30 December 2007

ATA's DC-10-30s

ATA Airlines began New Year's charter flights between HNL and KIX, as AMT6400 (KIX_HNL), using ex-NW DC-10-30s.

ATA has also substituted DC-10-30s on AMT4755/AMT4754, between HNL and LAX.

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RR Olympus G-BOAG said...

To our recent Oahu island guests,

your gracious and enthusiastic transit, flight, and flight crew followers, sincerely regret any hardships you may have experienced with your visit or return home to the mainland, aboard these HNL DC-10-30 RareBirds trimotor ships this early part of January.

We sincerely hope your return aboard the L1011-500 trijet replacement HNL RareBirds aircraft was as pleasant as it could be under the challenging circumstances. Perhaps it will be interesting to know, the RareBird rescue flight which was flown in, was a true rarity for civilian passengers to partake in, for it is completely anticipated the former NWA DC-10-30's which you were originally scheduled to return upon, will completely replace the Tristar rescue aircraft which was specially flown in to HNL during this operational crisis, some time in the very near future.

We island devotees, do hope you enjoyed the increased leg room of the L1011-500 wide-bodied rescue HNL RareBird, and the purr of it's Rolls Royce RB 211 powerplants along with its innovative cabin size and design. Maybe there is also some special satisfaction which can be gained in the knowledge you may have been some of the very few last customers aboard the beloved Lockheed HNL RareBirds before their retirement at ATA, and thus inevitably are able to share in this, our, and their special history with this Palmdale, California produced machinery.

Mahalo, regards and apologies from those among us and the RareBirds skyways in addition to our heartfelt thanks for your understanding when RareBird flights are infrequently interrupted by technical issues.