13 July 2020

US Department of Justice's N119NA

The US Department of Justice's 757-223, N119NA (c/n 24487, l/n 236), arrived from RIC [Richmond, VA] via ONT as JENA2, and parked on the North Ramp.

24487 was originally delivered to American Airlines in July 1989 as N611AM (f/n 611), and flew with the airline until April 2012. L-3 Communications Advanced Aviation LLC acquired this 757 in November 2014 as N119NA. Four months later, it was purchased by the US DOJ as N119NA.

15 July 2020 Update
N119NA brought over additional FBI Special Agents and a SWAT unit to take down a local man suspected of running a criminal organization and murder.

Further details in this Hawaii News Now report.

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