by KHON2 News.

04 June 2024

9Air's B-208H

9Air is taking delivery of B-208H (c/n 61377, l/n 7323) today. This 737-8, wearing the dark blue-themed livery, is making its delivery flight from BFI to CAN, via HNL, GUM and TSN, as JYH208. This is 9Air's second of four that were built before the grounding and pandemic, that were in storage.

On a related note, 9Air has rebranded with a new logo, word mark, and livery. Their website shows the new look. The only 737 to be painted in the new livery is B-1552. It's not known if their third 737-8 (unregistered, c/n 61385, l/n 7929), in storage at MWH; or their fourth 737-8, (B-206L, c/n 61374, l/n 7263), currently at VCV, will be repainted before their deliveries.

03 June 2024

LIH's Runway 3/21 Extension Project

HDOT announced that LIH's Runway 3/21 will be extended an additional 855 feet on the approach end of Runway 3, to bring it to a length of 7,355 feet. Taxiway A will be extended to the new end of Runway 3 as well. Runway 3/21 will close, with work will be done nightly from 23:00 to 08:00. This is part of the project to work to rehabilitate LIH's runways and taxiways.

Further information in this HDOT press release.

02 June 2024


N480CH (c/n 29024, l/n 131), a 737-72T BBJ owned by Crescent Heights, is making a stop at HNL from MFM [Macau International Airport, Taipa Island, Macau].

29024's History:
Nov 1998: Delivered to the Tracinda Corporation as N50TC.
Apr 2016: Acquired by Crescent Heights.
Jun 2017: Re-registered as N480CH.

31 May 2024


Boeing is ferrying N247BE (c/n 60939, l/n 8082) from BFI to HSN, via JRF and GUM, for painting and cabin completion at its Boeing China center in Zhoushan, China. This grey tail is going to Air China, and will receive its Chinese registration upon delivery from HSN.

30 May 2024

Atlas Air To End Flying For Amazon Prime Air

Atlas Air announced today that their ACMI contract with Amazon Prime Air will not be renewed. The plan is for Atlas to end 767-300ERF and 737-800F service by June 2025. Atlas cites loss of revenue flying for Amazon. Atlas presently has 17 767-300ERFs and eight 737-800Fs under the Amazon Prime Air contract. The 767s will continue under the dry-lease agreement with Atlas Holdings' Titan Leasing for another three years after the initial ten-year lease ends.

Further details in this Lodestar article, and this follow-up article.

When Amazon Prime Air began flights to HNL in April 2018 from ONT, Atlas Air was the airline operating the flights. Service was weekly in the beginning, but has since progressed to daily. Eventually, LIH had flights flown by ATI, and OGG and KOA had their flights by Atlas. 

How will the move by Atlas Air affect the Hawai‘i market?  It probably won't affect Hawai‘i too much until Atlas begins phasing out its service. Currently, Atlas' Amazon Prime Air 767-300ERF flights serve KOA and OGG. GTI3750 flies from ONT to KOA, then as GTI3751 from KOA to OGG, then as GTI9858 from OGG to ONT. If anything, ATI will pick up the OGG and KOA flights.

HNL and LIH are served by Air Transport International's Amazon Prime Air flights.

Amazon Prime Air also has ACMI contracts with ABX Air, Hawaiian Airlines, and Sun Country Airlines.

Delta Air Lines' N513DZ Diversion To HNL

Delat Air Lines' A350-941, N513DZ (msn 277, f/n 3513), made a diversion to HNL from its LAX-SYD route. The flight landed on Runway 8R around 02:55L. Because of duty times, the continuing leg to SYD was canceled, and the A350 towed to the ‘Ewa ramp until the flight can continue.

29 May 2024

Ukraine Air Alliance's UR-CGV

Ukraine Air Alliance's An-12BK, UR-CGV (msn 5344610) is making an overnight stop at HNL from SBD as UKL5019, tonight. It will continue onto MAJ tomorrow morning. UKL5019 is routed from LRD to PNH, via SBD, HNL, MAJ, and GUM.

02 June 2024 UPDATE
UR-CGV is returning to LRD as UKL5062.

Sentry Aloha 24-2

The Hawai‘i Air National Guard is hosting Sentry Aloha 24-2. This exercise, that begins today, and runs until mid-June, has units from the host 154th Wing, along with the following units:
F-16s from the 195th FS, Arizona Air National Guard;
F-16s from the 115th FS, Wisconsin Air National Guard;
A-10Cs from the 47th FS, Air Force Reserve Command;
F-35As from the 442nd TES; and 
F-16s from the 119th FS, New Jersey Air National Guard.

There are also various tanker assets participating as well. NGF is hosting a couple of units, as well as KOA.

Interesting factoid, the 47th FS has its roots in Hawai‘i, as it began its service in 1940 as the 47th Pursuit Squadron. It was based at Wheeler Army Air Field, as part of the 15th Pursuit Group. The 47th fighters were able to down eight Japanese Navy aircraft on 07 Dec 1941. The unit was active for World War II in the Pacific Theater, but after the war ended, it was deactivated in 1946. The unit was reactivated as the 47th Fighter Squadron in 1952, and based in Niagara Falls, New York

27 May 2024

Kalitta Air's N740CK In-flight Emergency

The Aviation Herald reports that Kalitta Air's N740CK "Doug Kalitta Sr. 1" (c/n 24405 l/n 745) had an in-flight fire in the aft cabin, as it flew from LAX to HNL as CKS368 on 24 May. The fire was extinguished, and the flight continued onto HNL. N740CK was able to re-enter service several hours later.

China To Delay 737MAX Deliveries

CH-Aviation reports that the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) is delaying any 737MAX series deliveries until the batteries that power the new 25-hour cockpit voice recorders (CVRs) are reviewed. Earlier this month, Congress mandated that the FAA requires CVRs in new-builds must have the new 25-hour CVRs, instead of the current two-hour versions. The EASA has required the use of 25-hour CVRs for the past three years. Currently, there over 60 737-8s for Chinese carriers in testing or in storage.

Cargojet Airways' C-GAJG

Cargojet Airways 767-323ERF, C-GAJG (c/n 25446, l/n 453, f/n 642), is making a pre-dawn, brief fuel stop at HNL from LAX as CJT3191. It's flying from XCR [Vatry Chalons Airport, Paris, France] to NOU, via YHZ, LAX, HNL, and NAN. The XCR-YHZ-LAX segment was flown as CJT3190, LAX-HNL-NAN, flying as CJT3191, and NAN-NOU as CJT3192.

28 May 2024 UPDATE
C-GAJG is returning to its YHM base from NOU, via NAN and HNL. The NOU-NAN-HNL segment is flown as CJT3193, and the HNL-YHM segment as CJT3194.

25 May 2024

Hau‘oli Lā Hānau Jetstar Airways

Jetstar Airways is celebrating its 20th anniversary today. The Qantas Group low-cost subsidiary launched A330-200 service to HNL from SYD in Dec 2006. Nine years later, Jetstar upgraded to the 787-8, and now serves HNL from SYD (JST3/4), and MEL (JST1/2). They also had service between BNE and HNL (JST5/6), but was short-lived.

24 May 2024


Nexus Aviation Ventures' N919NX (msn 2919) is making its way back to TUS from XMN after it completed its freighter conversion. This A321-231F is making stops at GUM, MAJ, and HNL along the way. N919NX stopped through HNL in August 2023 on its ferry flight to XMN.

23 May 2024

Airfast Indonesia's PK-OFM

Airfast Indonesia is taking delivery of their second of two 737-8s, PK-OFM  (c/n 64993, l/n 7100), leased from Mitsui Bussan Aerospace. It's making its delivery flight from MZJ to CGK, via HNL and GUM, as PKOFM.

64993's History
Oct 2018: Delivered to Norwegian Air Shuttle as LN-BKD, "Marco Polo" tail artwork.
Oct 2019: Sold to Mitsui Bussan Aerospace, and leased back; then subleased to Norwegian Air Sweden as SE-RYA.
Jly 2021: Withdrawn from service, and stored at ILD.
Oct 2023: Leased to Airfast Indonesia as PK-OFM, with the temporary registration of T7-OFM, and ferried from ILD to MZJ (via KEF) for storage, by Southern Cross International as SXI2370.


Nomadic Aviation is ferrying N353FT (c/n 35378, l/n 2346) from CAN to P08, via GUM and JRF. This 737-71B, owned by Fortress Transport (FTAI) is flying as OMD254, and will make a brief late-night fuel stop at JRF. It's the second 737-71B that Nomadic is ferrying through JRF in three days, and like the other 700, this one will be parted out and scrapped by eCube.

35378's History:
Aug 2007: Delivered to China Southern Airlines as B-5250.
Nov 2013: Blended Winglets installed.
May 2022: Sold to CALC, and leased back.
May 2023: Withdrawn from service, and stored at URC.
Jan 2024: Ferried to CAN for storage.
May 2024: Acquired by Fortress Transport.

22 May 2024

HNL's Runway 4L/22R To Close For Repairs

Following the completion of the work done on Runway 4R/22L, that runway is scheduled to re-open on 10 June, and on the same day, Runway 4L/22R will close for the same type of work. Runway 4L/22R is scheduled to re-open on 10 September, weather permitting.

Further information in this HDOT press release.

20 May 2024


Nomadic Aviation is ferrying N324FT (c/n 32934, l/n 1465) from WUH [Tianhe International Airport, Wuhan, China] to P08 [Coolidge Muni Airport, Coolidge, AZ], via GUM and JRF, as OMD244. This 737-71B is being ferried for Fortress Transportation (FTAI), and will be making a short, late-night fuel stop at JRF. N324FT is due to be parted out and scrapped by eCube.

32934's History:
Mar 2004: Delivered to China Southern Airlines as B-5069.
Jan 2014: Blended Winglets installed.
Jan 2022: Sold to CALC, and leased back.
Mar 2024: Withdrawn from service, and stored at WUH.
May 2024: Acquired by FTAI.

18 May 2024


NASA is flying N926NA (msn 63-13503A), their Martin WB-57A Canberra weather research aircraft from EFD [Johnson Space Center / Ellington Airport, Houston TX], via BAB [Beale AFB, Marysville, CA], that will make a stop at HNL, as NASA926, to perform weather test flights this coming week.

63-13503's History:
Originally designated by the US Air Force as 53-3974, and built as an RB-57D, then re-built as an RB-57F.
___ 1965: Assigned to the 6901st Reconnaissance Squadron.
___ 1966: Assigned to the 7407th Support Squadron.
___ 1968: Converted to a WB-57F, and assigned to the 58th Weather Reconnaissance Squadron.
Feb 1994: Decommissioned from the USAF, registered as N357AR for the National Science Foundation.
Feb 2003: Acquired by NASA as N926NA for its High Altitude Research Program.

Qantas Airways' VH-ZNJ

Qantas Airways' VH-ZNJ "Longreach" (c/n 66074, l/n 929) is making its first appearance at HNL today. This 787-9 DreamLiner, wearing the airline's 100th anniversary special livery, is flying as QFA103/104.

19 May 2024 UPDATE
VH-ZNJ is making another appearance today.

17 May 2024

LATAM Cargo's N572LA

Nomadic Aviation is ferrying N572LA (c/n 41747, l/n 1034) for LATAM Cargo, from CAN to MEX, via JRF, as OMD232. This 767-316ERF, still in the TAM livery, just completed freighter conversion. It will make an overnight stop at JRF tonight.

N572LA stopped through JRF this past January as it ferried by Nomadic for freighter conversion.

Ukraine Air Alliance UR-CAJ

Ukraine Air Alliance's An-12BK UR-CAJ (msn 8346106) made a stop at HNL from MAJ today as UKL5007. It will overnight, before continuing onto LAP [Manuel Marquez de Leon International Airport, La Paz, México] as UKL5001.