29 September 2020


OE-IAI (msn 1356), a former Asiana Airlines A321-131, is ferrying from ICN (via CRK, GUM, and HNL) to SBD. It's on a lease return flight to lessor Avalon, and making an overnight stop at HNL. It will leave for SBD later today.

1356 was originally delivered to Asiana Airlines in November 2000 as HL7594, under lease from CIT. In April 2017, it was sold to Avolon, and the lease transferred. It flew with Asiana until May 2020.

OE-IAI departed HNL this afternoon, but returned after a mechanical issue.

10.20.20 UPDATE
OE-IAI departed HNL this morning for SJC.

10.21.20 UPDATE
OE-IAI departed SJC for HDO [South Texas Regional Airport, Hondo, TX].

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Nicholas Hesler said...

It just landed at SJC about an hour ago. Any idea why it went there and not SBD? Im trying to figure out when its leaving as its quite the rare plane for us.