30 December 2007

ATA's DC-10-30s

ATA Airlines began New Year's charter flights between HNL and KIX, as AMT6400 (KIX_HNL), using ex-NW DC-10-30s.

ATA has also substituted DC-10-30s on AMT4755/AMT4754, between HNL and LAX.

Omni Air Japan Charters

For the past few years, Omni Air International (X9/OAE) has been doing charter flights between HNL and Japan during the New Year's season, as many Japanese tourists flock to Hawai‘i to celebrate this holiday.

Omni's N720AX (c/n 48252) is seen here taxiing to Runway 26L during some Kona Wind weather back in early 2005. N720AX began its career with Lufthansa as D-ADSO, then transfered to its charter subsidiary Condor, before being acquired by Omni.

25 December 2007

Another UH Logo HA 767-300?

Unless I saw the wrong registration yesterday, it looks like the UH logo has been applied to a second HA 767, N591HA. This aircraft was parked along Elliott this morning and probably is the actual aircraft that is taking the team to New Orleans.

The flight number for the UH charter is HA1086 and blocked out a little after 5:00pm from Gate 60 in the Interisland Terminal. It is scheduled to arrive in MSY tomorrow morning at 5:10am.

HAL1086 departing for MSY on Runway 8R by BlueWave707 ... Go Warriors!

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from the HNL RareBirds team!

24 December 2007

UH Charter to the Sugar Bowl

It was announced last week that the University of Hawaii football team will flying to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans on HA instead of AQ, who flew the team to their away games during the season. Baring any difficulties, the Warriors will be flying to the Sugar Bowl tomorrow night on N590HA, "Koa`e`ula." HA has added the UH logo to N590HA in the same area as the Raiders and Seahawks logos on N592HA and N583HA. Sorry, no picture of this yet.

22 December 2007

Air China's B-5343

B-5343 (c/n 36485) is Air China's newest 737-89L, and it's on its delivery flight from BFI. It left earlier this morning for MAJ as CCA058, after arriving from BFI yesterday.

Sorry no HNL photo, but here's Rick Schlamp's photo at BFI.

Due to my busy schedule, I haven't been able to get out to HNL to get any photos of the recent delivery flights.

21 December 2007

Winter Island Visitors

Always nice to see a couple of our favorite liveries here in the warm December sunlight.

North American has been operating an "open jaw" charter; something like OAK-OGG-LAX. Seen arriving Thursday for the second time as NA4635; he didn't grab the localizer on the first try.

Westjet has added a seasonal daytime flight YVR-OGG-YVR. Seen landing Thursday as WJA922.

18 December 2007

ATA Brings In Hawai‘i Bowl Teams

Both the Boise State University Broncos (Western Athletic Confernce) and the East Carolina University Pirates (Conference USA) chartered ATA Airlines' L-1011s to bring their respective football teams to HNL for the Sheraton Hawai‘i Bowl on December 23rd at Aloha Stadium (and will be aired on ESPN at 2000EST).

Both teams arrived late yesterday ... The Broncos arrived on AMT6471 from BOI (Gowen Field, Boise, ID), and the Pirates arrived on AMT6469 from ISO (Kinston Regional Airport, Kinston, NC) with a fuel stop at OAK.

Update 12-24-07 (07:00)
The ECU Pirates beat the BSU Broncos 41-38 in the final seconds with a walk-off field goal. Both the Pirates and Broncos returned to their respective cities last night aboard their ATA L-1011 charters after the game. The Broncos returnd to BOI on AMT6472, and the Pirates returned to ISO on AMT6470.

15 December 2007

Rain and Rainbows

After a week and a half with no cable (which also meant no internet) due to the storm last week, here's some recent pictures. With all the rain we have been having recently, there have been a lot of rainbows showing up around HNL. These pictures were taken on Dec 12.

This one was taken in the morning and the rainbow is right over the AS 737-800. Apparently, one of AS's flights the previous day was cancelled, most likely the ANC flight.

This one was taken in the afternoon. The rainbow now appears over the terminals.

This last one is actually the top of the same rainbow in the second picture.

Lion Air's PK-LFL

Lion Air International's next 737-9GPER(W), PK-LFL (c/n 35714), is on its delivery flight from BFI as LNI001. It's scheduled to arrive in HNL around midday, and leave later this evening.

Rick Schlamp caught PK-LFL at BFI.

Air China's B-5329

Air China is taking delivery of B-5329 (c/n 35222), a 737-86N, today, and scheduled to arrive later this morning as CCA052.

Check out Rick Schlamp's cool rain shot of B-5329 at BFI.

10 December 2007

Go! Express in OGG airspace

Taking a page from the business plan of Pacific Wings, Mesa is now operating Cessna Caravans out of OGG. Saw one landing for the first time today. Sorry no picture; but you have probably already seen these at HNL.

09 December 2007

Lion Air's PK-LFP

Lion Air International is taking delivery of its next 737-9GPER, PK-LFP (c/n 35717). It's scheduled to arrive this evening from BFI for a fuel stop, before continuing onto MAJ then to BIK (Biak Airport, Indonesia).

Here's a link to Rick Schlamp's BFI photo.

07 December 2007

Interisland HA 763's cont'd

Today, we once again noticed HA operating an interisland 763. Flight 1226  from HNL to OGG and they turned it around as HA 1225. Doesn't seem to be an equipment repositioning maneuver. I called Hawaiian reservations, and they were selling seats on these. "Lot's of seats available." 

05 December 2007

JAL Express' JA307J

JAL Express, a subsidiary of Japan Airlines, is taking delivery of its first 737-846(W), JA307J (c/n 35336) it will stop at HNL as JAL7901.

Here's Rick Schlamp's BFI photo.

Shandong Airlines' B-5348

Shandong Airlines' next 737-85N(W), B-5348 (c/n 36191), will be stopping over at HNL on its delivery flight from BFI as CDG5348.

04 December 2007

China Southern's B-5251

China Southern Airlines is taking delivery of their next 737-71B, B-5251 (c/n 35384). It arrived today from BFI, and will leave tomorrow morning for MAJ and SPN.

Sorry, no HNL photo available, but here's Rick Schlamp's BFI photo.

01 December 2007

Huskies Charter ATA's N702TZ

The University of Washington Huskies chartered ATA Airlines' N702TZ, an ex-Northwest Airlines DC-10-30 (msn 46912) to bring their football team, cheerleaders and band to HNL, as the Huskies football team faced off against the University of Hawai‘i Warriors. The flight arrived from SEA as AMT6317.

N702TZ still wears the old NW "bowling shoe" colors with small ATA titles in the forward section. It was originally delivered to Korean Airlines as HL7316. It was taken up by Northwest in the late '90s, and registered N234NW.

The Warriors battled back to beat the Huskies 35-28, to complete a perfect 12-0 regular season, and await a BCS bowl bid.

Mahalo Aeros for the photo!

Update 12-03-07 (21:30): The Huskies returned to SEA on Monday 12-03 on the same DC-10 listed as AMT6318.

30 November 2007

Xiamen Airlines' B-5307

Xiamen Airlines is taking delivery of B-5307 (c/n 35053), a 737-85C(W). It arrived this morning from BFI, and will continue onto MAJ and SPN tomorrow.

29 November 2007

Hawai‘i Air National Guard Eagles Grounded

As part of a nationwide stand-down of the USAF F-15A/D fleet, the 199th FS has its F-15s grounded for maintenance reasons. F-16s from the Minnesota Air National Guard's 179th FS "Bulldogs" / 148th FW are filling in for the 199th FS. Here's The Honolulu Advertiser article link.

In the photo above, a 199th FS F-15B, 74-0140, rolls out after landing from a sortie on Runway 4R.

Here's a photo link to the 179th FS "Bulldogs" / 148th FW F-16s filling in.

Okay Airways B-5366

Okay Airways' newest 737-8GQ(W), B-5366 (c/n 35793), made its stop at HNL on its delivery flight, OKA366. B-5366 is Okay's first new-build 737-800. In March 2006, Okay leased B-2865 from AWAS, among other used 737-800s.

Sorry, no HNL photo, but here's Rick Schlamp's BFI photo.

This also happens to be our 100th 737-800 related post ...

Hawaiian To Acquire Airbus Jets

Hawaiian Airlines announced yesterday that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to purchase six Airbus A330-200s and six A350XWB-800s, with options to purchase six more of both types. Here's the The Honolulu Advertiser article link.

22 November 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

The HNL RareBirds team wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! We are truly thankful for all of the RareBirds events that happened in 2007.

20 November 2007

Air China's B-5342

Air China's newest 737-89L(W), B-5342 (c/n 36484) is scheduled to arrive later this morning from BFI on its delivery flight to China, as CCA058.

Sorry, no HNL photo available ...

By the way, this is the 400th post on the HNL RareBirds blog

14 November 2007

Ex-TW 757 in new DL colors

To round out a busy day, DL has started to use their ex-TW 757s to fly their early LAX flight, DL1579/1566. The schedule is showing that the 757s started on Nov 7 until Nov 15 on Wednesday and Thursday. It will then return on Dec 5, again on Wednesdays and Thursdays only.

Pictured above is N706TW (c/n 28165), a 757-2Q8, that was originally delivered to TWA, and then onto American Airlines, after TW was merged into AA. Once acquired by Delta, it received the Aviation Partners Boeing Blended Winglets® and DL's new colors.

French Air Force C-160

Another French Air Force C-160 was in HNL today. This time it was 61-MC and was parked right next to the Hainan 737.

Hainan 737-800

Hainan's next 737-84P parked on the North Ramp today instead of the South Ramp. Here's B-5337 (c/n 35747) after its arrival in HNL.

More "Makali‘i" Photos

Aloha Airlines had their leased 737-8K2(W), PH-HZO (c/n 34169), blessed today, is named "Makali‘i". As Ha763 reported, traces of the Transavia livery can be between the leading edge of the tail, and the decal of the bird of paradise tail logo.

This photo shows the greens and blues ot the Transavia interior seem to match the tropical feel of Hawai‘i, and being this bird is only seven months old, it had the new aircraft smell.

The flight deck of PH-HZO after the blessing ... the maile lei was from the blessing earlier, where it was untied at the bottom of the stairs. The fragrant leaves will sit atop the instrument panel, or somewhere in the flight deck for its first flight.

Island Air's N806WP

Island Air's N806WP (msn 357), a Dash8-102A, has received its 2006 "Island Style" color scheme after a heavy maintenance check.

Shandong Airlines' B-5347

Shandong Airlines newest 737-85N(W), B-5347 (c/n 36190), is on its way to China via HNL (seen here) from BFI as CDG5347, and leaves tomorrow for MAJ.

12 November 2007

Photo of PH-HZO

Here's a photo of the 737-8K2 AQ is leasing from Transavia. No blue belly or engines and no bird of paradise on the winglets. Apparently, the tail logo is a decal . If you look closely at the leading edge of the vertical stablizer, they didn't put the AQ livery all the way to the edge and you can see the same blue and green hues as the ones in the front of the aircraft. Check the link below to see what this aircraft looked in full Transavia colors.

11 November 2007

Veteran's Day

Saluting the men and women who served (and continue to serve) our country, especially those in harm's way, as well as those (and their families) who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

If you know a veteran ... please tell them "thank you for serving our country". When you see someone in uniform, tell them the same as well, especially those who are about to be deployed, or returning from combat. Past or present veterans need to be recognized for their service to our country.

I took this photo at the "Blues On The Bay '07" airshow. The US Marines and US Navy SEALS were demonstrating extracting troops under fire with these Marines rappelling out of this CH-53D Sea Stallion helicopter from the HMH-463 "Pegasus". To end the demonstration, several gasoline bombs were set-off to simulate an air strike.

Aloha's 737-800

Aloha seems to be leasing a 738 from Transavia. Registration number PH-HZO was delivered to Transavia only 7 months ago. According to wikipedia, Aloha will be using this aircraft on the Kahului to Sacramento routes for six months. The livery includes the Transavia stripes in front, Aloha titles and the Bird of Paradise tail. Sorry no pic, anyone else got one?

08 November 2007

2nd AC A340-500

The second Air Canada A340-500 arrived today from SIN as AC7060. It then headed to GRU as AC7061.

No picture, but I did get to see it take off. It had a plain white fuselage with a blue tail.

01 November 2007

Varig Logistics DC-10-30F

Varig Logistics has aquired a new DC-10-30 Freighter. Currently registered N811SL, it will eventually change to PR-LGO. This aircraft, msn 46921, originally was delivered to British Caledonian in 1977 as G-BEBM. After British Caledonian merged with British Airways, it then flew in BA colors. The aircraft was then converted into a freighter after being sold to Gemini Air Cargo (N608GC) and then last saw service with DAS Air (5X-BON) before being stored in December 2006. This aircraft flew CGK to GUM, then to HNL where it is today.

30 October 2007

Hainan Airlines' B-5358

Hainan Airlines is taking delivery of B-5358, it's newest 737-800(W). It's seen here shortly after arriving from BFI.

More info to follow ...

28 October 2007

Xiamen Airlines' B-5306

Xiamen Airlines is taking delivery of B-5306, a 737-800W, that is flying as CXA5306.

Sorry, no HNL photo available ...

27 October 2007

Miami Air BSK660

Miami Air international has leased a 757-236, N526NA (c/n 24794), from Ryan International Airlines, though there are no Miami Air titles. It arrived from ELP (El Paso, TX) as BSK660.

This 757 was chartered by New Mexico State University to bring their Aggies football team, to square off today against the University of Hawai‘i Warriors at Aloha Stadium; the Aggies marching band; and the Lady Aggies volleyball team, who faced off against the 11th-ranked UH Rainbow Wahine Friday evening. The Rainbow Wahine swept the Lady Aggies, 30-26, 30-28, and 30-22 at the Stan Sherriff Center.

It was delivered to Iberia as EC-HDG, Air Europa as EC-FEF and G-BRJH, National Airlines (2nd) as N526NA. It went to Ryan International after National ceased operations.

Update (10-28-07): The charter left HNL Sunday morning at 0132HST, returning to ELP as BSK662. Last night, the Warriors smashed the Aggies 50-13, on the Warriors' homecoming night.

Photo to be posted later ...

25 October 2007

Ex-Air Canada A340-500

One of two Air ex-Canada A340-541s made a stop late last night around 2230. It was supposed to go to the hard stands, but ended up at Gate 28 instead. AC operated this flight as ACA7060 with aircraft C-GKOL (msn 445). The flight originated from Singapore where heavy mx was done. I have no clue as to where its headed, except that I heard that this aircraft might be heading for a new life with Air Comet in Spain. This A345 was suppose to stop by a couple of days ago with a TAM crew. From what I heard, TAM decided not to go through with their purchase of AC's former bird. When I got to do a walk around, I could not help but to be amazed at how clean it was. Sorry no pic, didn't have my camera handy at that time, and if I did, it probably wouldn't have been up to the task of taking pictures at night anyway.

More information about the AC A340-500. It left HNL around 04:20, destined for Sao Paulo, Brazil (GRU).

22 October 2007

Japan Airlines' JA306J

Japan Airlines' sixth 737-846(W), JA306J (c/n 35334), is being delivered through HNL as JAL7901. It will continue onto MAJ tomorrow.

Edit by ha763:
Sorry for the delay, but here is a picture of JA306J. Just forgot to upload the picture.

China Eastern's B-5243

China Eastern's next 737-79P(W), B-5243 (c/n 36270), has made its HNL stop from BFI on its delivery flight, and will leave tomorrow for MAJ as CES299.

Sorry, no HNL photo available ...

21 October 2007

Air China's B-5341

Air China is receiveing their first 737-89L already fitted with Aviation Partners Boeing Blended Winglets®. B-5341 (c/n 36483) is the first -800 (of 20+ on order) to receive the performance enhancing winglets. It arrived here as CCA056 instead of the normal CCA058 delivery flight number.

B-5341 is seen here as Air China crews do the pre-flight walk around, and taking photos in front of it. Their next leg is MAJ.

15 October 2007


VP-BAP (c/n 19260), a Boeing 727-21, made a tech stop at HNL after arriving from YVR via PAE (Paine Field, Snohomish County, WA) and VNY (Van Nuys, CA). It has since left HNL for NAN.

This aircraft has also been registered as N727GP, N727LA, and originally delivered to Pan Am as N385PA, "Jet Clipper David Crockett".

VP-BAP was a previous registration for an Aeroflot 737-4M0 (c/n 29208).

13 October 2007

US Navy's Blue Angels

The US Navy's Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels, performed yesterday at Marine Corps Base Hawai‘i at Kane‘ohe Bay (NGF), as part of the two-day "Blues On The Bay" airshow. The six Boeing F/A-18C "Hornets" wowwed the thousands that attended the Saturday show, reaching speeds nearing 600mph!

The airshow also featured aerobatic performances by pilots in single-engined aircraft, an aerobatic helicopter, sky divers, a Hawai‘i Air National Guard C-17A demonstration, a US Marines "rescue mission", and a US Coast Guard "rescue".

Static displays included: Kamaka Air's Super DC-3 and Beech 18, an Aloha 737-200C, general aviation aircraft, a C-130, a C-5B, a C-17A, a KC-135R, and a P-3C.

In today's photo, the Blue Angel 1 leads the six-ship delta formation to roll-out before landing. The Blue Angels will perform later this afternoon on day two of "Blues On The Bay".


Parked on the North Ramp this Saturday morning was this U.K. RAF KC1, ZD948. Where it came from or going is currently unknown. This converted L-1011-385-3 Tristar originally was used by British Airways as G-BFCA and sold to the RAF in 1983.
The RAF has 9 Tristars (6 ex-BA, 3 ex-PA) in service. The ex-BA ones were converted to be tankers/transport aircraft with the designation of K1 or KC1. The difference being that the KC1s have been modified with the main deck cargo door. The RAF uses the hose-and-drouge method for air-to-air refuelling and you can see the housing for the system under the tail.

12 October 2007

Alaska Airlines 1st Flight To HNL

Alaska Airlines inaugurated service to HNL from SEA today as ASA851. N559AS, a 737-890 with winglets, landed around 11:30 and blocked into Gate 23 at 11:36. And yes, this aircraft does have Chester wearing his half-lei on the tail. The photos below were taken by ha763.

Here's N559AS turning into Gate 23. (Sorry for the poor photo. I was waiting between Gate 19 and 20 for a much better shot, but my battery decided to die just as they taxied by.)

Here's a close up of Chester and his half-lei on the tail of N559AS.

Air Nippon's JA15AN

Air Nippon's latest 737-781(W), JA15AN (c/n 33888) takes a break at HNL after arriving from BFI as ANK9984.

China Southern's B-5340

China Southern's B-5340 (c/n 35381), a 737-81B, arrived at HNL as CSN340 on its delivery flight from BFI.

Hong Kong Express' B-KXH

Hong Kong Express Airways' B-KXH (c/n 34971), a 737-808(W), was in town on its delivery flight.

Sorry, no HNL photo available ... camera malfunction.

08 October 2007

ANZ 747-400

On Sunday, October 7, Air New Zeland flew a charter to KOA for the Amway convention being held in Kona. The aircraft then flew to HNL to RON. Here's ZK-NBV parked on the North Ramp today, October 8.
Correction on the status of ZK-NBV. It was still parked on the North Ramp on October 9. Looks like it may be here until the convention is over to fly the charter back to New Zealand.

30 September 2007

Delta's 767-300s

I was under the impression that the Delta Air Lines 767-300 fleet were all painted in the 2000 colors. I was mistaken. Just as I got toward the Gen Av parking lot, I saw a 1997 colors DL 763 depart from 8R. This is the HNL-LAX flight, that was mentioned a few months back.

27 September 2007


A Boeing 727-223F registered as N315NE (c/n 20190) is scheduled to stop at HNL from OAK. It's destined for somewhere in Asia. The flight originated in OPF (Opa Locka, FL) with a stop at TUL (Tulsa, OK), before going to OAK (where it's been for the past few days). It's scheduled for a brief fuel stop here, before continuing on to MAJ later in the day. The flight is then scheduled to go onto BIK/WABB (Frans Kaisiepo Airport, Baik, Indonesia) from MAJ.

20190 began its life with American Airlines as N6837 from 1969 to 1993, then went to Express One International & Emery Worldwide, where it was converted to a freighter and re-registered as N315NE from 1993 to 2003.

Sorry ... no HNL photo available.

23 September 2007

US Navy's 165835

The US Navy is replacing their aging C-9 fleet with newer Boeing C-40As (or 737-7AFC). BuNo 165835 (c/n 33826) is seen here departing HNL's Reef Runway, devoid of any markings.

22 September 2007

Shanghai Airlines' B-5353

Shanghai Airlines is taking delivery of its next ILFC-leased 737-8Q8(W), B-5353 (c/n 30728), which is flying as CSH353. It will leave tomorrow for MAJ.

I finally got a shot of Shanghai's new colors!

18 September 2007


A 727-277F registered as N982JM (c/n 21695) stopped at HNL from APW (Faleolo International Airport, Apia, Western Samoa) on its way to MHV (Mojave, CA). It was previously with Australian Air Express - JetEx (VH-VLF) and Ansett (VH-RMN). It's now owned by JM 21695 LLC in Kansas City, KS.

N982JM arrived yesterday afternoon, and departed early this morning to be stored in the California desert. Sory, no HNL photo available.

14 September 2007

Here is The Thunderbirds doing a pass over the Arizona

13 September 2007

US Air Force Thunderbirds

The US Air Force's Air Demonstration Squadron, the Thunderbirds, performed twice over Waikiki today, as part of Air Force Week, and the 60th Anniversary of the US Air Force. These Lockheed-Martin F-16C Fighting Falcons roared over metro Honolulu and Waikiki at speeds reaching 500mph at altitudes about 500 feet!

Air traffic in and out of HNL was halted while the Thunderbirds performed their survey flight this morning, and its performance this afternoon.

In today's photo, the Thunderbirds make a pass in their six-ship delta formation over Waikiki as they began survey flights in this morning. The two solo pilots, Thunderbirds 5 and 6, break away from the delta. They performed later in the afternoon, and included a pass over the USS Missouri and the USS Arizona Memorial at Naval Station Pearl Harbor.

The Thunderbirds are also performing on Saturday with show center fronting Fort DeRussy in Waikiki.

12 September 2007

China Southern's B-5339

China Southern Airlines' newest 737-81B, B-5339 (c/n 35380) is seen here taxiing to Runway 8R for departure to MAJ on its next leg of its delivery flight.

09 September 2007

Hawaiian interisland 767 flight

Saw a Hawaiian 763 depart from OGG this afternoon at 1554 HST enroute to HNL. According to FlightAware, it had an unusual 4 digit flight number .... HA1245. FlightAware also listed several other dates this flight has operated. Different day of the week each time.  The HA online schedule does not show this flight.

Hainan 73NG at OGG

Saw a Hainan twinjet preparing to depart OGG this morning. It looked just like the 738 photographed by Blue Wave 707 in his 04 August posting. Sorry, no reg # or picture.

08 September 2007

Northwest Airlines To Retire 747-200s

Northwest Airlines will be retiring the remainder of their passenger 747-200Bs with a final flight on Wednesday, September 12, 2007. The flight, according to an Airliners.net forum thread will route from NRT (Narita International, Tokyo, Japan) to SEA as NWA008, and SEA to MSP as NWA170. Northwest will retain two -200Bs to be used for civilian and military charters.

The -200B series was relegated to back up status over the past few years, as NW mainly used the 747-400 and DC-10-30 for their HNL-Japan service. The DC-10-30s were retired at the beginning of this year, and replaced with the Airbus A330-300.

The 747-251B NW will be using, is N624US (c/n 21706), built and delivered to NW in 1979. "6624" (NW's fleet number) is seen above reversing thrust on HNL's Runway 4R as it arrives from KIX as NWA016, back in 2005.

Arrival and departure of Air Force One

After the APEC meeting in Australia, President Bush has stopped over in Hawaii for a very short stay. Air Force One arrived around 11:00 and headed to HIK. The President only stayed for less than 4 hours before taking off a little before 15:00.

As someone who works at the airport, it is always interesting to see everything rush around to get as much done before security stops all airport activity. Then see everything stop and everyone just waiting and watching for Air Force One. Then finally seeing everyone get back to work.

Air China's B-5327

Air China is taking delivery of another 737-86N, B-5327 (c/n 35219) which is leased from GECAS. It's scheduled to depart for MAJ this morning.

Sorry, no HNL photo available.

07 September 2007

Another AS ETOPS test flight

Alaska has done another ETOPS test flight today again as AS9531. According to information from airliners.net, it as scheduled to leave around 16:00 as AS9532. This time it was parked on the North Ramp. Sorry, no picture this time

Picture of N250TR back in service for AQ

And here's a picture of the ex-Hooters 737-200 back in revenue service for AQ. This picture was taken on Sept. 5th, the first day N250TR went back into service. Unlike last year, there is no 'Aloha' titles on the fuselage.

Just as a refresher, here's what N250TR looked like last year with the 'Aloha' titles. This picture was posted here last June by Bluewave707.

06 September 2007

AA 767-300ER operating morning flight to LAX

AA has put the 767-300ER back on the morning flight to LAX, AA270. A look at their latest timetable shows that this wasn't supposed to happen until Nov 4. However, checking through the booking engine shows that AA270 is going to be a 767-300 for the rest of the year.

Alaska ETOPS Test Flight

Yesterday, Sept. 5, AS flew a 737-800 (N577AS) on an ETOPS proving flight to HNL as AS9351. The intended flight was SEA-HNL, but as part of the test, they diverted to OGG. The flight then flew OGG-HNL. This morning, N577AS, was parked at Gate 22 preparing to return to SEA as AS9352.

And here it is parked at Gate 22 getting ready to depart.

01 September 2007

Xiamen Airlines' B-5305

Xiamen Airlines is taking delivery of another 737-85C(W), B-5305 (c/n 35051). Flying as CXA5305, it's seen here awaiting clearance to push back onto Taxiway C, for its departure to MAJ via Runway 8R.