14 November 2007

More "Makali‘i" Photos

Aloha Airlines had their leased 737-8K2(W), PH-HZO (c/n 34169), blessed today, is named "Makali‘i". As Ha763 reported, traces of the Transavia livery can be between the leading edge of the tail, and the decal of the bird of paradise tail logo.

This photo shows the greens and blues ot the Transavia interior seem to match the tropical feel of Hawai‘i, and being this bird is only seven months old, it had the new aircraft smell.

The flight deck of PH-HZO after the blessing ... the maile lei was from the blessing earlier, where it was untied at the bottom of the stairs. The fragrant leaves will sit atop the instrument panel, or somewhere in the flight deck for its first flight.

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OGGturbojets said...

Looks like this one is in service now. Saw it arriving at OGG this afternoon from SMF. Sorry no pic "this time."