08 April 2015

American And US Airways Under SOC

Beginning today, American Airlines and US Airways are now under a Single Operating Certificate (SOC). With this SOC, the US Airways IATA Code (US), ICAO Code (AWE), and callsign ("Cactus") will be retired, and the American code will take over.

Here are the changes to the former US Airways Hawai‘i flights to American flight codes:
HNL-PHX: AWE675 is AAL695; AWE693 is AAL693
PHX-HNL: AWE692 is AAL692; AWE694 is AAL694
OGG-PHX: AWE638 is AAL638; AWE645 is AAL645
PHX-OGG: AWE432 is AAL432; AWE633 is AAL633
LIH-PHX: AWE697 is AAL697
PHX-LIH: AWE684 is AAL684
KOA-PHX: AWE661 is AAL661
PHX-KOA: AWE663 is AAL663

Ticket counters and reservations systems will remain separate until later this year, when they will be integrated.

Further information in this American Airlines press release and World Airline News article.

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