19 June 2020

Asia Pacific Airlines Retires N705AA

Asia Pacific Airlines is ferrying N705AA (c/n 22462, l/n 1751) from GUM to IGM (via MAJ, HNL, and OAK) as MGE900. This 727-223F/Adv is being retired, and headed for storage. It's making its final stopover at HNL tonight. Before departing GUM, N705AA received a water-cannon salute from the airport's fire/rescue department. The future for N705AA is uncertain, as it underwent a heavy maintenance check two years ago.

With N705AA's departure from the Asia Pacific fleet, this effectively ends 727 operations at HNL, though the airliner had been relegated to its GUM base since late 2018. Boeing 727 began with Continental Airlines' Air Micronesia in the 1970s.

01 Feb 2021 UPDATE
N705AA was acquired by Astral Airlines (Kenya).  It was ferried from IGM to NBO (via OPF, BGI, and DKR), from 19 -21 Jan 21. The Kenyan registration is not known.

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Unknown said...

It is in the air right now, Jan 19, 2021 at 7:50pm EST.
Located on adsbexchange, via MLAT.
Appears headed to Louisiana.
It is doing 565 knots at FL370.
In the area also found via MLAT rather than ADB-B are a B-52 and E3TF.
Like a reunion of ancient aircraft types.