29 April 2024

Hainan Airlines' B-225J

Hainan Airlines is taking delivery of its first 737-8 since the grounding, and the pandemic. B-225J (c/n 64709, l/n 7858) is making its delivery flight from BFI to HAK, via HNL and GUM, as CHH225J. This 737-8 was originally ordered by Fuzhou Airlines, a subsidiary of Hainan Airlines, and part of the Hainan Air Group. It was recently re-allocated back to Hainan Airlines, and the Fuzhou logo on the tail and titles were painted over, the rest of the Fuzhou livery remains, and the Hainan titles added.

This is also only the second Hainan Air Group (HNA) delivery to take place, as the Lucky Air 737-8 delivery a few weeks ago was the first for the group. Six of the 11 of the new-builds for HNA that were in storage after the grounding and pandemic, were re-marketed by Boeing to United Airlines; another two were re-marketed to GOL. Currently, HNA has one other 737-8s to be delivered, to Fuzhou Airlines, sitting in storage at Moses Lake.

28 April 2024

N780HA Name Revealed

At its blessing today, Hawaiian Airlines' N780HA (c/n 66428, l/n 1097, f/n 780) name was revealed. The Hawaiian name given, is "Kālepa", for the star Muphrid in the constellation Boötes, in the northern skies.

28 Apr 2024 UPDATE
N780HA was also put into service today on the HNL-SFO [HAL12] route.

24 April 2024

Qantas Airways' VH-ZND

Qantas Airways' special-liveried 787-9, VH-ZND "Emily Kane Kngwarreye" (c/n 63390, l/n 669), is flying the QFA103/104 route between SYD and HNL today. This DreamLiner is painted in the "Yam Dreaming" livery.

Coulson Aviation's N132CG

Another Coulson Aviation C-130 Hercules water bomber, N132CG (msn 382-4338), is making its way back to TRM from XRH. Flying as CUL132, this C-130H arriving at JRF from PPG.

382-4338's History:
Jun 1969: Delivered to the Royal Norwegian Air Force as 956/BW-E "Ty", assigned to 335 Skv. It was given the USAF registration of 68-10956 prior to delivery to the RNoAF.
Late 1990s: Painted in an all-grey livery.
Dec 2008: Retired by the RNoAF, and ferried to AMARC for storage.
Feb 2020: Acquired by Coulson Aviation, converted to a water bomber, and registered as N132CG.

23 April 2024

Shandong Airlines' B-223U

Shandong Airlines is taking delivery of B-223U (c/n 61459, l/n 8177) today. This 737-8 is making its flight from BFI to TNA, via HNL and GUM, as CDG9005. It's stopover at HNL will be an overnighter.

19 April 2024

QantasLink's VH-8NQ

Network Aviation is taking delivery of their second of three second-hand A319-132s with VH-8NQ "Kings Park" (msn 2473). It's being ferried by Southern Cross International as SXI2423 from LCQ to PER, via OAK, HNL, APW, and CNS. This A319 is leased Gryphon Aviation Leasing, and will be operated for QantasLink. VH-8NQ departed LCQ for OAK yesterday, with an overnight stop, and will overnight here as well.

2473's History
May 2005: Delivered to Spirit Airlines as N504NK "Spirit of the Bahamas" (f/n 504), under lease from ILFC.
Nov 2007: Painted in the 2007 livery, and the name removed.
May 2014: Sold to AerCap, the lease transferred, and painted in the 2014 livery.
May 2018: Purchased by Spirit Airlines.
Jan 2020: Given the fleet number 1504.
Feb 2023: Withdrawn from service, and stored at P08 [Coolidge Muni Airport, Coolidge, AZ]
Apr 2023: Acquired by Gryphon Aviation Leasing, ferried to GSO for storage.
Aug 2023: Ferried to MCN for cabin prep and repaint for QantasLink, then returned to P08 for storage.
Dec 2023: Ferried to LCQ.
Mar 2024: Ferried to VLD [Valdosta Regional Airport, Valdosta, GA]

16 April 2024

N2122P's Emergency Landing

N2122P (msn P1001057), a Piper Sport owned by Belle Pacific Air (Hale‘iwa, HI), made an emergency landing in Kapi‘olani Park this afternoon. Both aboard did not sustain any injuries. The Piper Sport departed HNL at 14:20L this afternoon, and made its emergency landing after losing power at 14:52L.

Further information in this Hawai‘i News Now report, and flight history from FlightAware.

Air China's B-224T

Air China is taking delivery of B-224T (c/n 60936, l/n 8190) today. This 737-8 is making its delivery flight from BFI to PEK, via HNL and GUM, as CCA84. It will overnight at HNL tonight.

15 April 2024


N138CG (c/n 27928, l/n 2942), the 737-3H4 water bomber owned by the NSW Rural Fire Service, and operated by Coulson Aviation, is making an overnight stop at JRF from PPG, as it heads to Coulson's base at TRM. It spent the past week at PPG, after leaving XRH.

27928's History:
Jly 1995: Delivered to Southwest Airlines as N608SW (f/n 608).
Jan 2004: Painted in the Canyon Blue livery.
May 2017: Acquired by Coulson Aviation.
Mar 2018: Converted to a water bomber, and registered as N138CG (f/n 138).
Jly 2019: Sold to Delaware Trust Co, as a trustee for the NSW Rural Fire Service, named "Marie Bashir", and operated by Coulson Aviation.

Hawaiian Airlines Launches 787 Service

Hawaiian Airlines commenced 787-9 service today, with N781HA "Kapuahi", making the flight to SFO as HAL12. A pre-boarding event at Gate A4 was held that included Hawaiian music, hula dancers, and a Hawaiian blessing. Guests were given an orchid lei before walking into the Jetway.

N781HA will overnight at SFO, then return to HNL as HAL11. The guests aboard that flight will also get to witness a similar pre-boarding event at the gate.

Our highlight video is up on our YouTube channel.

photos to follow ...

13 April 2024

All Nippon Airways' JA982A

All Nippon Airways is taking delivery of JA982A (c/n 66996, l/n 1184). This 787-10, their second delivery this month, is making its delivery flight from CHS to HND, via LAX and HNL, as ANA9397. It left CHS yesterday, with an overnight stop at LAX, and will make a brief fuel stop here.

12 April 2024

Kalitta Air's N703CK Retirement

Kalitta Air's N703CK "Beti Ward 1" (c/n 24226, l/n809) is being retired by the airline. This 747-412F made its last flight into HNL on 09 Apr from GUM as CKS371, and continued onto YYZ with the same flight code. N703CK was repositioned to YIP, Kalitta's headquarters; then to OSC, Kalitta's maintenance base. Over the past couple years, the Pacific Air Cargo livery was removed, and left as a white-tail.


Boeing is ferrying N253BE (c/n 43842, l/n 8263) from BFI to HSN, via JRF and GUM, as BOE392. This 737-8, wearing an all-grey livery, is still going to Xiamen Air (rudder bears the livery). It will be painted and configured at the Boeing Completion Center at Zhoushan, China

Alliance Airlines' N298JB

Alliance Airlines is taking delivery of N298JB (msn 19000249). This ERJ-190AR is making its delivery flight from SJO to ADL, via SDM, OAK, HNL, MAJ, and BNE. It's being flown by Southern Cross International as SXI2430, and is making the OAK-HNL segment today. It will receive its Australian registration, VH-A2V, after delivery.

19000249's History
Mar 2009: Delivered to jetBlue as N298JB "Cool Blue" (f/n 298), with the "Dots" tail livery.
Jan 2017: Tail livery repainted in the "Tartan" design.
Jly 2022: Withdrawn from service.
Oct 2022: Ferried to MZJ for storage.
May 2023: Acquired by Wilmington Trust Company.
Nov 2023: Acquired by TVPX Trust Services, and ferried to SJO for prep to Alliance Airlines.

11 April 2024

Hawaiian Airlines' N780HA

Hawaiian Airlines is taking delivery of N780HA (c/n 66428, l/n 1097, f/n 780) today. this 787-9 DreamLiner is making its delivery flight from PAE as HAL9787. Its Hawaiian name will be unveiled after its blessing.

09 April 2024

QantasLink's VH-YQX

Southern Cross International is ferrying VH-YQX "Bouddi National Park" (c/n 55053, l/n 5016) from CBR to VCV, via APW and HNL, as SXI2421. This 717-2K9, owned by National Jet Systems, is being retired from its fleet. The APW-HNL segment is being flown as QFA6070.

55053's History:
Dec 1999: Delivered to Olympic Aviation as SX-BOB "Kassiopi", under lease from BIAL.
Dec 2003: Airline rebrands as Olympic Airlines.
Jly 2007: Leased to Spanair as EC-KHX.
Dec 2010: Leased to Blue 1 as OH-BLN, and painted in the Star Alliance special livery.
May 2013: Sold to Falco, and the lease transferred.
Feb 2016: Sold to, and delivered to National Jet Systems as VH-YQX, to operate for QantasLink.
Jan 2022: Repainted in the current Qantas livery, and named "Bouddi National Park".

11 Apr 2024 UPDATE
VH-YQX departed for VCV as SXI2421 this morning.

Royal Brunei's V8-MHB

V8-MHB (c/n 25537, l/n 517), the VIP 767-27GER of the Brunei Government, is making a brief fuel stop at HNL from PHL. This Royal Brunei-liveried 767 is returning to BWN [Bandar Seri Begawan Airport, Brunei].

China Southern Airlines' B-225D

China Southern Airlines is taking delivery of B-225D (c/n 65259, l/n 7828) today. This 737-8 is flying from BFI to CAN, via HNL and GUM, as CSN5073.

05 April 2024

All Nippon Airways' JA984A

All Nippon Airways is taking delivery of JA984A (c/n 66998, l/n 1181), and its making its delivery flight from CHS to HND, via LAX and HNL, as ANA9399. This 787-10 departed CHS on the 4th, and will make overnight stops at LAX and HNL.

04 April 2024

Amazon Prime Air's N4649K To Enter Service

Hawaiian Airlines' A330-343F, N4649K "Ascend" (msn 1863), departed HNL for SBD this morning as HAL1740. The Amazon Prime Air-liveried Airbus is scheduled to operate the SBD-CVG route from tomorrow.

03 April 2024

The Century Mission To Visit KOA

The Century Mission is an around-the-world flight beginning from ICT, with a Learjet 36A, N41GJ (msn 36-055), owned by Global JetCare. It will make a brief fuel stop at KOA, early tomorrow morning from SNS, before continuing onto MAJ.


Nomadic Aviation is ferrying C-FKCN (c/n 28573, l/n 3041) for AerCap, from YEG to TBS [Tblisi International Airport, Tblisi Georgia], via YVR, JRF, MAJ, and GUM today. This 737-36N, flying as OMD172, will be leased to Tblisi Airways. It will make a brief fuel stop at JRF. The rest of the ferry flight stops are CRK, CCU, and KHI.

28573's History:
Jun 1998: Delivered to British Airways as G-XMAN, under lease from GECAS.
Jun 2003: Leased to Garuda Indonesia as PK-GGX.
Jan 2005: Leased to Shenzhen Airlines as B-2602.
May 2012: Leased to Precision Air as 5H-PKS.
Mar 2014: Leased to Canadian North as C-FKCN (f/n 597).
Nov 2021: Sold to AerCap, and the lease transferred.

01 April 2024

Northern Air Cargo's N403YK

Northern Air Cargo's N403YK (c/n 25842, l/n 2228) is making a stop at HNL from TNN, via GUM and MAJ as AAH9403. This 737-436F will be joining the Aloha Air Cargo fleet as the third 737-400F, along with N405YK and N407YK.

N403YK stopped through ITO in January, on its way to TNN from SLC (via OAK, ITO, MAJ, and GUM) for maintenance as NAC9403.


2-DGMI (c/n 29644, l/n 2231), a 737-8BKF owned by BBAM, is en route from YLW [Kelowna International Airport, Kelowna, BC, Canada] to HLZ [Hamilton International Airport, Hamilton, New Zealand], via HNL and NAN. It will be leased to Toll Aviation, and operated by Texel Air Australasia. It will be registered as ZK-TXB "Barbara", and will fly under the Team Global Express branding.

29644 History:
Originally ordered by Delta Air Lines, but not taken up.
Apr 2007: Delivered to Sky Airlines as TC-SKH "Rainbow", and re-designated as a 737-8BK, under lease from CIT (above photo).
May 2008: Sold to Babcock, Brown, and May (BBAM), and the lease transferred.
Dec 2012: Withdrawn from service, and stored at QLA.
Jun 2013: Leased to Andoulujet, and operated by Sun Express as TC-SBE.
Dec 2018: Leased to Go2Sky as OM-GTH.
Apr 2019: Subleased to Corendon Airlines for 11 months, also in Jly 2021 (three months), and Mar 2022 (six months).
Nov 2022: Withdrawn from service, and returned to BBAM.
Jan 2023: Ferried to YLW for freighter conversion, and registered as 2-DGMI.