30 March 2014

JAL Up-Gauges To 787-8

Beginning today, Japan Airlines becomes the first airline to serve HNL with regularly scheduled 787-8 from NRT. Actually, JAL has converted two NRT flights, JAL786/785 and JAL 784/783 from the 767-346ER to the 787-8. The rest of the Japan-HNL flights are now operated by 777-246ERs.

For today's flights, JAL786/785 is operated with JA824J (c/n 34834, l/n 27), and JAL784/783 is operated with JA834J (c/n 34842, l/n 98).


Mark said...

Happy to see the Dreamliner finally serving the islands.

"Up-Gauge" only in the fact that this a nicer aircraft from a pax POV. Actually about 50 seats less per flight. Another cut in lift to the islands. This time it is about 36,000 available seats per year. With a significant reduction in fuel burn that comes with this transaction, this will save JAL tons of money. Perhaps it will encourage them to add frequency.

Anonymous said...

Lovely wing on that thing. I also enjoy seeing the LED beacon at night.