26 November 2006

Aloha's Warrior N740AL

Aloha Airlines (AQ) has affixed a University of Hawai‘i Warriors logo on a 737-76N(W), N740AL "Kamohoali‘i" (c/n 28640) [top]. This is the same "H" logo as the ones that are on the nationally-ranked football team's helmet [above]. AQ is the official airline of the Warrior football team, and handled the road game charters this season. Go Warriors!

"Kamohoali‘i" is seen here arriving today, from OAK as AAH441 on Runway 26R. Also, the helmet of Warrior Defensive Lineman #99 Lawrence Wilson (Senior), rests on the FieldTurf® of Aloha Stadium, during pre-game warm-ups before their victory over the Purdue University Boilermakers (42 - 35).

On a personal note, I rode N740AL on a flight to SNA (AAH482) back in October 2004, and was the subject of a "Coach Flyer" column published in an issue of "Airways" magazine. I also was the field videographer for the Purdue - Hawai‘i game.

23 November 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

The HNL RareBirds team wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! We are truly thankful for all of the RareBirds that have been through HNL during 2006.

22 November 2006

Air Tahiti Nui's 2nd appearance at HNL

Air Tahiti Nui flew in again today from PPT as TN706. It arrived a little after 12:30pm and parked again at Gate 25. It left just before 4:00pm back to PPT as TN561. Sorry, no pictures this time.

HP Arizona Livery 757

HP/US had N90AW, with the Arizona livery, parked at the hard stands on the North Ramp. I'm not sure if it had mechanical problems, but it went out for a flight and when it landed, headed straight back to the hard stands.

China Southern's B-5236

China Southern Airlines' latest 737-71B (c/n 35362) made its way to HNL from BFI as CSN236. It's scheduled to depart HNL at 0800L.

Sorry, no photo available.

21 November 2006


Also seen in HNL today is a COMCO 757-22L, N610G (c/n 29304). This rarebird was parked at Gate 28.

According to their website, COMCO is "an aviation and engineering services company. Although we conduct a variety of aviation related business, COMCO specializes in providing engineering testing services in the areas of avionics, aircraft structure and airframe modifications, power-plant, aircraft systems integration, long-range communications, aircraft instrumentation, and other research and development programs specifically dealing with aircraft systems, maintainability, and habitability."

So, why it was parked at a gate rather than a hard stand? It's a mystery since this 757 is supposed to be a test bed. I'm not sure if they also do passenger charter work. I think it is currently parked on the South Ramp since I saw it crossing the airfield instead of heading towards to the end of the runway.

Departure of Air Force One

After spending 16 hours in Hawaii, Air Force One took off at 10:08 am taking the President back to Washington D.C. All the airspace over Hawaii was shut down for about an hour and all ground movements at HNL stopped for about 30 minutes. With not much to do, many people on the ramp (including me) were just sitting and waiting to watch Air Force One leave. Once it took off, everyone started getting back to work.

17 November 2006

Xiamen Airlines B-5161

Xiamen Airlines has another 737-85C(W) on its way from BFI. B-5161 (c/n 35046) stopped off at HNL, as seen here being readied to continue on to MAJ.

Japan Airlines' JA301J

Japan Airlines' first 737-846(W), JA301J (c/n 35330), has made its appearance at HNL on its way to NRT. It's seen here on Hard Stand 5, being prepped for its next leg to MAJ as JAL7901.

Updates for JAL's 737-800 delivery and other things

Well, JAL's first 737-800 has left HNL for MAJ today, Nov. 17. JL7901 had a scheduled departure of 9:00am, but left a little later at 9:17am.

Also, pictures of the RNZAF 757's and TN's A340 in HNL have been added.

15 November 2006

Delivery of JAL's first 737-800

JAL's first 737-800 is scheduled to stop over at HNL on November 16. The flight number is JL7901 and has an ETA of 3:20pm. It will most likely park on the North Ramp.

Air Tahiti Nui!

A real rarebird at HNL...Air Tahiti Nui flew in today from PPT with one of their A340-300s (F-OJGF). What a surprise to find a big blue bird sitting at Gate 25 when I stopped at the security checkpoint. Arrived from PPT a little before 12 noon with a scheduled departure of 2:00pm. This flight is most likely a charter since most of the people I saw at and around the gate was using the same shirt.

RNZAF 757's

Both RNZAF 757's were at HNL today and parked by the CO hangar. NZ7571 was the first to leave, around 9:18am, while NZ7572 stayed a couple hours longer.

11 November 2006

A Salute To Our Veterans

On this Veterans' Day, the HNL RareBirds team salutes the men and women of the United States Armed Forces, both who are currently serving our country, and those who have previouly served. We also salute those allied forces who fought along our warriors. We thank you for serving our country, and putting your lives on the line to protect our land. A special salute goes to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedoms that only the US has.

The next time you see one of our warriors in uniform, tell them "thank you for serving our country."

Two Hawai‘i Air National Guard F-15As from the 199th FS in the photo above, perform an overhead break above Runway 26L.

10 November 2006

Hainan Airlines' B-5182

Hainan Airlines (HU/CHH) received another of its 737-808s, B-5182 (c/n 34708). The arrived at HNL today from BFI, and parked on the AirService Hawaii ramp.

This is the first one with Hainan titles I've seen in a while. The last several HU 73Hs have had subsidiary titles (Chang An, Shan Xi, & China Xinhua), instead of its parent company.

09 November 2006

HNL RareBirds

Can anyone help out on these two "incidents?" According to an airport employee, Aloha Airlines had a 737 with two smoking engines on the reef runway the other day, and it was closed down for two hours. This caused a bit of an inconvenience to the other operators who had to detour or alter taxi patterns.

Today, Thursday November 9, there was an Air Force (AFRC to be specific) C-5 Galaxy parked(?) about 100 yards Ewa of the turn on the taxiway at the end of Lagoon Drive. From about 4:30 to 6:30 pm, I watched as some neat flatbed lift-trucks unloaded about 6 to 8 large palleted loads, three truckloads full. Then, two tanker trucks labelled JP-8 (typical military jet fuel) either filled or off-loaded the big bird. Next, a crew bus from Hickam took 8 or 10 pax/crew back to the base. Never in my 26 years of hanging out there did I ever observe such an activity, especially in the middle of a taxiway! Neither did the FedEx guy that hung out with me for a while. Does anyone know what was going on? Was there an abort, then was the plane lightened so that it could make its way back to the Hickam tarmac? Was this some "special" procedure? I'd be really interested in finding out. Sorry, no pix, no camera and the sun was really backlighting the whole scene anyway.

Air China's B-5176 ... Part 2

The Five Friendlies appearing on Air China's B-5176 are depicted in different sporting activities on the left side of the aircraft. Due to the angle of the sun yesterday, I could not get a good shot to severe backlighting. The photo above, is from this morning as B-5176 is pushed back onto Taxiway C, as it prepares to depart for MAJ on the second leg of its delivery flight to BJS (Beijing, China).

08 November 2006

Air China's B-5176 ... Part 1

Leading off today's HNL RareBird Grand Slam (a 1st!), is Air China's second variation of its Beijing 2008 Olympic Games livery adorned upon B-5176 (c/n 34258), a 737-86N. It features the mascots (Fuwa) of the Summer Olympic Games being held in Beijing. Air China has been designated as the official airline of these games. B-5176 arrived at HNL today from BFI as CCA058. Air China has two 737-79L(W)s, B-5201 and B-5213, wear the first logojet design.

The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games website has a complete list of all of the mascots (Fuwa - The Five Friendlies) artwork like those on B-5176.

Royal Brunei Airlines' V8-BKH

A Royal Brunei Airlines (BI/RBA) A340-212, V8-BKH, (msn 046) is also visiting HNL. This aircraft belongs to the Sultan of Brunei, and is his personal aircraft, complete with a VIP interior. This is about the third time this jet has been at HNL this year.

Boeing Company's N836BA

The Boeing Company has their corporate jet, N836BA (c/n 30756), a 737-7BC(W), parked on HNL's south ramp. What else would Boeing use but one their own? That's a no-brainer.

This BBJ previously was with NetJets as N156QS, up until this past summer.

Volga-Dnepr's RA-82074

Completing today's Grand Slam is a Volga-Dnepr An-124 (RA-82074, c/n 9773051459142/707), that parked at Hard Stand 3 on the north ramp. It arrived from BDL (Hartford, CT) this afternoon, as VDA1400.

04 November 2006

Aloha Airlines' N836AL

Aloha Airlines (AQ) has received another of its "new" 737-236s. N836AL (c/n 23225), a.k.a "Kauikeaouli", is seen here on the Elliott Street ramp, and will soon be joining AQ's inter-island fleet. This aircraft previously wore the following registrations: N154FV, LV-ZTD, and G-BKYO.