08 October 2008

Republic Airways / Mokulele Partnership?

Updating yesterday's post ....

The Honolulu Advertiser reports that Republic Airways and KOA-based Mokulele AIrlines will be forming a partnership where Republic will supply flight and cabin crews, and the ERJ-170s to compete against go! and Hawaiian Air.


OGGturbojets said...

Two cents here.

Please feel free to correct me, or comment...

We used to be semi-frequent-flyers on Mokulele back when they were flying the Islander between Kona and Maui, and thought they were an OK airline with Hawaiian roots.

Didn't Frontier (an E-170 operator) used to be associated with Republic? And as part of their bankruptcy, Frontier severed ties with Republic?

When Go! started up, Mesa was flush with cash. I'm not sure they are quite the powerhouse they once were.

In the current climate, thoughts of expansion by anybody doesn't make alot of business sense.

At this time, our only guess is : Republic/Mokulele think they can knock out Go! relatively quickly, and pick up HA's "crumbs."

I guess we'll see .....

Anonymous said...

Believe Republic/Shuttle America and Mokulele are doing this under what is quickly becoming very popular on the mainland. I think it's called an airline service agreement.

Very low risk to Republic/Shuttle America as long as Mokulele puts the money up front (buying all the seats on the plane and selling it to the public). This agreement is subject to US DOT's review and approval of Mokulele's finances.

Good luck guys...hope this new venture doesn't make a millionaire out of billionaire. The CEO of Mokulele is a super nice guy.

Great website and postings! Will visit more often.

Anonymous said...

didn't go! and mokulele already form a partnership, thereby giving birth to "go! express"? How will this work with mokulele teaming up with another airline for the sole purpose of competing with go!?