12 November 2008

First Republic E170 for Mokulele

The first E170 from Republic arrived in HNL for Mokulele. Registration of this aircraft is N868RW. They flew this aircraft IND-GTF-ANC-ADK-MDY-HNL. Apparently this route was taken because Republic didn't install any ferry tanks. The aircraft is currently parked at Gate 50. As you can see in the picture, the livery looks exactly like the picture on the Mokulele website with the only difference is the addition of the word "Kapalua" below the logo on the tail. The second E170 is also on its way to HNL on the same routing.


Blue Wave 707 said...

N868RW (msn 17000131) was with Shuttle America's Delta Connection.

Anonymous said...

i wonder when Alaska Air saw it..."well.. look like were finally getting some competition"...:))