27 April 2006

Next AQ 732 to retire and MyTravel A330

A picture of the MyTravel A330 parked on the north ramp:

The next AQ 732 to leave the fleet, N827AL, is currently in the hanger with its tail painted over.

26 April 2006

MyTravel A330

A MyTravel Airways A330-343X (OY-VKH, c/n 356) is on the north ramp after arriving from SFO. It's on an around-the-world charter as VKG1956. Check out the great shot above by ha763.

China Xinhua's B-5153

A China Xinhua Airlines (Hainan Air Group) 737-84P, B-5153 (c/n 34029, l/n 1921), was in town as well, down on the south side.

25 April 2006

Naked 737-700!

This unpainted Boeing 737-7ES (c/n 33477, l/n 1885) stopped off @ HNL as BOE203. Apparently, an ETOPS test flight, and scheduled to head down to Australia. Word is, this 73G will become another "Wedgetail" AWACS platform for the Royal Australian Air Force.

24 April 2006

Two ex-US 737-3B7s

Two ex-US Airways 737-3B7s, N384US (c/n 22957) [above] and N396US (c/n 23318), arrived @ HNL on Sunday around 1430L. They are headed for somewhere in Asia. Sorry, I was unable to get a photo of N396US, which departed HNL for MAJ @ 0930L. N384US's departure was delayed until 1315L.

22 April 2006

United 747-400s

United Airlines substituted 747-422s in place of the 777-222 for the SFO-HNL-SFO run (UAL073/074) for a few days. N181UA is seen here departing Rwy 8R on the 21st.

18 April 2006

Privately Owned 767-300

This 767-3P6ER (N804MS, c/n 27255) is owned by Interface Operations LLC rests on HNL's south ramp. This current flight flew in from AFW via LAS and OGG. This photo of N804MS was taken back in late Nov 05.

15 April 2006

Continental 757s

Continental Air Lines has been using 757s, both -200 and -300 series on the LAX - HNL - LAX (COA003/012) run this weekend, instead of their usual 767-424ERs. A 752 was used on Friday's and Saturday's flights. A 753 (N75858, c/n 32817), seen here being towed to the north hardstands, was used on today's flight. Sunday's flight is listed as a 752.

12 April 2006

An MD-90 Daily Double

An MD-90-30 from EVA Air (B-17916, c/n 53539) [left] and another MD-90-30 from UNI Air (B-17915, c/n 53538) [right] sit on the south ramp preparing to depart for LAX, as these two birds are being returned to their lessors. The flights began from TPE, then routed through GUM, MAJ, HNL, and LAX.

09 April 2006

EMB-135 "Legacy"

Want to see an Embraer ERJ series in Hawai‘i? This is one way ... the EMB-135BJ "Legacy". Of the bizjets that pass through HNL, this is one of the rare ones. This HNL RareBird, N702CM of SCSM Aviation, arrived from OGG, and continued on to its home base @ LAS. Cool color scheme, huh.

06 April 2006

Aloha Airlines' new 737-200s

Aloha Airlines is bringing back the "Funbird" color scheme of the 1970s on one of the 'new' 737-200s that are replacing the high-time -200s in the current fleet.

Two of the "new" 737-200s:
Aloha | 737-2P6 | N1PC | 21613/LN 530 | new aircraft 3/06
Aloha | 737-210C | N834AL | 20917/LN 344 | BF Estafeta Carga 3/06 ex XA-ABX