15 February 2017

HDOT Considers Closing Rwy 4L/22R

The Hawaiʻi Department of Transportation is considering closing Runway 4L/22R due to runway incursions, and the risk of losing federal grant money. The runway in question is primarily used by general aviation aircraft as it is 6,952 feet long, and 150 wide, though some inter-island flights will use the runway to land if traffic, or other runway closures permit. Runway 4 Left is about 9,000 feet downrange from the approach end of Runway 8 Left, thus there is a "Land And Hold Short" (LAHSO) operation in effect. It would mean more use of Runway 4 Right, which is used by both commercial and general aviation, and LAHSO would still be in effect. Currently, commercial and military departures are assigned Runway 8R, and arrivals to Runway 8L; Runway 4R has some commercial arrivals, as well as general aviation departures and arrivals.

Both HDOT and the FAA say that HNL annually leads the nation in runway incursions, but the statistics does combine all incursions from encroaching the hold short line to near-miss, but for HNL, the incursions have been on the lowest end of the scale. The FAA would call for a temporary runway closure. 

Further information in this KHON2 News report.

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