20 June 2021

Air Niugini's P2-PXD

Air Niugini is returning P2-PXD (c/n 28007, l/n 136) to its lessor, DAE Capital. This 737-7L9 is making its ferry flight from POM to BYH [Arkansas International Airport, Blytheville, AR] (via HNL) as ANG6001. It's pictured above a few hours prior to its flight to BYH.

28007's History:
Nov 1998: Delivered to Maersk Air as OY-MRD.
Feb 2002: Sold to SAAM ad leased back.
Sep 2004: Painted in the new Maersk livery.
Sep 2005: Sold to Sterling Airlines as OY-MRD, withdrawn from service in Oct 2008.
Jan 2008: Painted to the Sterling livery.
Dec 2008: Sold to DAE Capital as D-AABH.
Apr 2009: Leased to Astreaus as G-STRN.
May 2009: Subleased to Iceland Express.
Oct 2011: Returned to Astreaus.
Nov 2011: Returned to DAE Capital as D-ALAD.
Jul 2012: Leased to Air Niugini as P2-PXD, with Kokoda Trail special livery.
Jun 2014: Painted in the XV Pacific Games special livery.
May 2016: Painted in the standard Air Niugini livery.

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