31 March 2008

Some Rarebirds of Last Week

Last week has been pretty hectic with the announcement that Aloha will be shutting down its passenger service. Having been in the Explorers program, I cant help but to feel like Im loosing a family member. 61 years of flying history will come to an end today. I just only hope that the employees and the birds of Aloha have a bright future ahead of them.

With that being said, pics of the RAAF 737, a white A321 (VH-VWY), and a Continental 752 with winglets (N13113).

30 March 2008

Aloha Suspends Passenger Operations

Aloha Airlines has suspended passenger operations effective March 31st, due to their Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings ...

The Honolulu Advertiser's coverage link.

N740AL (c/n 28640), "Kamohoali‘i", is seen here taxiing to its gate after a flight from OAK (AAH441). It's still wearing the "H" logo of the University of Hawai‘i Warriors football team, as Aloha was the team charter for the Warriors road games in 2007.

28 March 2008

Hainan's B-5371

Hainan Airlines' next 737-84P(W), B-5371 (c/n 35752) is on it's delivery flight to China via HNL, MAJ, and SPN. It's seen here being prepped for its leg to MAJ.

26 March 2008

go! Moving More Aircraft to HNL?

In the past week, as seen below, an all-white CRJ with go! titles has been seen flying out of HNL. Today, another one was spotted on the ramp. N77278 was parked amongst two other CRJs in the normal go! livery as well as an Aloha 737-700. Is this a move by go! to be prepared to secure Aloha's passengers should their bankruptcy end in a chapter 7? Or are they simply rotating aircraft in and out without spending the money on the full livery? There are plenty of rumors floating around and only time will tell. 

RAAF in Town...

The past 24 hours has seen a number of Royal Australian Air Force aircraft arrive at HNL. Yesterday, it was a Boeing 737-700/BBJ clad in white with large Air Force titles on the side. It parked on the South Ramp and departed this afternoon from the reef runway. Today also saw the arrival of 9 (if my count is correct) F/A-18s on runway 8L with the unoriginal (but accurate) callsign of "Aussie". They parked at Hickam and were followed in by two Omega Tankers. First a B-707, then a DC-10. The RAAF is the launch customer for the A330 tanker that the USAF has just selected but they have not taken delivery of the first one yet, thus making it necessary to contract private tanking to cross the pond. Just a guess, but they are likely either coming from or going to Red Flag at Nellis AFB, NV. 

25 March 2008

Lost 199th FS Eagle Update

According to an aviation publication, the HANG 199th FS F-15D "Eagle" that ditched near the O‘ahu coastline on 01 Feb 08, was 78-0562 (msn 0456/D002).

23 March 2008


Hawaii residents will have a good chance to see some spacecraft fly over tomorrow evening. If you Google "NASA Human Sighting" that should get you to the right page at NASA. Then just find your location under "Sighting Opportunities."

Followup : There have been some adjustments to the schedule since I printed it out a few days ago. Tonight looks OK for sighting too. 

22 March 2008

Another Pic of Go!'s newest jet

Just a better shot of N27314. I wasent sure how to add a comment with a picture so here it is.

18 March 2008

New CRJ for go! in different livery

Mesa has apparently sent a new CRJ for go! and it is a different livery than the other CRJs. This new one has an all white fuselage and tail with the go! titles in blue on the fuselage and a blue square on the tail with the go! titles in white. Not sure of the registration, as I only saw it from my office and cannot make it out in the picture.
Update...I finally got a good look at the registration and it is N27314. It seems that this aircraft was flying in United Express colors prior to this.

15 March 2008

Aviastar DHC-6

Last evening on the South Ramp, there was a smart-looking DHC-6 from Aviastar Mandiri Indonesia. The tail was PK-xxx, with a silver/gray livery and a golden star on the tail. It was running both engines as we passed so I didn't get a chance for a photo. Not sure if they spent the night or were preparing for departure. *NOTE: A DHC-6 from Aviastar was reported to have run off the runway in Indonesia on 1/30/08 and hit a group of spectators.

*EDIT: Here's a photo from today. It was still on the ramp with an open door. PK-BRA

09 March 2008

Special charter in KOA?

Another interesting plane parked in the private jet area at KOA airport today. N742PA. Passengers boarded the bus in front. Plane left soon after.

Virgin Blue (VH-ZPA) Landing in Kona

Approaching runway in KOA caught over state park. Ended up parking in private jet area. Any ideas why it's in town?

Hazy Early Morning Arrival Today

A different perspective into PHNL today, finals for 8L.


There was a sharp-looking BBJ, a 737-7BC(W), N164RJ (c/n 30328) in town, on the south ramp. It had the letters "RJ" on the tail, but the registered owner is Wells Fargo bank ... it also received a new livery.

Here's a link to an Airliners.net photo of N164RJ in its old colors.

01 March 2008

Lagoon Drive

I happened to be on Oahu yesterday, and was performing my civic duty of taking snapshots like this one of a JAL 747 launch. I was at that little parking area at the end of Lagoon Drive. A guy sitting in his car eating a hamburger told me, "You better be careful; just the other day a couple guys got arrested right here for taking pictures like that." Sounds a little crazy to me, but I wondered what you guys that live there thought about it.