02 March 2006

Welcome to HNL!

HNL over the years has grown from a small field known as John Rodgers Field to the international airport that it is today. It has seen the likes of United, Hawaiian, Japan Airlines, Qantas, Aloha, BOAC, CP Air, American and a few carriers that remain only in our memories such as Pan American, Braniff, and TWA. We have a very unique an storied aviation history at HNL and indeed in all of Hawaii itself.

As United Airlines once called Hawaii..."Our little corner of the Pacific".

E Komo Mai


Blue Wave 707 said...

Those were the days when the center concourse wasone huge observation deck.

Darn! I miss that!

Pan Am Hawaii said...

I used to love the feel of the jet blast when a United DC-8-61 would taxi out with a sharp right turn from the gate. You would almost have to duck behind the concrete railing to avoid getting anything in your eyes. Of course there was that smell of jet exhaust to add to the experience.

Blue Wave 707 said...

Just like watching re-runs of Hawaii 5-0 just for any airport shots. + UA did a lot of work for them with cast and crew.

When they brought DC-10s in that #2 engine towered over the obs deck, and really gave people a blast.