07 November 2012

Eznis Airways' N171LF

N171LF (c/n 29360, l/n 1644), a 737-73V owned by Aircraft 73B-29360 (Los Angeles, CA), has made a stop at HNL. It arrived last night from ULN [Chinggis Khaan International Airport, Ulaanbataar, Mongolia] via GUM. It was most recently with Mongolia's Eznis Airways [ZY/EZA]. N171LF is on its way to GYR for either storage, or preparations for its next lessee.

29360 was originally delivered to ILFC in January 2005, and leased to Copa Airlines [CM/CMP] in February 2005. It was registered as HP-1528CMP (f/n 686). In May 2012, it was returned to ILFC, and leased to Eznis the following month, and registered as JU-9921.

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