23 March 2012

UA 777-224ER N77012 (PMCO)

Today, on my way to a training session, three things about this United Airlines 777-200 caught my eye. First, it was parked at Gate 13. Second, was the registration, N77012 (c/n 29860, l/n 234). Third was the engines, GE-90 decal. This UA 777 is actually a pre-merger Continental Airlines (PMCO) 777-224ER! This aircraft is operating UAL01/02 (IAH-HNL-IAH). The UA schedule does show the flight being operated by a 777, and apparently will be operated by PMCO 777s. The aircraft for UAL01 comes in from LHR as UAL35.

Pre-merger UA (PMUA) has been regularly sending their 777-222As and 777-222ERs to HNL for many years. However, PMCO have not regularly sent their 777-224ERs to HNL since 2001/2002, when they first added a second flight from IAH.

I'm not exactly sure if I got the correct registration, as this picture was taken by my phone, but the UA flight status page shows today's aircraft number as 3012. A list of PMUA aircraft numbers show the 777 aircraft numbers being 2XXX and PMCO aircraft numbers as 00XX. Seeing that this is a PMCO 777, I am assuming that the aircraft numbers for PMCO 777s will now be 3XXX.

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