10 April 2021

Aloha Air Cargo's N54AU

Aloha Air Cargo took delivery of N54AU (c/n 28054, l/n 3016) today. This 737-3Q8F was painted at GEG, and arrived from OAK as AAH304. It will be re-registered as N304KH. 

N54AU's History:
Apr 1998: Delivered to Air Vanuatu as YJ-AV18, leased from ILFC.
Jan 2008: Painted into their current livery.
Jly 2008: Leased to bmibaby as G-TOYI "Geordie Baby".
Jan 2011: Renamed as "tinylife baby".
Sep 2014: Bought by Automatic LLC as N54AU, and converted to a Quick Change.
Mar 2015: Leased to Mistral Air as EI-FGX, and a logo jet for PosteItaliane.
May 2019: Stored at SJO.
Mar 2021: Acquired by Northern Air Cargo, and painted to Aloha Air Cargo livery at GEG.
Apr 2021: Delivered to Aloha Air Cargo.

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