25 October 2008

Saudi Arabian Royal Flight's HZ-HM5

Dating back to 1994, is today's HNL RareBird Classic, a Saudi Arabian Royal Flight L-1011-385-3 "TriStar 500", HZ-HM5 (msn 193G-1250). This TriStar was used by the Royal Saudi Family, and it spent several days on the HNL south ramp. It's seen above wearing the classic Saudia (SV/SVA) colors, and has been re-painted in the current colors.

A few years after this photo was taken, other Saudia airliners have been seen at HNL, once there were a pair of SV 747-300s, along with a Gulfstream G-IV, and a Lockheed L-100 "Hercules", occupying HNL's south ramp. The 743s were actually parked on Taxiway F parallel to Runway 4L (similar to the AQ parkings in March). In August 2006, an SV 777-200 was at HNL for a few days.

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OGGturbojets said...

The SV rustbuckets I used to take out of AHB never looked this good. But it does remind me of the taste of the green arabic coffee and almond stuffed dates they served onboard.