31 December 2023

Air Premia Launches ICN-HNL Service Today

South Korean hybrid carrier, Air Premia, commenced it's four-times-weekly service today from ICN as APZ5151. HL8517 (c/n 63314, l/n 664), a 787-9, made the inaugural flight, and will return to ICN as APZ5152 this afternoon. This scheduled charter service is scheduled up to 04 March 2024. It's not known if Air Premia will continue after the scheduled end date.

25 December 2023

Mele Kalikimaka!

The HNL RareBirds™ team wishes you all a very Merry Christmas! 

23 December 2023

N53725 Accident On Maui

N53725 (msn 17274808), a Cessna 172P owned by Armin Engert of Kahului, went down shortly after take off this morning. All three aboard survived the crash near Kanaha Pond. Federal investigators will now work to determine the cause of the accident.

Further information in this Hawai‘i News Now report.

18 December 2023

Hawai‘i Bowl Team Charters

The 2023 edition of the Easypost Hawai‘i Bowl features the matchup of the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers, from the Sun Belt Conference (Conway, South Carolina) and the San José State Spartans, from the Mountain West Conference (San José, California). Both teams are arriving today via Omni Air International from their respective cities.

The game is scheduled for Saturday, 23 Dec 2023, 17:30HAST, at the Clarence TC Ching Field, on the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa campus. Both teams will return following the bowl game, with both aircraft will stay to the teams home.

Chanticleers Charter Flight:
Omni Air International 777-2U8ER N819AX (c/n 33681, l/n 479), from MYR to HNL as OAE1639.

Spartans Charter Flight:
Omni Air International 767-36NER N468AX (c/n 30115, l/n 863), from SJC to HNL as OAE1644.

23 Dec 2023 UPDATE
The Chanticleers held off a late Spartans rally to take the Easypost Hawai‘i Bowl trophy with a 24-14 win.

The return flights are OAE1651: HNL-MYR; and OAE1650: HNL-SJC.

17 December 2023

QantasLink's VH-X4A

QantasLink operator National Jet Systems, is taking delivery of their first A220-300 (BD-500-1A11), VH-X4A "Minyma Kutjara Tjukurpa" (msn 55253). This special livery A220 is painted in a green Aborigine theme. It's making its delivery flight from YMX to SYD, via YVR, HNL, and NAN as QFA6075. VH-X4A is the first of 29 A220-300s for National Jet Systems.

The A220 series still carries the Bombardier model numbers in its classification. The A220-100 is labeled as (BD-500-1A10, formerly the CS100), with the Type Code of BCS1; and the A220-300 as (BD-500-1A11, formerly the CS300), with the Type Code of BCS3.

Hawaiian Airlines To Keep The 717s

According to an article published today on SimpleFlying.com, Alaska Airlines intends to keep the Hawaiian Airlines 717-200 fleet going for at least the next five years, before considering a replacement. Hawaiian has 19 in service, along with another four recently purchased from Boeing Capital, and in storage at VCV.

14 December 2023

Big Island Jet Center Opens At KOA

KOA has a new fixed base operator on its south ramp. The Big Island Jet Center opened for business today. They will join Atlantic Aviation and Signature Flight Support on KOA's South Ramp.


Cargo Aircraft Management (CAM) is ferrying N336CM (c/n 25170, l/n 564) from CAN to GUS [Peru, IN], via GUM, and HNL. This 737-31BERF just completed freighter conversion, is due to be leased to My Freighter (Uzbekistan). It's still wearing its Condor retro livery, and will be re-painted at GUS.

25170's History:
May 1994: Delivered to China Southern Airlines as B-2566, under lease from ILFC.
Dec 1998: Leased to Eurofly as EI-CRF.
Dec 2001: Leased to Alitalia, named "Umberto Nobile".
Aug 2012: Leased to Condor as D-ABUM "Achim", and painted in a retro livery.
Oct 2022: Withdrawn from service, and stored at HHN for three months, then to GYR.
Jun 2023: Acquired by CAM, as N336CM.
Jly 2023: Ferried to CAN for freighter conversion.

Bonza's C-FLHI

Bonza Airline is wet-leasing a second Flair Airlines 737-8. C-FLHI (c/n 61804, l/n 7683, f/n 903) is ferrying from YYC to OOL, via HNL and NAN, as FLE903. It will make a brief fuel-stop at HNL.

C-FLHI's History:
Jun 2021: Delivered to Flair Airlines, under lease from BOC Aviation.
Dec 2023: Subleased to Bonza Airline.

12 December 2023

US Marshals Service's N311MS

N311MS (c/n 30670, l/n 1481), a 737-8Q8, owned by the US Marshals Service (US Department of Justice), is making a stop at HNL from OKC, via VCV, as DOJ96. It's doing a federal inmate transfer flight.

30670's History:
Apr 2004: Delivered to Miami Air International as N739MA (f/n 739), under lease from ILFC.
Jly 2007: Subleased to Martinair for two months.
Apr 2008: Subleased to Transavia Holland for four months.
Jun 2010: Subleased to Arkefly for three months, named "Ely" after return to Miami Air.
Jun 2011: Subleased to Arkefly for two months.
Jun 2012: Subleased to Arkefly for two months.
May 2014: Sold to AerCap, and the lease transferred.
Jun 2018: Operated for Transavia for four months.
Mar 2020: Withdrawn from service, and stored at MIA.
May 2020: Ferried to GYR for storage.
Sep 2020: Registered as N737AS, and painted in a special AerAware livery, for AerSale's AerAware Enhanced Flight Vision System flight test program.
Jan 2022: Leased to the US Marshals Service.
Apr 2022: Acquired by the Department of Justice, and re-registered as N311MS.

13 Dec 2023 UPDATE
N311MS returned to OKC, via VCV, as DOJ98.

11 December 2023

REX Airlines’ VH-8ZL

REX Airlines is taking delivery of VH-8ZL (c/n 39604, l/n 4160). This 737-8EH, leased from DAE Capital, is making its delivery flight from GYR to BNE, via OGG and NAN. It will overnight at OGG tonight.

39604’s History:
Aug 2012: Delivered to GOL Airlines as PR-GUQ, under lease from AWAS.
Aug 2017: Sold to DAE Capital, and the lease transferred.
___ 2018: Repainted in the current livery.
Jan 2023: Withdrawn from service, and stored at GRU.
Sep 2023: Ferried to GYR for storage.

07 December 2023

737MAXs Hinted As Hawaiian Airlines' 717-200 Replacement

During the acquisition presentation between Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines, it was noted on page 18, that the Alaska 737s, would be the prime candidate to replace the Hawaiian Airlines 717-200 fleet when that time comes. Alaska has several 737-8s have on order with Boeing, with a total of 85 MAX series on order.

Further analysis in this CH-Aviation report. The yet-to-be-certified 737-7 was also mentioned as a possible replacement, though the -7 has not been mentioned in Alaska's and Boeing's order book.

This past August, Hawaiian Airlines, prior to the acquisition, noted four types that were candidates to replace the 717-200 fleet. We did a comparison and analysis of the four types to see which would be the best fit. With the acquisition by Alaska Airlines, it seems like a moot point.

The two big questions for the 737MAX are, will any of these candidates be able to handle the rigorous schedule that the 717-200s currently maintain, and will Hawaiian have to make adjustments to work with the LEAP-1B cool down times? And with the multitude of inter-island flights, will they be able to accommodate available belly space that Hawaiian uses for a lot of their inter-island cargo operations? 

717-200: RR BR715 | 128 seats | 1,430nm range | 935 cu ft cargo
737-7: CFM LEAP-1B | 138-153 seats | 3,800nm range | 1,139 cu ft cargo
737-8: CFM LEAP-1B | 178 seats | 3,400nm range | 1,540 cu ft cargo

Engines: Both 737MAX variants use the CFM LEAP-1B series.

Seats: Both 737MAX variants offer more seating. At 138 seats, the 737-7 adds 10 more seats, especially with Hawaiian's two-class layout. With the 737-8's 178 seats, it could also allow inter-island flight schedules to be consolidated.

Range: Both 737MAX variants offer ETOPS capability to west coast destinations they choose to fly from any of the islands.

Cargo Volume: Both 737MAX variants offer more cargo belly space.

The 737-7 comes closest to the 717-200, but it's has not been decided by Alaska to add this variant to their order.

Local travel news outlet, Beat of Hawaii, published an article regarding the acquisition and future fleet moves, but it's speculative.

06 December 2023


Nomadic Aviation is ferrying N194AA (c/n 32388, l/n 983) from XMN to GYR, via GUM and JRF, as OMD311. This white-tail 757-223F, owned by AerSale, completed freighter conversion, and being readied for its next lessee. N194AA stopped through JRF in March 2023 en route to freighter conversion.

04 December 2023

N691YW Crashes In Kapolei

N691YW (msn 40.690), a Diamond Aircraft DA-40, owned by George's Aviation, crashed in an empty lot in Kapolei. Both aboard survived, but a 77-year-old was injured, and required hospitalization. The aircraft departed HNL at 12:34L for JRF.

Further details in this Hawai‘i News Now report. N691YW's flight track via Flight Aware flight history.

03 December 2023

Southern Airways Express Ferries Its 3 P2012s To HNL

Southern Airways is having its three Tecnam P2012 Travelers from GUM, where that had been in storage since the shutdown of the Marianas Southern Air venture in April 2023. N401CJ (msn 049/US), N503SA (msn 041/US), and N504SA (msn 048/US) all departed GUM for MAJ on 21 Nov 2023.

 N401CJ and N504SA are making their flights from MAJ today, while N503SA remains at MAJ.

These P2012s will be integrated into the Southern / Mokulele operations here is Hawai‘i, as some of the Mokulele C208Bs are due for maintenance.

07 Dec 2023 UPDATE
N503SA is making its ferry flight today. All 3 P2012s will be parked on the Magnum Helicopters ramp.

Alaska Airlines To Acquire Hawaiian Airlines

Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines announced this morning that the former will acquire the latter for $1.9B USD. Part of the agreement is that both airlines will operate as separate entities. It will be similar to how IAG operates British Airways and Iberia, or the AirFrance / KLM conglomerate, or locally, the the Southern Airways / Mokulele operation. Of all the Hawai‘i - west coast routes that the two airlines, there are only 12 that need to be consolidated. The acquisition will need approval by federal agencies.

Further information in this Alaska Airlines press release, this Hawaiian Airlines press release, and the acquisition website Local Care, Global Reach.

02 December 2023


N889CL "The Pride of America" (c/n 42510, l/n 4499), a 737-8LZ BBJ2 owned by Pasaca Capital, is making a brief fuel stop at HNL this morning. It's arriving from GUM, and will continue onto BUR. The flight originated in WUH.

42510's History:
Jun 2013: Delivered to Boeing Business Jets as N713JM.
Feb 2019: Acquired by TVPX Trust Services.
Jly 2022: Acquired by Pasaca Capital.
Dec 2022: Re-registered as N889CL.

01 December 2023

QantasLink's VH-NXH

Southern Cross International is ferrying VH-NXH "Grampians National Park" (c/n 55055, l/n 5014) from CBR to VCV, with stops at APW and ITO. This 717-2K9 flying as SXI3280, except for the APW-ITO segment, which is being flown as QFA6070.

55055's History:
Dec 1999: Delivered to Bavarian International Aircraft Leasing (BIAL) as N9201S.
Apr 2000: Leased to Impulse Airlines as VH-IMD.
May 2001: Operated for QantasLink by Impulse Airlines.
May 2004: Leased to Jetstar Airways.
Dec 2005: Leased to National Jet Systems, and operated for QantasLink.
Jan 2006: Re-registered as VH-NXH.
Jun 2011: Sold to ANZ Banking Group, and the lease transferred.
Dec 2015: Purchased by National Jet Systems.


NOAA's Gulfstream IV, N49RF "Gonzo" (msn 1246), is making its winter season flight training at HNL. It's scheduled to be based here for a couple of weeks.

19 Dec 2023 UPDATE
NOAA49 departed for PSP this morning, then will continue onto SAV tomorrow.

Malaysia Airlines' 9M-MVD

Malaysia Airlines is taking delivery of their second 737-8, 9M-MVD (c/n 66354, l/n 8745) today. It's flying from BFI to KUL, via HNL and GUM, as MAS5401, and will overnight here tonight.

Air Kiribati's N904RT

Air Kiribati is taking delivery of N904RT (msn 718). This DHC-6-300 Twin Otter is flying from F70 [French Valley Airport, Temecula, CA] to TRW [Bonriki International Airport, Tarawa, Kiribati], via SMX and HNL. It will be re-registered as T3-AKC.

BR Captured got photos of N904RT at TRW, when it arrived.

718's History
Nov 1980: Delivered to ACES Colombia as HK-2548.
Mar 2002: Sold to Aerolinea de Antioquia - ADA.
Apr 2014: Withdrawn from service, and stored at EOH.
Oct 2017: Purchased by Ikhana Group [Murietta, CA] as N904RT.
Nov 2023: Purchased by TVPX Aircraft Solutions as a trustee for Air Kiribati.

30 November 2023

Hawaiian Airlines' N494HA Ground Accident At OGG

A Hawaiian Airlines 717-200 was involved in an accident with ground equipment at OGG. N494HA "Koa‘e Kea" (c/n 55182, l/n 5138, f/n 494) was scheduled to fly as HAL105 [OGG-HNL], when it began taxiing before all of the ground equipment was cleared. This 717-2BL struck a tug, that injured the driver, as well as another vehicle that impacted the leading edge of the left wing.

The accident is under investigation with the FAA.

29 November 2023

Hawaiian Airlines To Add Three New Routes

Hawaiian Airlines announced today that they will launch three new routes to the west coast utilizing their A321-271N fleet. The first new route is between HNL and SLC (HAL84/83), that will be daily service beginning on 15 May 2024. The other two new routes will be to SMF, four-times weekly from LIH (HAL66/65) launching on 24 May 2024; and thrice-weekly from KOA (HAL74/73) launching on 25 May 2024.

With the new SLC route,  Hawaiian will be competing with Delta's daily 767-300ER service. While on the two new flights to SMF, currently Hawaiian will have no competition from either LIH nor KOA.

Further information in this Hawaiian Airlines press release.

Royal Air Force's ZZ178

A Royal Air Force C-17A, ZZ178 (c/n 50246-UK.8 , l/n F-245), is making a stop at HIK from BZZ (via YYC) as RRR6646. This Globemaster III, assigned to No. 99 Squadron, is headed for the South Pacific. It was given a US Air Force registration of 12-0208 before it was delivered brand new to the RAF.


Aviation Capital Group is ferrying N395AG (c/n 39055, l/n 4042) from YNY to VCV, via GUM and OGG. This 737-8AL is making an overnight stop at OGG today.

39055's History:
Feb 2013: Delivered to Jet Airways as VT-JFF, under lease from BOC.
Feb 2019: Withdrawn from service, and stored HYD for seven months.
Apr 2019: Sold to Aviation Capital Group as VP-CGA, then re-registered as 2-AGCA.
Nov 2019: Ferried to MPL for storage, for 11 months.
Jan 2020: Re-registed as VP-CGA.
Oct 2020: Ferried to GYR for storage.
Jly 2022: Leased to Fly Gangwon as HL8518.
May 2023: Withdrawn from service as the airline ceased operations, and stored at YNY.


NASA's Gulfstream IV, N522NA (msn 1199), is making a stop at JRF from LFI (via MRY), as it heads to CHC. It will overnight then continue onto PPG, then CHC.

03 Dec 2023 UPDATE
N522NA returns from PPG this evening, and will depart for TUS the next morning.

28 November 2023

Conair's C-FFQF

Conair Aerial Firefighting's Q400, C-FFQF (msn 4315, f/n 391), is making its trip down to Australia from its base at YYX. Flying as FGD391, it's making stops at OAK, HNL, MAJ, and HIR.

4315's History:
Jly 2010: Delivered to HM-Heli Malongo Airways as D2-EUP, under lease from Aviatrade Belgium.
Aug 2019: Acquired by Conair Aerial Firefighting, converted to a water bomber, and assigned as 540.

27 November 2023

Coulson Fireliner's N137CG

Coulson Fireliners is ferrying N137CG "Gaia" (c/n 27700, l/n 2759, f/n 137) from TRM to Australia, via SMX, ITO, and PPG, as CUL137. This 737-3H4 water bomber is headed Down Under for their summer firefighting mission.

25 November 2023


Gateway Air Center is delivering N1274T (msn 208B5773) from IDP to OOL, via PWA, SOW, MCE, HNL, and APW. This Cessna C208B Grand Caravan EX was purchased by Cape Flattery Silica Mines Pty (Australia).

23 November 2023

Colorado State Rams Team Charter

The Colorado State Rams football team is chartering an Omni Air International 767-200ER for their road trip to Honolulu to play the Hawai‘i Rainbow Warriors on Saturday evening. N234AX (c/n 30436, l/n 833), a 767-224ER, is flying the Rams as OAE675 from DEN.

The team will return to DEN following the game. N234AX is expected to stay, and take the team home.


Southern Cross International is ferrying the next former jetBlue Airways ERJ-190AR for Alliance Airlines. N179JB (msn 19000006) is being ferried from MCN to XSP, via OAK, ITO, MAJ, GUM, and BKI, for reconfiguration, and repaint. It's making an overnight stop at ITO tonight.

N179JB's History
Sep 2005: Delivered to jetBlue as N179JB "Come Fly With Blue" (f/n 179) with the "Stripes" tail livery, under lease from GECAS.
Oct 2013: Tail livery repainted in the "Blueberries" design.
Oct 2019: Tail livery repainted in the "Highrise" design.
Nov 2021: Sold to AerCap, and the lease transferred.
Aug 2023: Withdrawn from service, and ferried to MCN for prep to Alliance.

22 November 2023

Virgin Australia's VH-8IB

Virgin Australia is taking delivery of VH-8IB "Bronte Beach" (c/n 65047, l/n 8724) today. Flying as VOZ9947, This 737-8 is making its delivery flight from MLB to BNE, via ONT, OGG and NOU. It will make an overnight stop at OGG tonight.

VH-8IB was ferried to MLB from BFI on 09 Nov 2023 for additional work on the aircraft.

21 November 2023

Federal Express' N886FD

Federal Express' latest "Panda Express" special-liveried cargo jet is making a stop at HNL today. N886FD "Amara" (c/n 41065, l/n 1041, f/n 886), a 777-FS2, had panda decals applied to both sides of the forward section earlier this month, as pandas were flown between IAD and CTU. N886FD arrived from MEM this morning as FDX1413, and is scheduled to fly to OAK as FDX1800 later this afternoon.

22 Nov 2023 UPDATE
N886FD arrived today from OAK as FDX77, and will continue onto SYD as FDX77.

20 November 2023

US Navy's 169561 Runway Excursion At NGF

A US Navy P-8A Poseidon overran the runway at Marine Corps Air Field Kāneʻohe Bay. 169561 (c/n 66094, l/n 8026), assigned to VP-4 "Skinny Dragons", was attempting to land on NGF's Runway 22 in rain and winds, when the runway excursion occurred. The P-8A ended up in Kāneʻohe Bay, just off the departure end of Runway 22, and all nine crew members aboard were able to egress safely.

The VP-4, based at NAS Whidbey Island, Oak Harbor, WA, has a rotating detachment of P-8As assigned to NGF.

The US Navy, and other government agencies are investigating the accident.

Continuing Hawaii News Now coverage.

The above photo was taken in June 2022.

03 Dec 2023 UPDATE
The US Navy floated 169561 out of Kāneʻohe Bay, and is now on land at Marine Corps Air Field Kāneʻohe Bay, awaiting evaluation and repairs to fly it back to the mainland for major repairs.
Hawaii News Now coverage.

13 November 2023

Malaysia Airlines' 9M-MVA

Malaysia Airlines is taking delivery of their first 737-8, 9M-MVA (c/n 66439, l/n 8685) today. It's making its delivery flight from BFI to KUL, via HNL and GUM as MAS5041.

12 November 2023

Alaska Airlines' N565AS

Alaska Airlines' latest Disney logo jet, N565AS (c/n 35181, l/n 2134, f/n 565) is making its first appearance in Hawai‘i today. This Disney Resorts Toontown liveried 737-890 is flying from San to KOA as ASA899, and will continue onto SEA as ASA822.

25 Nov 2023 UPDATE
N565AS is making an appearance at LIH with ASA875 from SEA, and will return to SEA as ASA840.

11 November 2023

Hawaiian Raptors Pregame Flyover

Four F-22A Raptors from the 199th FS /19th FS flew a four-ship flyover at the end of the "Star-Spangled Banner" before this evening's game  between the Air Force Academy Falcons and the Hawai‘i Rainbow Warriors.

Photos from the Hawaiian Raptors Instagram post, and the Hawai‘i Air National Guard's Instagram post.

Hau‘oli Lā Hānau Hawaiian Airlines

Hau‘oli Lā Hānau! Hawaiian Airlines celebrates its 94th anniversary today.

09 November 2023

Air Force Academy Falcon's Team Charter

The US Air Force Academy Falcons football team is chartering a Sun Country Airlines 737-800 for their road trip to play the Hawai‘i Rainbow Warriors on Saturday. N821SY (c/n 39952, l/n 5217, f/n 821) is flying the Falcons from COS to HNL, via OAK, as SCX8607.

The team will return to COS following Saturday's game with the same flight code.

N821SY also flew in the San José State Spartans two weeks ago.

QantasLink's VH-NXD

Southern Cross International is ferrying VH-NXD "Berowa Valley National Park" (c/n 55062, l/n 5031)  from CBR to VCV, via APW and HNL, as SXI2366. This 717-23S, owned by National Jet Systems, and operated for QantasLink, is being retired. The APW-HNL leg is was flown as QFA6070. This is the first former QantasLink 717 to ferry through HNL, as the nine other before them were ferried through ANC.

55062's History:
Aug 2000: Delivered to Impulse Airlines as VH-AFR, under lease from Pembroke.
May 2001: Began flying for QantasLink.
May 2004: Transferred to the Jetstar Airlines fleet as VH-VQD.
Oct 2005: Sold to Allco Aviation and leased to National Jet Systems as VH-NXD, to operate for QantasLink.
Nov 2011: Sold to HKAC, and the lease transferred.
Nov 2015: Purchased by National Jet Systems.
Jan 2019: Painted in the "Silver Roo" current livery.
Jun 2023: Withdrawn from service, and stored at CBR.

Bonza's C-FLKC

Bonza Airline is wet-leasing C-FLKC (c/n 61807, l/n 7802, f/n 906) from Flair Airlines, and is wearing a hybrid livery. This 737-8 is making its ferry flight from YYC to OOL, with brief fuel stops at HNL and NAN, as FLE906.

In August, CH-Aviation reported that the two carriers will have a seasonal reciprocating wet-lease program in place, where one airline will send aircraft to the other during slow periods. Both Bonza and Flair have 777 Partners as major financial partners.

C-FLKC's History:
Jun 2021: Delivered to Flair Airlines, under lease from BOC.
Nov 2023: Subleased to Bonza Airline.

02 November 2023

Eastern Air Express' N737AT

Eastern Air Express is now operating Hillwood Airways' 737-7HJC BBJ, N737AT (c/n 36756, l/n 2405). It made a stop at HNL from RIC, via SJC as HWA1301 on 28-29 October. It departed for LIH today with the same flight code. CH-Aviation reports that Hillwood began using the Eastern name this month, following the completed acquisition by the latter, but still using the Hillwood flight codes.

05 Nov 2023 UPDATE
N737AT departed for RIC, via ONT as HWA1301.

31 October 2023

Hawaiian Airlines To Extend A330 Leases

CH-Aviation.com reports that Hawaiian Airlines will extend the leases of four of its A330-243 fleet to offset the rotation of grounding of their A321-271N fleet due to the on-going issues with its PW1100 GTF engines. There are five A330s whose leases are set to expire next year, with the aircraft to be returned. It has yet to be determined which of the five will be lone A330 returned to its lessor.

Here are the five A330-243s:
N381HA "Makali‘i" (msn 1104, f/n 380) leased from Avolon.
N381HA "Hōkūle‘a" (msn 1114, f/n 381) leased from Macquarie Air Finance.
N382HA "Iwakeli‘i" (msn 1171, f/n 382) leased from Macquarie Air Finance.
N388HA "Nahiku" (msn 1310, f/n 388) leased from Doric Aviation.
N389HA "Keali‘iokonaikawela" (msn 1316, f/n 389) leased from Air Lease Corporation.

28 October 2023

N382SS's Emergency Landing

N328SS (msn 1214), a Robinson Helicopter R44 owned by Spitzer Helicopters, and operated by Rainbow Helicopters, made an emergency landing on an islet in Ke‘ehi Lagoon after departing HNL. The incident occurred shortly after 10:00 HAST. Fortunately, all occupants aboard escaped injury. The HNL ARFF rescue boat and City & County Ocean Safety responded to tend to the occupants.


N3867X (msn 382-4684), a Lockheed L-100-30 owned by T3D&H LLC, and operated by Gulf Air Group, is making a stop at HNL.

382-4684's History:
Jly 1976: Delivered to Safair Freighters as ZS-JIX.
Feb 1990: Leased to TAAG Angola Airlines as D2-THZ, then subleased to AAC Angola Air Charter.
June 1996: Returned to Safair Freighters, and re-registered as ZS-JIX.
Sep 1996: Leased to HeavyLift Cargo Airlines.
Jun 1998: Returned to Safair.
Jan 2006: Acquired by T3D&H LLC as N3867X, and operated by Tepper Aviation.

27 October 2023


Southern Airways Express is taking delivery of N592SA (msn 208B2066), under lease from ITC-Aerolease. This C208B made its delivery flight from QBR [Redcliffe Airport, Redcliffe, Australia] to KOA, via OOL, APW, and HNL.

26 October 2023

Fuerza Aerea Colombiana's FAC0001

El Fuerza Aerea Colombiana's FAC0001 (c/n 29272, l/n 323) made a stop at HNL today. It's origin and destination was not available. This 737-74V BBJ, is the executive VIP transport for the Colombian Air Force.

29272's History:
Aug 1999: Delivered to the Raytheon Corp as N737SP.
Dec 2001: Re-registered as N7378P.
Jly 2004: Acquired by El Fuerza Aerea Colombiana as FAC0001.

San José State Spartans Team Charter

The San José State Spartans is chartering a Sun Country Airlines 737-800 today, for their road trip to Honolulu to play the Hawai‘i Rainbow Warriors on Saturday. N821SY (c/n 39952, l/n 5217, f/n 821) is flying the Spartans from SJC to HNL, as SCX8603.

The Spartans will return to SJC following the game with the same flight number.

23 October 2023


Arizona State University is basing one of their Do228-202s, N169CA (msn 8088), at ITO, for research flights over the Hawaiian Islands. It's ferrying in from MCC today.

20 October 2023

Alliance Airlines' N183JB

Alliance Airlines is taking delivery of its first former jetBlue Airways ERJ-190ARs today. N183JB (msn 19000007) is being delivered by Southern Cross International as SXI2371. It's flying from MCN to ROK [Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia], via OAK, HNL, MAJ, and BNE; and will overnight at HNL. It will be repainted and receive its Australian registration, VH-OUL, after delivery.

N183JB is the first of 30 former jetBlue E190s that Alliance is acquiring from AerCap. 

N183JB's History:
Sep 2005: Delivered to jetBlue as N183JB "Azul Brasileiro" (f/n 183) with the "Harlequin" tail livery, under lease from GECAS.
Sep 2013: Tail livery repainted in the "Blueberries" design.
Nov 2021: Sold to AerCap, and the lease transferred.
Aug 2023: Withdrawn from service, and ferried to MCN for prep to Alliance.

21 Oct 2023 UPDATE
Their flight to MAJ has been postponed due to a suspected maintenance issue.

28 Oct 2023 UPDATE
SXI2371 departed for MAJ, but returned to HNL due to a maintenance issue.

01 Nov 2023 UPDATE
SXI2371 departed for MAJ, and continued onto BNE.

All Nippon Airways' JA383A

All Nippon Airways is inducting its third A380-841, JA383A "Lā" (msn 266) into service today. The "orange honu" is making its first revenue flight from NRT to HNL as ANA182. It will return to NRT as ANA181.

JA383A had been the airline's training A380, that made quarterly flights around NRT since it was delivered four years ago. It will join the rotation with their other two A380-841s, JA381A and JA382A.

19 October 2023

Qantas And Alliance To End Buyout Proceedings

News.com.au reports that both Qantas Airways and Alliance Airlines announced that they will end the buyout proceedings, and continue as separate entities, with Qantas maintaining its 20% stake in Alliance. The 611 million AUD deal fell through as the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission opposed the buyout in April 2023, and Qantas appealed the decision.

Qantas, however, will exercise an option for four more Alliance E190s to be used for QantasLink's regional service.

Alliance has plans to acquire 30 ERJ-190ARs from AerCap, and currently leased to jetBlue Airways, with deliveries beginning later this year, and lasting to 2025. Nothing was mentioned in report regarding these 30 E190s.

18 October 2023

Pelita Air Service's PK-PWK

Pelita Air Service [IP/PAS] is leasing PK-PWK (msn 3503) from Avalon, and is being delivered to the Indonesian carrier. This A320-214 is making its delivery flight from DHN to PCB, via GYR, HNL, MAJ, and BIK. It's making an overnight stop at HNL.

3503's History:
May 2008: Delivered to Virgin America as N638VA "San Francisco Pride" (f/n 638), under lease from Avalon.
Jun 2018: Integrated into the Alaska Airlines fleet following the merger.
Nov 2022: Withdrawn from service, and stored at VCV.
Aug 2023: Ferried to DHN for prep for Pelita Air.

On a related note, Pelita Air is in the process of being merged into Citilink, Garuda Indonesia's low-cost subsidiary. CH-Aviation reports that Pelita will keep its brand identity, and operate separately of Citilink.

16 October 2023

LATAM Cargo's N566LA

LATAM Cargo is taking delivery of their freighter converted 767-316ERF, N566LA (c/n 40798, l/n 1011) today. Nomadic Aviation is ferrying it from QPG to BOG, via JRF, as OMD294. It will be assigned to LATAM Cargo Colombia, and based at BOG.

40798's History:
Sep 2011: Delivered to LAN Airlines as CC-BDA.
May 2016: Airline rebounded as LATAM Airlines Chile.
Apr 2020: Withdrawn from service, and stored at SCL.
Jun 2023: Ferried from MIA to QPG for freighter conversion.

15 October 2023

Lānaʻi Air's N972LA

Lānaʻi Air is taking delivery of their first C408F SkyCourier freighter, N972LA (msn 408-0019). The airline is making its first foray into the inter-island cargo market, and is the second carrier to have the SkyCourier freighter here at HNL. It arrived from CMA after midnight as N972LA.

N972LA made its initial delivery flight to parent company Western Aircraft, on 31 August, as STT972, flying from BEC to BOI, via RKS. After several weeks of test flights, it flew from BOI to VGT for the installation of the ferry tank system. This is the first of two SkyCourier freighters for Lānaʻi Air.

13 October 2023

San Diego State Aztecs Team Charter

The San Diego State Aztecs is chartering a Sun Country Airlines 737-800 for their road trip to play the Hawai‘i Rainbow Warriors on Saturday, flying as SCX8611. N801SY (c/n 30332, l/n 777, f/n 801) is flying from SAN today, and will arrive this afternoon.

The Aztecs will return to SAN following their 41-31 win over the Rainbow Warriors.

12 October 2023

Allegiant Air's RP-C3274

Allegiant Air is taking delivery of RP-C3274 (msn 5669), their latest A320-214 acquired from Cebu Pacific. It's making its delivery flight from CRK to IWA, via MNL, GUM, and HNL. This A320 will be re-registered as N188NV.

RP-C3274's History:
Jly 2013: Delivered to Cebu Pacific.
___ 2018: Painted in current livery.
Jun 2023: Withdrawn from service, and stored at CRK.

MYAirline Suspends Operations

Aviation Source News reports that Malaysia carrier, MYAirline, is suspending operations on today, due to financial issues. The airline had their latest A320-214, TF-GAD (msn 3349) delivered in early September.  It has not received its Malaysian registration since the delivery flight from lessor, Goshawk Aviation. 

The airline also has two more former Alaska Airlines A320s, N839VA (msn 4610) and N841VA (msn 4655), at TUS, that are due to be leased to MYAirline from Carlyle Aviation Partners, but that is now on hold.

Further information in this CH-Aviation.com report.

04 Dec 2023 UPDATE
Three former MYAirline A320s that are owned by Castlelake,  have been leased to AirAsia.

11 October 2023

Singapore Airlines' 9V-DHD

Singapore Airlines' fourth 777-F that will fly for DHL, in the SIA/DHL hybrid livery, is 9V-DHD (c/n 67144, l/n 1750). Like the other three previous 777-Fs, this one is leased from DHL, and operated by Singapore Airlines. It's entering service today, and making its first appearance at HNL, from LAX, as SIA7401, then onto SIN. 9V-DHD departed SIN for NGO as SIA7402, then to LAX with the same flight number.

On a related note, Singapore Airlines is adding a four-times weekly DHL cargo flights from CVG that will continue onto SYD as SIA743x.

09 October 2023


N950TR (c/n 30751, l/n 401), the 737-7GC BBJ used by motivational speaker Tony Robbins, is making a stop at HNL. This BBJ is owned by Ohio Resources LLC, and operated by Polaris Aviation Solutions.

06 October 2023


Canada's Summit Air is having their latest Avro RJ100, C-FURJ (msn E3354) ferried from ADL to YEG, via BNE, HIR, MAJ, HNL, and YVR.

E3354's History:
Jly 1999: Delivered to CityFlyer Express as G-BZAW, operated for British Airways, under lease from BAMJ.
Nov 1999: Sold to BAES, and the lease transferred.
May 2009: Withdrawn from service.
Feb 2010: Sold to Cobham Aviation, and operated by National Jet Express, as VH-NJP.
___ 2018: Tail livery modified.

02 October 2023

Hawaiian's N4621K Enters Service

Hawaiian Airlines' Amazon Prime Air-liveried A330-343F, N4621K "Momentum" (msn 1902), has entered service today, flying between its CVG base and SBD. The westbound flight is listed as HAL1616, and eastbound flight is listed as HAL1601.

Alaska Airlines Retires "More To Love" Special Livery

With Alaska Airlines withdrawing all of the Airbus A320 series aircraft from their fleet, the airline is retiring the red and blue "More To Love" special livery that noted the merger between Virgin America and Alaska Airlines. One of Alaska's 737-990ERs, N439AS (c/n 41727, l/n 5738, f/n 493), was painted in the "More To Love" special livery, along with on two A321-253Ns, N962VA (msn 8120, f/n 926) and N927VA (msn 8126, f/n 927).

This 737-990ER was ferried to GEG this morning, to be repainted in the standard Alaska Airlines livery. Both A321Ns were withdrawn from service last month, and returned to their lessors.

N493AS's final flight to the islands in the "More To Love" livery was on 24 September to HNL, as it arrived from SEA as ASA811, and departed to SFO as ASA804. The above photo was taken on 07 September, as it departed for SEA as ASA888.

01 October 2023

Air India Express To Buy 55 737-8s From Chinese Carriers

Simple Flying reports that Air India is purchasing 55 737-8s that were originally built for airlines in China. These airliners will be delivered to its Air India Express operation. These 737-8s have been in short-term storage at BFI, MWH, VCV, and SKF. Though China has cleared the 737MAX series for operations and the resumption of deliveries, there is also a trade issue between the US and China that causing the delay of deliveries. Air China, China Eastern Airlines, and some smaller airlines are opting to sell their new-builds to Air India.

On a related note, the Hainan Air Group sold off their new-build 737-8s that were sitting in short-term storage, many of them acquired by United Airlines.

28 September 2023

ConAir's C-GVFK

ConAir's C-GVFK (msn E2268, t/n 391) is making its trip from YYX to BNE for their Australian summer fire season deployment. This RJ85 is making stops at OAK, HNL, and MAJ along the way. It arrived from OAK this afternoon, and should overnight at HNL.

Pago Wings N1202P Ferries To PPG

Pacific Air Charters is ferrying Pago Wings' first Tecnam P2012 Traveler, N1202P (msn 056/US) from HNL to PPG, via KOA, today. The KOA-PPG leg is scheduled for early tomorrow morning.

25 September 2023

Virgin Australia's VH-8IC

Virgin Australia is taking delivery of VH-8IC "Kirra Beach" (c/n 66635, l/n 8747) today. This 737-8 is making its delivery flight from BFI to BNE, via KOA and NAN, as VOZ9947, and will overnight at KOA.

26 Sep 2023 UPDATE
VH-8IC is cancelling their stop at NAN, and will fly non-stop from KOA to BNE, a 10-hour flight.

21 September 2023


DVB Bank is having a white-tail A320-232, N2164E (msn 2164) ferried from SAT to CAN for freighter conversion. It will make stops at  SDM, HNL, MAJ, and GUM, and will overnight at HNL.

2164's History:
Apr 2004: Delivered to Valuair as 9V-VLB, under lease from SALE.
Jly 2007: Sold to BOC, and the lease transferred.
May 2010: Leased to Jetstar Asia Airways as 9V-VLF.
Aug 2013: Leased to Andolujet as TC-JUF.
Dec 2013: Sold to Mitsui Bussan Aerospace, and the lease transferred.
Jan 2014: Leased to Turkish Airways as TC-JUF "Íngeöl".
Jly 2018: Sold to DVB Bank, and the lease transferred.
Oct 2019: Withdrawn from service, and stored at IST.
Dec 2020: Registered as N2164E, and stored at CQM.
May 2021: Ferried to MCI for storage.
Jly 2022: Ferried to SAT for storage.

New Mexico State Aggies Team Charter

The New Mexico State Aggies chartered a Sun Country 737-800 for their road trip to HNL for Saturday's game against the Hawai‘i Rainbow Warriors. N801SY (c/n 30332, l/n 777, f/n 801) is bringing the Aggies today from ELP (via ONT) as SCX8409. This 737-8Q8 will remain for the duration of the road trip. It was repainted late last year in the current livery.

The Aggies will return to ELP, via ONT, following their last-second 20-17 loss to the Rainbow Warriors, as SCX8409.

FarCargo's N185AN

Nomadic Aviation is ferrying N185AN (c/n 32379, l/n 962) for AerSale as OMD280. This 757-223F is flying from XMN to ROW, via  GUM and JRF.  It arrived at JRF this morning from GUM, with a day-long stopover. N185AN stopped through HNL in January 2023 as it was ferried to XMN for freighter conversion.

It's due to be leased to FarCargo [Faroe Islands] as OY-RLE "Eysturoy", and is the new cargo carrier's first aircraft. It will undergo further prep at ROW, before it's delivered to FarCargo.

20 September 2023

Aloha ‘Oe Leina‘ala Drummond

Hawaii Aviation posted on X that Leina‘ala Ann Teruya Drummond, Miss Hawai‘i 1964, who was also the model for the new Hawaiian Airlines Pualani logo that was unveiled in 1973 as part of a major rebranding, passed away. Ms Drummond was also a flight attendant for the airline for a time. 

This first incarnation of the Pualani logo was used from 1973 to 2001 across Hawaiian's fleet of DC-9-15s, DC-9-30s, DC-9-50s, MD-80s, DC-8s, DC-10s, L-1011s, and DHC-7s. It was replaced with an updated version in 2001, then revised to the current incarnation in 2017.

Further information in this KITV report.

Our thoughts, prayers, and condolences go out to Ms Drummond's ‘ohana.

19 September 2023

Aircraft Aiding Maui Relief

Following the tragic firestorm that consumed the historic town of Lāhainā, Maui, that killed over 110 people, on 08 August, as well as the other wildfires on the "Valley Isle", relief supply and personnel flights by several airlines and the US Armed Forces are going on to assist those displaced.

Hawaiian Airlines, Aloha Air Cargo, Kamaka Air, and Mokulele Airlines have been flying relief supplies into OGG. Hawaiian and Southwest have been offering heavily discounted fares for those who evacuated out from OGG to HNL. American Airlines substituted larger aircraft to help carry relief supplies in available cargo space from the mainland. United Airlines added a few extra flights to deliver relief supplies, as well as to help with tourist returning to the mainland. Both Canadian carriers, Air Canada and WestJet have done the same for their customers, and brought relief supplies from Canada.

Alaska Airlines has been flying in supplies from SEA, as well as providing tourist evacuation flights between OGG and HNL. Alaska's 737-9, N938AK (c/n 43381, l/n 8281, f/n 938), seen above on the ‘Ohana by Hawaiian ramp, made three flights between HNL and OGG on 14 and 15 August.

Southwest Airlines provided one of their 737-8s, N8306H (c/n 36983, l/n 4019, f/n 8306), to fly 130 shelter dogs and cats from OGG to PDX as SWA8726 on the 17th.

Cargojet Airways' C-FGSJ (c/n 26256, l/n 484, f/n 634) flew supplies from LAX to OGG on 12 August, as CJT3250. It returned to YHM with the same flight code, via HNL. Cargojet has been flying in relief supplies from SEA [C-FCAE (c/n 24083, l/n 215, l/n 643) as CJT3251 on 12 Aug], seen above, and IAD [C-GCIJ (c/n 26263, l/n 592, l/n 638) as CJT3523 on 15 Aug]. Both C-FCCJ (c/n 25197, l/n 425, l/n 640) from BWI as CJT3256 and C-FMIJ (c/n 27135, l/n 493, f/n 636) from IND as CJT3258 arrived on the 18th. Cargojet continues with frequent relief supply flights into OGG from various locations.

Lynden Air Cargo has two of their L-100s, N409LC (msn 4695) [top] operating between HNL and OGG from the 13th, as LYC595/596; and N405LC (msn 382-5025) [above] from the 14th, operating as LYC593/594. N409LC departed for OAK on the 16th, while N405LC departed for PHX on the 18th.

Samaritan Purse's DC-8-72CF, N782SP (c/n 46013, l/n 427), made a relief supply and volunteer flight from GSO on the 15th, and flew to FAT the next day. Their new 757-225F, N783SP (c/n 22611, l/n 75), made a flight into OGG from GSO (via FAT) as NSP7 on 02 September, to bring in more relief supplies, and returned to GSO the next day.

Fleetwood Mac drummer Mick Fleetwood chartered a HiFly Malta A340-313, 9H-SOL (msn 483), that flew from IND to OGG as HFM426 on the 18th to bring in relief supplies. Fleetwood owns the Fleetwood on Front Street restaurant which was lost in the fire.

The Sands Aviation 747SP-31, VP-BLK (c/n 21961, l/n 415), made a relief supplies flight out of LAS on 19 Sep to OGG on behalf of CityServe. Fox News' Will Cain posted an Instagram Reel featuring the article he did.

According to former Hawai‘i Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard's Instagram post, Paradise Helicopters' C208B Grand Caravan, N599MB was used to fly relief supplies between OGG and JHM.

Pacific Air Charters has been using their Pago Wings P2012, N1202P, for relief flights between HNL and JHM.

On the military side, C-17As from the 204th AS, and KC-135Rs from the 203rd ARS, of the Hawai‘i Air National Guard have flown into OGG with Army Guard soldiers, other first responders, and equipment.

UH-60Ms and CH-47Es from the Hawai‘i Army National Guard have been assisting in fighting the fires once the winds subsided, as well as helicopter assets from the Army’s 25th CAB.

US Marine Corps’ KC-130Js from the VMGR-153, and MV-22As from the VMM-268 and VMM-363, all based at Marine Corps Base Hawai‘i, have been assisting with flying in personnel and relief supplies.

US Navy’s MH-60Rs from the HSL-37 assisted the USCG with search and rescue efforts.

US Coast Guard C-130Js from the 14th District, based at the Kalaeloa Airport, have been assisting in search and rescue patrols since the 8th.

Private pilots and general aviators have been using their own aircraft, bringing in supplies to both OGG and JHM, as well.

Please keep the people of Maui in your thoughts and prayers, and if you can help out, please contribute to the relief agencies helping the good folks on Maui.

This post will be continuously updated as information arrives.