01 November 2021

Ukraine Air Alliance's UR-CGV

Another Ukraine Air Alliance An-12BK, UR-CGV (msn 6344610), is making a stop at HNL today as UKL5080. It's beginning its flight from RFD [Rockford International Airport, Rockford, IL] to SYD, with stops at OAK, HNL, MAJ and CNS.

06 Nov 2021 UPDATE
UR-CGV returned though HNL from MAJ as UKL5056, and will continue onto SBD that next day.

08 Nov 2021 UPDATE
This An-12 returned to HNL from SBD as UKL5055, and will continue onto MAJ the next day.

12 Nov 2021 UPDATE
UR-CGV returned to HNL from GUM as UKL5056, and will depart for SBD the next day.

01 Dec 2021 UPDATE
Making an overnight stop from SBD as UKL5079, and to continue onto MAJ the next day.

04 Dec 2021 UPDATE
Return to HNL from MAJ, then onto SBD as UKL5080.


Flyer said...

Do you know what these Ukrainian aircrafts arw doing there? What cargo are they flying?

Blue Wave 707 said...

We don't know what kind of cargo is being ferried.