12 November 2013


A 737-800, listed as BOE201, arrived at HNL yesterday afternoon, and is departing for GUM this morning as BOE201. It's a P-8I Neptune (737-8FV), and is registered as N393DS (c/n 40610, l/n 3702), destined for the Indian Navy as IN320, and was built in September 2011.

Here's a photo of IN320 at BFI, from team member Drewski2112.


Anonymous said...

Can you just imagine seeing a 737 making torpedo runs on a ship or a sub? Anyway, there are a few photos and other references online to BOE201 indeed being a P-8I.

Anonymous said...

This is N393DS, a Boeing 737-8FV owned by Boeing and built in 2011, S/N 40610.

Pat Bell said...

I caught this image as it left BFI on its way to HNL:https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201945374931546&l=805078fbd6