07 November 2014

Some Not So HNL RareBirds

I had the splendid chance of attending the 2014 Iruma Airshow in Saitama, Japan this past November 3rd. This year marks the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the Japan Air Self Defense Force. The highlight of any airshow would be the performance done by the local military groups and Japan was no exception. The JASDF's Blue Impulse, flying Kawasaki T-4s wowed the enthusiastic crowd of more than 200,000 people that attended that day. Other aerial demonstrations where performed by Iruma's 2nd Tactical Airlift Wing flying Kawasaki C-1s and a U-4, the Air Defense Command HQ Flight Group in their YS-11, U-125 and Kawasaki T-4s, JASDF's Air Rescue Wing with their U-125A and UH-60J, and the Base's Helicopter Airlift Corps flying the CH-47J.  I was impressed at how the audience oohed and awed at the maneuvers the various display groups performed. This was one of the main highlights of my Japan trip! I hope to make it out there for more JDM metal soon!

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