18 November 2008

Virgin Blue E-190 VHZP?

A Virgin Blue Embraer 190 landed at HNL on a cloudy November 17th on its way to Australia. Delivery flights had been staging through LIH, but this one arrived at HNL, met by a platoon of firetrucks. After the uneventful landing about 4:05 PM, the fire crews quickly lost interest. I don't know what kind of problem they had. I also couldn't get a clear view of the registration letters.


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Blue Wave 707 said...

According to http://www.airframes.org>, that should be an Embraer ERJ-190AR (ERJ-190-100 IGW), and the msn is 19000220.

OGGturbojets said...

Thanks to Mark in Melbourne for the following :

En route from SJC to LIH a/c had aileron left hand fail and pressurization auto fail on descent into LIH. As result pilots declared an emergency and diverted into HNL. A/C landed safely with no further issues.

Aircraft remains in HNL and is likely to leave tomorrow for Pago Pago but to be on the safe side is now probably routing to Brisbane with another stop in Nadi on the way just to be sure.