08 October 2021


N28836 (c/n 28836, l/n 861), a 757-204 owned by Black Rock, is ferrying from MZJ to XMN, via HNL and GUM. It's making a stop at HNL, as it heads for freighter conversion. It's next segment has been delayed due to a maintenance issue.

28836's History:
Apr 1999: Originally delivered to Britannia Airways as G-BYAY, leased from ILFC.
Nov 2005: Rebranded as Thomsonfly, after the airline and travel group were acquired by the TUI Group.
Oct 2008: Rebranded as Thomson Airways.
May 2014: Aircraft sold to AerCap, and lease transferred.
Oct 2017: Rebranded as TUI Airways.
Nov 2020: Ferried to MZJ for storage, after returned to AerCap in Oct 2020.
Sep 2021: Sold to Black Rock

15 Oct 21 UPDATE
N28836 left this morning for GUM.

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