21 November 2006


Also seen in HNL today is a COMCO 757-22L, N610G (c/n 29304). This rarebird was parked at Gate 28.

According to their website, COMCO is "an aviation and engineering services company. Although we conduct a variety of aviation related business, COMCO specializes in providing engineering testing services in the areas of avionics, aircraft structure and airframe modifications, power-plant, aircraft systems integration, long-range communications, aircraft instrumentation, and other research and development programs specifically dealing with aircraft systems, maintainability, and habitability."

So, why it was parked at a gate rather than a hard stand? It's a mystery since this 757 is supposed to be a test bed. I'm not sure if they also do passenger charter work. I think it is currently parked on the South Ramp since I saw it crossing the airfield instead of heading towards to the end of the runway.


Anonymous said...

I saw this very same plane 5-21-07 it landed at Spokane Wa unloaded 35-40 people with large bags They were unloaded to two waiting vans which had to make several trips. It then refueled and left.

Anonymous said...

"Comco" is a fake government front company. This aircraft is used for special operations by the Dept. of Defense and the Dept. of State. It has self-contained air stairs and doesn't need to park at a gate unless they don't want you seeing who is getting out. If they want the passengers to blend in with the crown in the terminal - they'll unload at a gate.