30 September 2006

China Southern's B-5232

China Southern's 2nd 737NG to stopover @ HNL is B-5232 (c/n 35360). a 737-71B. It arrived from BFI this afternoon, and will overnight, with a departure for MAJ scheduled for tomorrow.

29 September 2006

China Southern's B-5156

China Southern Airlines will be taking delivery of this 737-81Q(W), B-5156, which is being leased from Virgin Blue Airlines of Australia. This jet stopped off @ HNL back in June on its way to the mainland to have some interior modifications done for the CZ configuration. It arrived yesterday as CSN156, and departed this morning. The photos seen above are from its June stop over. I could not get to HNL for the departure to MAJ, and get shots of it as B-5156.

The photos above are from June 18th, and in the lower photo "156" is already painted on the nose wheel door.

27 September 2006

CR Airways' B-KBH

CR Airways, a new Hong Kong based start-up, sub-leased a 737-808(W) from Hainan Airlines (who leased it from Icelandair). It passed through HNL around the 23rd. When it left BFI, it was all white, except for the Hainan logoed winglets.

Mahalo Joe G Walker for the BFI shot!

25 September 2006

Island Air's N539DS

Airliners Gallery is reporting that Island Air (WP) will not be receiving the remaining 2 Dash8-Q400s on order, as they may be subleased. The current Q400, N539DS "Island Beauty", will be returned, or sub-leased for the time being. This has been confirmed by my contacts @ WP, and this info has been released to the media.

Island Air will continue on with the new livery with the existing Dash8-100 fleet as they go in for heavy maintenance. N847EX is seen here wearing the "Island Rhythm" tail design. N979HA is seen wearing the "Island Style" livery.

20 September 2006

US Air Force's 00-9001

This all-white Boeing C-32B, 00-9001 (c/n 25494) belongs to the US Air Force's 486th FLTS (Flight Test Squadron) of the 46th TW (Test Wing) which is part of the Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) based at Eglin AFB, FL. It is also used by the US State Department's Foreign Emergency Support Team. Note there are no military markings, only the "09001" registration is located under the last few rear pax windows with a US flag next to it.

A C-32B is a 757-200 with Rolls-Royce RB211-535E4 series powerplants, while a C-32A is a 757-200 with Pratt & Whitney PW2000 series powerplants.

This aircraft previously served with Avianca (Colombia) as N987AN from 1994 to 1999, and is a 757-23A.

Xiamen Airlines' B-5160

B-5160 (c/n 35045) is Xiamen Airlines' latest of three 737-85C(W)s to be delivered. It arrived today, and will spend the rest of the afternoon basking under the Hawaiian sun, before departing tomorrow for MAJ.

15 September 2006

Chang An Airlines' B-5180

A Chang An Airlines [Hainan Air Group] 737-8FH(W), B-5180 (c/n 35089), arrived today from BFI, on its delivery flight, and is leased from RBS Aerospace. It will continue on to MAJ tomorrow.

13 September 2006

China Southern's B-2543

A China Southern Airlines 737-5Y0, B-2543 (c/n 24898) stopped off @ HNL last night. It's on its way to VCV (Victorville, CA), doing the reverse routing of a delivery flight, as CSN2543. B-2543 had all of its CZ markings whited-out, and it looks like its going to be stored in the Cali desert for a while.

Sorry, no photo available. Could not get a clear shot since there was another aircraft blocking my view.

11 September 2006

Runway 4L Incursion

KGMB, HNL's CBS affiliate, reports that there was a runway incursion on 04 Sep 06 that involoved a corporate jet (aircraft type & registration unknown) that mistakenly taxied down runway 4L.

The report says that the jet was cleared to land on Runway 4R, and expected to make a right turn exit at Taxiway E. then taxi to the FBO ramp. However, the jet missed the E exit, and turned left to exit 4R at K, then to taxi down Runway 8L to exit at C. Instead, the jet made a left turn on to 4L then taxied down until HNL ATC noticed the error.

Thankfully, this incident happened at 0230L, and not during peak periods, and that no one was injured, nor killed.

07 September 2006

N594HA - `Ulili

Here's Hawaiian's latest 767, N594HA, named `Ulili. Sorry for the poor picture, but this was the only place I could get an unobstructed shot.

05 September 2006

ANA A321 (JA105A) Pictures

Here's the ANA A321 that stopped off at HNL last night. Registration was JA105A. Just caught them as they were preparing to leave.

go!'s N649BR

Mesa Air has taken delivery of its 6th CRJ200, N649BR (msn 7414). Not sure if 649 has been delivered to go!, here in HNL, or if it's still at PHX at the Mesa facilities.


An All Nippon Airways Airbus A321 arrived @ HNL last night, then departed this morning (0914L) for SJC. It's probably another A321 that ANA is selling off, similar to the one that stopped by here a few months ago.

The flight originated from Japan to GUM to MAJ before arriving here. The aircraft is headed for Europe, with its last North American stop in YWG.

Sorry, no photo nor registration available.

03 September 2006


Another ex-Delta Airlines MD-11 stopped of @ HNL from GYR (Goodyear, AZ) via LAX. It's bound for Asia to be converted to become a freighter for FedEx. The MD-11, registration unknown, left today for GUM. This MD-11 still wore remnants of the "Widget" color scheme, though the widget was whited-out; also, the upper fuselage looks like it was sprayed with green primer-colored coating.

Unfortunately, it was parked on the FX ramp, and could not get a shot of it since it was blocked by stacks of containers along the ramp.

02 September 2006

Shanghai Airlines' B-5143

Shanghai Airlines' newest 737-86N(W), B-5143 (c/n 32691), gets some sun before leaving later today for MAJ to continue its trek across the Pacific to Shanghai, China.

01 September 2006

US Navy's 159120

Crew members of this C-9B "SkyTrain" named "City of Virginia Beach" (Bu No. 159120, c/n 47586), of the VR-56 "Globemasters" (based at Chambers Field, NS Norfolk, VA), prepare to leave the South Ramp on another mission.

China Eastern's B-5231

China Eastern Airlines' newest 737-79P(W), B-5231 (c/n 33046), takes a break on HNL's South Ramp before continuing on its delivery flight across the Pacific, next stop: MAJ.