30 June 2009

Garuda's PK-GMA

Garuda Indonesia's PK-GMA (c/n 30151), a 737-8U3(W), is on its delivery flight as GIA8011 from BFI. It parked on the AirService Hawai‘i ramp during its overnight here.

Garuda is planning to unveil a new livery, and it appears that the paint job will happen in Indonesia, as the aircraft is painted all-white.

Sorry, no HNL photo ... Drewski2112 got a shot of it at BFI.

26 June 2009

Air China's B-5455

Air China's newest 737-85N(W), B-5455 (c/n 36774), is on its delivery journey across the Pacific as CCA58. It's completed its first leg to HNL, and is overnighting on the AirService Hawai‘i ramp.

Sorry, no HNL photo ... though Drewski2112 got a shot of B-5455 at BFI.

24 June 2009

Time For A Real Old "HNL Rare Birds Blast From The Past"

The Martin M-130 of Pan American Airways was one of three M-130 flying boats acquired to fly the new Pacific routes in 1935. Along with the China Clipper and the Hawaii Clipper, the Philippine Clipper (NC14715) shown here at her base in Pearl Harbor is prepped for her flight to Midway, Wake Island, Guam and Manila. These Clippers were a technological dream and built up the romanticism that was prevalent in the golden age of trans-Pacific travel.

China Southern's B-5420

China Southern Airlines' B-5420 (c/n 35374), a 737-81B, has completed its first leg of its delivery flight as CSN168. It will overnight on HNL's south ramp before continuing across the Pacific tomorrow.

Shanghai's B-5461

Shanghai Airlines is taking delivery of B-5461 (c/n 35773), their newest 737-86D(W), and is island-hopping across the Pacific as CSH461. B-5461 is seen resting on HNL's south ramp with UAL75 (a 767-322ER) arriving from SFO.

23 June 2009

Hainan's B-5482

B-5482 (c/n 35748), is the next 737-84P(W) that Hainan Airlines is taking delivery of. It's flying as B5482 from BFI to HNL today, and is now being handled by Castle & Cooke Aviation. B-5482 was parked in the alleyway fronting the Castle & Cooke Aviation building, and seen above taxiing out of the alleyway toward Runway 8R to depart for MAJ on the 24th.

22 June 2009

US Airways Adds CLT-HNL

US Airways will add year-round service to/from CLT (Douglas International Airport, Charlotte, NC) beginning in November. US807 will be the CLT-HNL segment that arrives in the afternoon, and US808 will be the return segment which will be a red-eye. US will be using Boeing 767-200s for this new flight. CLT is one of two US's major east coast hubs, the other being PHL (Philadelphia, PA).

18 June 2009

Ex-Qantas ZK-JNB

A former JetConnect/Qantas 737-376, ZK-JNB (c/n 23491), is being ferried to TUS from CHC (Christchurch, New Zealand), via APW (Apia, Western Samoa), HNL and MZJ. Sadly, the fate for ZK-JNB is the scrappers torch and cutters.

23491 began service with Australian Airlines as VH-TAZ. It was acquired by Qantas for their JetConnect (New Zealand subsidiary) following the closing of Australian Airlines and re-registered as ZK-JNB.

A big mahalo to team member "Bargeld01" for the heads-up!

17 June 2009

Xiamen's B-5435

Xiamen Airlines is taking delivery of their newest 737-86N(W), B-5435 (c/n 35644), under lease from ILFC. It's routed through as CXA5435, and has completed its first leg from BFI to HNL, and will continue across the Pacific tomorrow.

Alpine Air Loses USPS Contract

Airliners Gallery News Alpine Air has recently lost the contract to fly inter-island mail service for the US Postal Service, and will pull out of Hawai‘i.

Here's The Honolulu Advertiser's coverage.

16 June 2009

Lion Air's PK-LGJ

Lion Air is taking delivery of another 737-9PGER(W), PK-LGJ (c/n 35727). It's flying as LNI1, and has made its tech stop at HNL.

12 June 2009

Soon To Be HNL RareBirds

Japan Airlines has announced a 10% fleet reduction that includes most of their 747 fleet. Better get shots of those aircraft while we can ...

The proposed merger between China Eastern and Shanghai Airlines will result in a new identity and look, Both airlines have a couple of pending 737 deliveries each ... which will mean should their next order of 737s will be with the new identity.

11 June 2009

Air New Zealand Link's C-FWGQ

C-FWGQ (msn 671), a Dash8-311, is en route from CCR to HNL. It's wearing a temporary Canadian registration, and destined for Air Nelson (Air New Zealand Link). According to MRC Aviation, C-FWGQ is to receive its New Zealand registry upon delivery, ZK-NFI.

*** Update 06-12-09 ***
It's continuing onto PPG as CFWGQ, seen above on Taxiway C, to depart from Runway 4R.

09 June 2009

Air China's B-5431

Air China is taking delivery of B-5431 (c/n 36812), a 737-86N flying as CCA58. It's a winglet-less -800 that is being leased to Air China by ILFC.

01 June 2009

AF447 Missing

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those aboard AirFrance's AF447 which has gone missing over the Atlantic Ocean.

The A330-203, F-GZCP (msn 660), was flying from GIG (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil) to CDG (Paris, France) when it apparently flew into turbulence and a high-altitude thunderstorm, then disappeared off of Brazilian radars.