29 September 2021

Lynden Air Cargo's P4-LAS

Lynden Air Cargo's L-100-30 (L-382G), P4-LAS (msn 382-4600), has made a stop at HNL from OAK as LYC569. Also listed as a C-130H, the all-white clad freighter made previous stops at YIP and YWG before OAK, using the same flight number.

382-4600's History
1975: Built at Marietta, GA.
UNK:  Delivered to Safair (EARL - East Africa Response) [South Africa] as ZS-RSI.
UNK: Acquired by EAS European Airlines as F-GIMV.
UNK: Acquired by SF Air as F-GDAQ.
May 1979: Sold to Northwest Territorial Airways as C-FNWY.
Sep 2006: Sold to First Air as C-GUSI.
May 2015: Sold to Lynden Air Cargo as N408LC.
Mar 2016: Re-registered in Aruba as P4-LAS.

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