30 December 2013

NAC's N361NC

Northern Air Cargo (NAC), Aloha Air Cargo's sister company is ferrying N361NC (c/n 23260, l/n 1146), a 737-301SF to assist with AAH's operations.

23260 was originally delivered to Piedmont Airlines as N309P in September 1985. When US Air acquired Piedmont, it was transferred and re-registered as N582US. In March 1995, 23260 was sold to GECAS, then leased to America West. It wore both the original blue stripe livery and the teal and red Southwestwern-style livery. In December 2006, 23260 was converted into a freighter, and leased to TNT Airways as OO-TNJ. In March 2011, it was leased to Blue Bird Cargo as TF-BBI. In June 2012, it was leased to NAC as N361NC.

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