17 December 2014


N9420D (c/n 49824, l/n 1554), an MD-83, is ferrying through JRF today. The flight originated from ROW (via BFL), and is bound for somewhere in Asia, as it owned by AWAS. It will make a brief fuel stop at JRF, before continuing onto MAJ and SPN.

49824 was oringally purchased by ILFC, then leased to BWIA-British West Indies Airways [BW/BWA] in December 1998 as 9Y-THU "Sunjet St. Kitts". In December 1996, it was leased to Trans World Airlines as N9420D (f/n 9420). A year later, it was sold to AWAS, and continued with TWA. When American Airlines acquired TWA, N9420D was transferred over, and assigned the AAL fleet number 4WY. In January 2013, it was returned to AWAS, and stored at ROW.

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