02 December 2014

Aero-Flite's RJ-85

Aero-Flite is sending one of their 3 firefighting capable Avro RJ-85s to Australia in anticipation of their upcoming fire season. N355AC (msn E2293) arrived from Oakland International this afternoon, and will most likely continue Down Under to CNS (via MAJ and HIR) after an overnight stay. It will be based at CNS, during its assignment.

The Aero-Flite RJ-85s' were converted to carry fire retardant solution in an external configuration by British Columbia based company, Conair. Before being converted, N355AC was originally delivered to Lufthansa Cityline in September, 1996 as D-AVRN and their it flew until it was retired in late 2011.

Conair equipment has been caught in HNL in the past. A pair of converted Convair CV-580s' made the trip to the land down under in December 2010 and transited back through on their way home to British Columbia in April, 2011.

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