10 March 2006

HNL Rumors and changes

This is not a rarebird report, but a juicy rumor. I've heard that later on this month, there will be an announcement by the State of Hawaii regarding renovation and expansion at HNL. The amount being thrown around is in the billions of dollars and the first phase done in about 2-1/2 years.

There also have been a few recent ground handling changes. Aloha has been steadily losing contracts, recently losing the under wing handling for ATA to Worldwide. Although Worldwide has picked up a lot of ground handling contracts, they will also be losing their largest account in HNL, Continental. Apparently, a new company from Guam will be taking over passenger service and cargo. Harmony also has switched their ground handler. Hawaiian now does passenger service, loading, and cleaning for Harmony.

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Blue Wave 707 said...

It's about time the State DoT does something about HNL. After the Waihee administration squandered the $$$ to build an extension where the north ramp is, it seems like the state let HNL alone, just to maintain. Curious to see what the atate has up their sleeve.

Doesn't AQ have ground servicing for UA? Have seen their catering trucks hooked up to UA 777s. All this sounds like a bidding war. Ugh! As the ramp turns ...