30 April 2021

Virgin Australia's 2-YVFP

AerCap is having Jet Test is ferry Virgin Australia's 2-YVFP "Nobby's Beach" (c/n 41011, l/n 4476) back to BNE from GYR, via PHX, HNL, and MAJ. This 737-8FE is flying as JTN81, and is overnighting at HNL tonight. When it rejoins the Virgin Australia fleet, it get back its Australian registration, VH-YFP.

29 April 2021

US Air Force's 64-14849

A US Air Force RC-135U from the 45th RS / 55th Wing, 64-14849 "Combat Sent 2" (c/n 18789, l/n 2310), made a stop at HIK. It arrived from LNK as TUSK14. This is one of the last four RC-135s still in service.

This is the final KC-135 that was built by Boeing, delivered in February 1965, and was converted to an RC-135B in 1967. It was converted to a"U" variant in 1971. It had the its JT3D powerplants replaced with CFM56s in the late 1990s.

28 April 2021

Sriwijaya Air's PK-CLT

Jet Test is ferrying Sriwijaya Air's PK-CLT "Emilio" (c/n 27991, l/n 248) from CGK to MCI, via GUM and HNL. This 737-8K5, flying as JTN78, is making an overnight stop at HNL, as it's being returned to lessor DVB Bank.

27991's History:
Apr 1999: Delivered to Hapag-Lloyd as D-AHFK.
Apr 2005: Rebranded as Hapagfly.
Jan 2007: Rebranded as TUIfly.
Dec 2007: Leased to CanJet, returned in May 2008.
Jun 2008: Leased to Travel Service Hungary as HA-LKC to Oct 2009.
Oct 2009: Sold to AerCap and leased back.
Dec 2009: Subleased to CanJet, returned to TUIfly in Jun 2010.
Aug 2011: "Hannover 96" decal applied.
Nov 2012: Withdrawn from service, returned to AerCap.
Mar 2013: Leased to Sriwijaya Airlines as PK-CLT "Emilio".
2017: Sold to DVB Bank, and lease transferred.
2018: Painted into current livery.

21 April 2021

Hawaiian Airlines Launches HNL-AUS Service

Hawaiian Airlines commenced twice-weekly service between HNL and AUS today. N385HA "Manaiakalani" (msn 295, fn 385), made the inaugural flight from the Lone Star State.

Further details in this Hawaiian Airlines press release.

20 April 2021

All Nippon Airways' JA777A

All Nippon Airways is ferrying JA777A (c/n 32650, l/n 593) from HND to MHV, via HNL, for storage. This 777-381ER is flying as ANA9432, and its fuel stop at HNL will be a brief one. JA777A was delivered to ANA in October 2006.

Virgin Australia's 2-YVFQ

Jet Test is ferrying Virgin Australia's 2-YVFQ "Whiting Beach" (c/n 41010, l/n 4494) from GYR to BNE, via PHX, HNL, and MAJ. This 737-8FE (VH-YFQ) is making its ferry flight as JTN80, and will overnight at HNL.

10 April 2021

Virgin Australia's 2-YVFN

AerCap is ferrying 2-YVFN (c/n 41009, l/n 4456) back to the Virgin Australia fleet. This 737-8FE, previously registered as VH-YFN "Ballina Beach". It's being ferried back to BNE from GYR (via PHX, HNL, and MAJ) by Jet Test as JTN79.

Aloha Air Cargo's N54AU

Aloha Air Cargo took delivery of N54AU (c/n 28054, l/n 3016) today. This 737-3Q8F was painted at GEG, and arrived from OAK as AAH304. It will be re-registered as N304KH. 

N54AU's History:
Apr 1998: Delivered to Air Vanuatu as YJ-AV18, leased from ILFC.
Jan 2008: Painted into their current livery.
Jly 2008: Leased to bmibaby as G-TOYI "Geordie Baby".
Jan 2011: Renamed as "tinylife baby".
Sep 2014: Bought by Automatic LLC as N54AU, and converted to a Quick Change.
Mar 2015: Leased to Mistral Air as EI-FGX, and a logo jet for PosteItaliane.
May 2019: Stored at SJO.
Mar 2021: Acquired by Northern Air Cargo, and painted to Aloha Air Cargo livery at GEG.
Apr 2021: Delivered to Aloha Air Cargo.