31 July 2006

PP-XMB Previewed For Aloha

Representatives from Embraer, General Electric, and Honeywell demonstrated this Embraer 190 (ERJ-190), PP-XMB (msn 190002), for the staff and management of Aloha Airlines with 2 preview flights (1 to OGG, and 1 to LIH) today. The sleek new airliner looked quite impressive as it sat in the AQ hangar, and when it was pushed outside, the jet gleamed under the Hawaiian sun.

This ERJ-190 was on display at this year's Farnborough Air Show in the UK, and on a "world tour". PP-XMB and its crew are heading back to Brazil, and making stops along the way for prospective airlines to check out this state-of-the-art jet.

I had the opportunity to tour the interior, and found it quite spacious. The coach seats are 2 abreast, and look a bit wider than normal. They were decked out with AQ bird-of-paradise headrest covers. Each seat on PP-XMB had a personal LCD screen for its IFE. The ERJ-190 series is only 20cm narrower than a 732, but still felt spacious.

The flight deck is all glass with 4 large displays, with the latest Honeywell avionics.

PP-XMB returns from its run to OGG on Rwy 4R. There was hardly a roar normally associated with thrust reversers. When the 2nd preview flight took off, the 2 GE CF34-10E engines were quieter than the RR/BMW BR710 (& BR715) engines. This has to be one of the quietest airliners around.

The ERJ-190, and more so the ERJ-195, are heavy contenders for AQ's replacements of their 732 fleet. It's not a done deal, but it's the beginning of a process to evaluate potential 732 replacements, which will take over a year. It would definitely be cool to see the bird-of-paradise on the tail of one of these E190 series birds. This is what I consider a Regional Jet! And the ERJ-190 series gets my vote!

Again, a big Mahalo to the folks @ Aloha for allowing me to attend this event!.

29 July 2006

Air China's B-5173

Air China receives B-5173 (c/n 30705), their 3rd 737-800 (an -8Q8 model leased from ILFC) delivery this month. It's also their 4th overall 737NG delivery this month.

Sorry, got the fuel truck in the shot ... the flight left a bit after 12noon, a few hours past the normal 0900 departure time for MAJ.

N30652 Lost

N30652, a Cessna 177 "Cardinal" of Anderson Aviation, was reported missing off the coast of Moloka‘i Thursday night, with an instructor and pilot on board. The flight was bound for HNM (Hana, Mau‘i) from HNL. Our prayers and condolences go out to the loved ones and the families of the 2 pilots lost on this plane.

The photo above was taken in August 2005, as it was preparing for a flight.

The Honolulu Advertiser article.

More Jungle Jet-190 pics

Aloha Airlines is looking at the E-190 as a possible replacement for the aging 737-200. On Monday July 31st, expect to see this aircraft doing some takeoffs and landings in Honolulu and around our islands as Aloha kicks the tires.

Embraer a.k.a "Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica S.A." is one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world. They have stopped over to visit Aloha Airlines in Hawaii on their way back from the Farnborough Air Show in England. You can learn more about the E-jets here.

I would like to get some pictures of this rare bird out in the sunlight. These hangar pics will have to do for now!

While I haven't had the chance to go inside this aircraft, according to Embraer's website it appears to be a real mainline aircraft. Seeing it up close, it is no smaller than the Boeing 737-200. If we ever do see these state of the art birds flying under some airline's colors in Hawaii I would much rather prefer to see Aloha's birds of paradise on the tails rather than Mesa's go!

Currently Aloha's 737's are configured in one class with 127 seats. The E-195 can be configured with 118 seats which is 9 less seats than the Boeing.

Embraer E190 at AQ Hangar

PP-XMB, an Embraer E-190, is currently in the AQ maintenance hanger. Could this possibly mean that AQ is close to choosing a replacement for the 737-200s?

26 July 2006

Hau‘oli La Hanau Aloha Airlines!

Aloha Airlines (AQ) celebrated its 60th birthday today with a fashion show of Aloha Flight Attendants modeling FA uniforms from 1946 (as Trans-Pacific Airlines) to the present 2005 version in the Makai Pier of the Inter-Island Terminal. It also featured N823AL, a.k.a. the "Funbird".

The Aloha flight attendants models pose in the uniforms of past and present for a group shot with N823AL in the background.

Flight Attendants Jodi (left, in the 1969-era uniform) and Bernie (right, in the 1976-era uniform) pose in the intake of the Funbird's starboard JT8D engine.

Flight Attendants Chrissy (left) and Kaipo (right) model their 1973-era uniforms atop the starboard wing of the Funbird.

The Funbird poses at Gate 54 for the 60th birthday celebration.

A big Mahalo to the folks @ Aloha Airlines for allowing me to be a part of their celebration!

China Eastern's B-5225

Another China Eastern Airlines 737-79P(W), B-5225 (c/n 33045), arrived @ HNL on its delivery flight from BFI today as CES299. Most of the crew has already boarded the tour bus that will take them to Waikiki for the night.

This is also the 100th post of the HNL RareBirds Blog!

Air China's B-5170

Air China's newest 737-808, B-5170 (c/n 34708), departed HNL for MAJ after an overnighter on its delivery flight. Listed as CCA059, B-5170 arrived from BFI yesterday. This bird is on lease from Icelandair.

22 July 2006

Miami Air's N738MA

Miami AIr International's N738MA, a 737-8Q8W (c/n 32799, "Diane") makes an appearance @ HNL. It must have recently had its Blended Winglets installed, since the other photos of it don't.

"Diane" arrived last night, and seen here this morning on the south ramp. Sorry, I forgot to log the flight info on this one, though I do know it came in from OAK.

21 July 2006

ANA 737-700, JA06AN

JA06AN is ANA's newest 737-700 being delivered through HNL. Not sure of when it came in or when it will leave, but it did have the APU running when I got this photo.

19 July 2006

Air China's B-5228

Completing today's All-China Delivery Flight Hat Trick is Air China's newest 737-79L(W), B-5228 (c/n 34542), which arrived here from BFI as CCA058.

Too bad this one came in after the previous two departed. It would have been cool to have all three 737s parked next to each other on the south ramp. It would have looked like a mini Boeing delivery ramp.

China Southern's B-5155

China Southern's 737-8K5(W), B-5155 (c/n 30783), prepares to leave HNL for MAJ this morning as CSN126 for leg #2 across the Pacific. This 73H was previously with Hapag Lloyd in the TUI Group colors, and in the original HL colors. It wore the German registration D-AHLH.

This bird arrived from SAT (San Antonio, TX) via LAX yesterday, and is one of few CZ 738s with Blended Winglets.

China Eastern's B-5223

China Eastern Airlines' newest 737-79P(W), B-5223 (c/n 33044), begins its taxi on T/W C to Rwy 8R to depart for MAJ as CES299 on its second leg across the Pacifc.

16 July 2006

2 ex-US 737-3B7s

Two former US Airways 737-3B7s, N394US (c/n 23316) and N397US (c/n 23319), passed through HNL from OAK. Both jets left TUS to OAK for the trip here, then left after re-fueling for MAJ. I guess the forsook the normal overnight stop here, and left about 90 minutes after arriving here.

Sorry, I was unable to get any photos.

12 July 2006

Air China's B-5172

An Air China 737-8Q8, B-5172, arrived @ HNL today from BFI as CCA058. It's one of two leased from ILFC. It will continue on tomorrow to MAJ.

11 July 2006

China Southern's B-5166

China Southern Airlines has taken delivery of its newest 737-800, B-5166. It arrived @ HNL this morning from BFI as CSN166, and will depart for MAJ in the morning.

10 July 2006

Samurai Blue Part 2

JA8920 made another visit today to HNL, again from KIX. It actually was delayed 3 hours and arrived at 1350, but had to taxi around due to JO83 still being at the gate on arrival. JA8920 is scheduled to return again tomorrow from KIX.

09 July 2006

Antonov Airlines' UR-82027

An Antonov Airlines (Antonov Design Bureau dba) An-124-100 "Ruslan" arrived from POM (Port Moresby International Airport, Papua New Guinea) today as ADB142F (which was also their callsign). UR-82027 (msn 19530502288/208) landed on Rwy 4R, exited at T/W K, but had to taxi around Rwys 4 and 8L to get to the UPS ramp. It's seen here taxiing on T/W C following a guide vehicle.

This was tech stop for the An-124 , it left HNL for NUQ (Moffett Federal Airfield [fka Naval Air Station Moffett Field], Mountain View, CA) around 1600L.

On 2 flight tracking sites, they had ADB142F listed to arrive after 23:00L. I was about to leave this location, when I heard the Russian-accented pilot call HNL ATC for clearance to land on Rwy 4R. I had a front row seat to watch this Russian behemoth land on 4R, and make its way to the UPS ramp. For a big jet, it's pretty quiet.

08 July 2006

Samurai Blue 2006

JAL's special World Cup livery, Samurai Blue 2006, on JA8920 made an appearance at HNL today. Came in from KIX and turned around back to KIX. Sorry, wasn't able to get out in time to get a picture.

05 July 2006

Aloha's N834AL

N834AL "Pa‘iea" (a 737-210C c/n 20917), is Aloha Airlines newest freighter. Before coming over to Aloha, it flew with Estafeta Air Cargo (Mexico) as XA-ABX, and TACA Internacional (El Salvador) as N4905N.

04 July 2006

Happy Independence Day!

Wishing my fellow HNL Spotters, and fellow Americans a Happy Fourth of July! Please keep those who are defending our freedoms in prayer. Photo taken at the Aloha Tower fireworks show, 03 Jly 06.

02 July 2006

Aloha's N252TR

The 2nd ex-Hooters Air 737-228, (c/n 23001) for Aloha Airlines arrived yesterday from INT via OAK. "The Boni Belle" is seen here taxiing to its hardstand after the flight from OAK.

This aircraft began its service life with Air France as F-GBYB, then moved on to Pace Airlines (Hooters Air parent company).

ex-America West N173AW

An ex-America West Airlines 737-33A, N173AW (c/n 23632) stopped off @ HNL on its way across the Pacific.

ex-Delta N380DL

An ex-Delta Airlines 737-247A, N380DL (c/n 23607), stopped off at HNL. It's flight here was delayed from SMX (Santa Maria, CA), as the 732 went to SNS (Salinas, CA) before making its trip across the Pacific. It's scheduled to depart for MAJ this morning. It last wore the current Delta livery.

Sorry, no photo available.