09 July 2010

Aloha Raptors!

The Hawai‘i Air National Guard's 199th FS received their first two (of 20) Lockheed/Martin F-22As, with a Hawaiian blessing today at HIK.

03-4045 (c/n 4045, left) and 03-4046 (c/n 4046) face each other behind the stage. 4045 wears the HANG 199th tail band, while 4046 wears the "Gamecocks" tailband for the associate unit, the 19th FS.

HNL RareBirds extends a warm mahalo to the Hawai‘i Air National Guard and the 15th Wing for the opportunity to attend the blesing, and for serving our country,

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OGGturbojets said...

I feel safer already!