31 May 2006

New Colors for N720CH

N720CH (a 737-7AK(W) BBJ c/n 29866), a frequent visitor to HNL over the past few months, has received a new color scheme (top photo). I saw the new colors on its last trip here in April, but was unable to get a shot of it then.

It was previously with PrivatAir of Switzerland (HB-IIP). When it was purchased by its US owner N720CH, Inc., it took the jet with the grey stripe that remained from the PrivatAir days. It seen here in a shot taken in 2005 (lower photo).

Aloha Airlines' N828AL

N828AL "Hoapili", one of Aloha Airlines' newest 737-236s, has entered service. It is seen here clearing Runway 4R onto Taxiway K as AAH073 from OGG.

29 May 2006


This all-white 757-2Q8, N440AN (c/n 25044) also stopped off @ HNL while on its way back to the mainland. The flight was routed from TPE through SPN, the HNL to Great Falls, MT (GTF). This aircraft is registered to MSA V (c/o AWAS). It's seen here preparing for the flight to GTF.

This 752 was most recently with Far Eastern Air Transport (FAT), as B-27001, and based in Taipei, Taiwan. Before that, it flew with LADECO, as CC-CYG, based in Santiago, Chile.

ex-Delta Airlines N807DE

This ex-Delta Airlines MD-11, N807DE (c/n 48478), passed through HNL today. It arrived yesterday as FDX9048, and continued onto GUM today. It was purchased by FedEx, and is on its way to Asia for freighter conversion. This was one of few DL MD-11s to retain the "Widget" livery. Surprisingly, they did not paint over the #3 engine cowling.

Aloha Airlines 737-236s

Aloha Airlines has three more 737-236s scheduled for delivery as part of their replenishment of 737-200 series continues.

Aloha | 737-236 | N150FV | 23168 | LF Pegasus 4/06 | ex LV-ZRE and G-BKYJ
Aloha | 737-236 | N151FV | 23169 | LF Pegasus 5/06 | ex LV-ZTG and G-BKYK
Aloha | 737-236 | N152FV | 23171 | LF Pegasus 5/06 | ex LV-ZSD and G-BKYM

All of three of these 732s served with Aerolineas Argentina and British Airways.

N150FV is to be re-registered N828AL.

N805AL was sold to MidAmerican Aerospace on 30 April 06.

27 May 2006

China Eastern Airlines' B-5209

China Eastern's newest 737-700, B-5209 (c/n 33042), arrived from BFI, at HNL today around 1100L.

26 May 2006

go!'s N693BR

go!'s 2nd CRJ200, N693BR (c/n 7761), arrived today and is parked on the Elliott Street Ramp.

20 May 2006

NA 767-300

A North American 767-300 came in today. I don't think it had any pax on board, since it didn't parked at any gate when it landed. Here it is parked on the North Ramp:

This a/c was then followed by a United 747-400 several minutes later, which then taxied over to Hickam.

Update on N765NA, it was a former KLM 767, PH-BZE.

19 May 2006

go!'s 1st CRJ200

go!'s first CRJ200 (CL-600-2B19, N654BR, c/n 7454) arrived @ HNL today around 1300L. The flight was listed as ASH001 from SFO. Thus the battle begins in a few weeks. Ground crews were busy removing the ferry tanks this afternoon. As you can tell most of the seats are missing.

This jet previously served with the now-defunct Independence Air (FlyI), and Atlantic Coast Airlines (FlyI's predecessor) in United Express colors. The BR in the registration stands for "Blue Ridge", ACA's callsign.

Two to three more CRJ200s are expected to arrive before the June 9th launch date.

18 May 2006

Another AA 757 with winglets

AA has flown another 757 with newly installed winglets to HNL, N689AA. Here it is parked at Gate 18:

Shanghai Airlines' B-5142

Shanghai Airlines' newest 737-8Q8 (B-5142, c/n 30070) arrived @ HNL today from BFI, on its delivery flight to China. It will overnight, and leave the next morning. B-5142 was leased from ILFC.

Chika's Aviation World

I had the opportunity to take a fellow spotter, Chika (visiting from Osaka, Japan) around the spotting locations of HNL. Here's a link to her aviation photo website: Chika's Aviation World; it already includes her HNL pix. Chika takes some great aircraft photos, but much of the text is in Japanese.

17 May 2006

Two Air China 737NG Deliveries

Air China's 737-700, B-5227 (c/n 34541), arrived around 1200HST. This flight is listed as CCA060.

Air China's 737-800, B-5169 (c/n 34703), arrived yesterday from BFI, and departs today @ 0900HST for MAJ as CCA058.

14 May 2006


A NASA WB-57E arrived from Moffett Field, CA today. The flight info is on Flight Aware. It's probably parked @ HIK.

China Southern's B-5149

China Southern's newest 737-8Q8, B-5149, arrived today as well from BFI, on its delivery flight. B-5149 is leased from ILFC.

11 May 2006

Blues On The Bay 06(?)

In the current issue of "Air & Space" (by the Smithsonian Institute), on the 2006 airshow schedule, the "Blues On The Bay" airshow is returning this year to MCAF Kaneohe Bay. The dates listed are 07 & 08 October 2006.

Photo taken from the 2004 "Blues On The Bay" airshow.

10 May 2006

Delivery Flight Map

There is a thread on the Airliners.net Civil Aviation Forum regarding Boeing delivery flight routings from BFI ...
Flight Delivery Routes

Here is a map with flight routings:

Flights bound for East Asia route from Boeing Field (BFI) to HNL where they overnight. The next stop is Majuro in the Marshall Islands (MAJ); then onto Saipan in the Federated States of Micronesia (SPN); and on to their new home.

Flights bound for Indonesia typically go through Guam (GUM) after leaving MAJ.

Flights bound for Australia or New Zealand route through Nadi, Fiji (NAN) after leaving HNL.

The map is from Wikipedia.org, routings added via Photoshop.

06 May 2006

Aloha's N1PC

One of Aloha Airlines' "new" 737-200s, N1PC (737-2P6, c/n 21613), is seen here on the Elliott Street ramp. This -200 previously flew with Frontier Airlines (F9) and AirTran (FL) under the same registration.

N1PC will be re-registered as N835AL pending approval by the FAA

Air New Zealand's 747-4F6

An Air New Zealand 747-4F6 (ZK-SUJ, c/n 27602) stopped off @ HNL as ANZ006, which normally routes as a non-stop AKL - LAX flight. It seen here departing for LAX from Rwy 8R. This 744 is leased from ILFC, and was last with Philippine Airlines.

ex-Delta Airlines N379DL

An ex-Delta Airlines 737-247/Adv (N379DL, c/n 23606) rests on the south ramp after arriving from Victorville (VCV), CA via Santa Maria, CA (KSMX). It's bound for somewhere in Asia. Though this 732 carries the Western Airlines (WA) Boeing customer code (_47), it was delivered to DL after the DL/WA merger had taken place.