01 January 2012

Reeve Aleutian's N178RV

Happy New Year!

Our first 2012 edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" is Reeve Aleutian Airways' L-188C(PF) Electra, N178RV (c/n 2010), that paid a visit to HNL in 1996. The Electra, seen above, was photographed on HNL's South Ramp, near the UPS hardstands.

The early history of N178RV is somewhat vague, as the dates of delivery are not listed. It was originally delivered to Tasman Empire Airways Limited (TEAL), the predecessor to Air New Zealand, as ZK-TEB. It then went on to Transamerica Airlines [TV/TVA] as N33506. It's next owner was Northwest Territorial Cargo as C-GNWC. Reeve Aleutian [RV/RVV] acquired this Electra in September 1988, and remained with the fleet until the airline's closure in December 2000. It was then acquired by Atlantic Airlines (UK), and had the registration changed to N2RK, and the titles changed to "Reeve Illusion". In August 2010, Buffalo Airways [BFL] (Canada) picked up this Electra, and registered as C-FIJX, but still wears the "Reeve Illusion" colors. Buffalo Airways is the subject of the reality TV show "Ice Pilots" that airs in the USA on the National Geographic Channel.


Chris Witt said...

Did anyone see an ATR 42 with callsign SXA871 which stayed overnight at HNL 06/07jan12. Hopefully someone knows more!


Anonymous said...

Small world isn't, I wondered when I saw the show with Joe and Mikey were looking at buying a Electra if it was a old TEAL one!! and it turns out it was

Anonymous said...

THis aircraft was bought new by Tasman Empire Airways Ltd in the early 1960's., as ZK-TEB. The airline's name changed to Air New Zealand in 1965. I had the pleasure of flying this aircraft from 1965 to 1972, when it was sold. It was always my favourite Electra, and I flew its last service flight. I have not yet seen it in the Buffalo series as C-FIJX.
Alan McG.

Anonymous said...

This was one of the aircraft that Reeve Aleutian Airways used to fly out the Aleutian Chain with stops at Cold Bay, Adak, Shemya, Attu and a few others on occasion. I flew that bird many times when I lived on Adak. Two Boeing 727 (the RCR and Tilly) took over as their passenger flights in the 1980's. The Electras were still used to haul frieght as well as passengers if the need arose.