27 September 2007


A Boeing 727-223F registered as N315NE (c/n 20190) is scheduled to stop at HNL from OAK. It's destined for somewhere in Asia. The flight originated in OPF (Opa Locka, FL) with a stop at TUL (Tulsa, OK), before going to OAK (where it's been for the past few days). It's scheduled for a brief fuel stop here, before continuing on to MAJ later in the day. The flight is then scheduled to go onto BIK/WABB (Frans Kaisiepo Airport, Baik, Indonesia) from MAJ.

20190 began its life with American Airlines as N6837 from 1969 to 1993, then went to Express One International & Emery Worldwide, where it was converted to a freighter and re-registered as N315NE from 1993 to 2003.

Sorry ... no HNL photo available.

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