12 June 2008

The Departure Of AQ's Remaining Pax 732s

The remaining passenger 737-200s owned by Aloha are starting to leave HNL for their new homes. Yesterday, June 11, the Funbird (N823AL) departed HNL at 9:00am, destination unknown. N824AL looks like the next one to depart. There has been increased activity in and around the aircraft today with people doing walk-arounds and testing the controls.


OGGturbojets said...

On Google I typed in "N823AL Mojave" and it returns a FlightAware page that shows the Funbird went PHNL-KMHV on June 11th in the activity log.

Mel said...

They're probably all headed for the boneyard. Who else flies these oldies in passenger service? No one in the U.S. I would think. The 732 is partially responsible for Aloha's downfall. They held on to them for too long as they sucked up expensive fuel. There will be newer and better 737s on the market once all of those United and Continental Airlines jets go out of service.

Alan Radecki said...

Funbird arrived at Mojave on June 11, where it joins N808AL and will probably be scrapped. I've posted photos of Funbird on my Mojave blog at http://mojaveskies.blogspot.com/2008/06/flower-power.html and if/when cutting begins, I'll post pics of that, as well.