28 February 2010


An ex-AtlasJet Airlines A320-233, N951LF (msn 460), is making its way from VCV, via OAK for somewhere in Asia. It's flying as N951LF, and made a brief stop at HNL, before continuing onto MAJ. It's owned by ACG Acquistions XX LLC of Oakland, CA.

While with AtlasJet, it was registered as TC-OGK. It was also with Ryan International and AirTran, and LACSA.

Sorry, no HNL photo ...

Hainan's B-5502 & B-5503

Also lost in the tsunami warning was two Hainan Airlines 737-84P deliveries: B-5502 (c/n 35757) and B-5503 (c/n 36782). According to sources here at HNL, the pair of Hainan 73Hs did not come here as their first leg of their delivery flights. As of late, Hainan has pulled their delivery flight information from FlightAware.com. It's our assumption that they went to a neighbor island airport.

Drewski2112's LiveJournal site lists the Hawai‘i stop point as "?".

Air China's B-5500

During all the commotion of the impending tsunami, I had missed this delivery flight: Air China's B-5500 (c/n 36752), a 737-89L, flying as CCA58.

Thankfully, Drewski2112 got a shot of it at BFI.

27 February 2010

Hawai‘i Braces For Tsunami

All of Hawai‘i is bracing for the tsunami that resulted from the 8.8-magnitude earthquake off the coast of Chile. With an ETA of 1105HST, Hilo would be the first area to be hit. ITO is the only Hawaiian airport to close, since it's rather close to the ocean. All other airports remain open, although the road leading to OGG is closed. HNL's "Reef Runway" is in the inundation zone, but according to the latest ATIS report it's open.

Air Tahiti Nui flight THT77 (NRT-PPT) was diverted to HNL as a preventive measure.

The Tsunami warning for Hawaii was canceled by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center at 13:38 HST. Only minor changes in sea level were reported.

25 February 2010

Qantas A380-800

Some pictures from this morning of the first A380 in HNL.


Qantas flight QFA94, an A380-842 (VH-OQE "Lawrence Hargrave", msn 027) made an emergency stop at HNL from LAX early this morning. QFA94 normally flies between LAX and MEL. According to sources, an on-board medical emergency caused the super-jumbo to stop at HNL. Sources have told me as well, that HNL Fire/Rescue trucks were standing by along Runway 4R as the A380 landed. Today's flight, however, will continue onto SYD instead of MEL.

This is the first appearance of an A380 at HNL, especially since it's not designed to handle one on a regular basis, but Gate 29 is designated as the gate to handle the Airbus should an emergency arise.

FlightAware's QFA94 flight info.

24 February 2010

Emirates 747-400F

A very rare sight for HNL today: an Emirates Cargo Boeing 747-47UF(SCD), N497MC (c/n 29258). Just dropped in for a few hours.

20 February 2010

WestJet Special Livery

WestJet 737-8CT C-GWSZ (c/n37092) at PHOG today. Right says "La garantie qui tint." Left has "Care-antee." French and English for the same marketing campaign.

Xiamen's B-5499

Xiamen Airlines is taking delivery of B-5499 (c/n 37575), their newest 737-85C. It's flying from BFI as CXA5499, and will make its first stop at HNL today.

17 February 2010

Lion Air's PK-LGS

Lion Air International is taking delivery of another 737-9GPER, PK-LGS (c/n 35735), and is flying from BFI to CGK (via HNL, MAJ, and BIK) as LNI1. PK-LGS made its two-hour tech stop at HNL before continuing onto MAJ, and seen above being pushed back onto Taxiway C for its Runway 8R departure this afternoon.

16 February 2010

Royal Thai AF's 60111

A Lockheed C-130H from the Royal Thai Air Force made a stop over at HIK, and departed east-bound today. Tail number 60111 / Reg# L8-11/35 (c/n 382-5280) is seen above departing Runway 22L, as the winds were blowing from the west. It was flying with the call sign "Royal Thai Air Force 101".

Garuda's PK-GML

Garuda's second 737-8U3 delivery in a week is PK-GML (c/n 31763), and is flying as GIA8011.

***Update 02.17.10***
PK-GML is seen above on Taxiway C taxiing to Runway 8R to depart for MAJ.

11 February 2010

Garuda's PK-GMK

Garuda Indonesia's PK-GMK (c/n 29666), a 737-8U3, made its first delivery flight stop across the Pacific en route to CGK from BFI yesterday, and continues onto MAJ today.

Drewski2112 got a shot of it at BFI.

By the way, this is the blog's 900th post ...

10 February 2010

Seeing Stars

ANA's JA614A (c/n 33508), a 767-381ER, and United's N218UA (c/n 30222), a 777-222ER, both in Star Alliance colors came in for today's operations.

08 February 2010

China Eastern MD-90-30

China Eastern's B-2257, (c/n 58583/line# 2200) a MD-90-30 came in from Shanghai via Saipan and Majuro Saturday night as CES599. Originally delievered to China Southern in August 1997. This MD-90 is headed for Pinal Airpark for storage. Sorry for the low quality photo, taken with phone.

06 February 2010


On Wednesday, February 2nd, Hawaiian Airlines had a flight to JRF (John Rodgers Field, Kalaeloa, HI) as HAL8981 using one of their 767-300s. The aircraft returned to HNL from JRF as HAL8982 this morning.

My guess is that the aircraft may have been used for filming purposes.

Air China's B-5497

Air China's B-5497 (c/n 36751), is the latest 737-89L to be added to the CA fleet. It's on delivery as CCA58 from BFI to PEK via HNL, MAJ, and SPN.

Drewski2112 got a photo of it at BFI.

05 February 2010

Garuda's PK-GMG

Garuda Indonesian Airlines' PK-GMG (c/n 30141), a 737-8U3 is on its delivery flight as GIA8011. Its flying from BFI to CGK via HNL and MAJ.

02 February 2010

JAL Express' JA326J

JAL Express' JA326J (c/n 35355), is the 26th 737-846 for Japan Airlines (and its subsidiaries), and it's on delivery from BFI. It arrived at HNL as JL7901 this evening.

Photo courtesy of Ha763.


Island Air flight MKU419 (OGG-HNL) was forced to land on Runway 8R today after someone called in a bomb threat. The Dash8-100 is seen above landing on "Reef Runway", this was right before I was commanded not to take pictures by a Hawai‘i Sheriff's Department deputy.

I just happened to be there to watch planes while I ate lunch, and had my camera with me. After hearing on my scanner of the flight diversion to land on 8R, and seeing the fire trucks scramble down Taxiway RA and RT. Another spotter and myself waited to see what was about to happen. We saw the Dash8 about a mile out on a right base leg for 8R, and I popped up through my sunroof to get the landing photos. The fire trucks followed the Dash8 until it it exited 8R on Taxiway RG. Minutes after coming to a stop, and passengers and crew evacuating, Sheriff's Dept. cruisers, TSA cars, HIK fire trucks, and the HIK EOD team scrambled to the plane. An airport Wiki-wiki bus transported the passengers back to the terminal.

Fortunately, no device was found, and the investigation continues.

The above photo was also submitted to Hawaii News Now, and subsequently run online & on Sunrise.

RoKAF 737-7ES AEW&C "Peace Eye"

Arriving from Boeing Field as BOE222, this 737-7ES (c/n 35327) is seen here being prepped for its flight to Guam. Its showing temporary registration as N341FS. This airborne early warning and control aircraft dubbed "Peace Eye" will be the second of four that the Republic of South Korea receives.