31 March 2014

Sayonara 747 Jumbo!

Today, All Nippon Airways (ANA) retired their last 747-481D after a round trip flight from Haneda (HND) to Naha, Okinawa (OKA). JA8961 (c/n 25644, l/n 975) had the honors of flying as ANA127 (HND-OKA) and ANA126 (OKA-HND).  Both flights were delayed, likely due to commemoration activities.  This marks the end of nearly 36 years of 747 service at ANA, and 44 years of 747 service by Japanese airlines.

ANA operated a total of 46 747s.  The first 747-SR81, JA8134, was delivered on December 20, 1978 and the last 747-481D, JA8966, was delivered on December 11, 1995.  ANA operated 17 747-SR81s, six 747-281Bs, ten 747-481s, and 13 747-481Ds.

At HNL, ANA has historically mainly operated 747-281Bs, but did occasionally have 747-481s on charters and extra section flights.

Further coverage in this Japan Today article Japan to bid farewell to 747 Jumbo, and this post from Zipanguflyer.

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