09 April 2022

55 Years Of The 737

On this day, 55 years, ago, the first Boeing 737-100 made its first flight. Since then, nearly 11,000 models have been built over the years from the -100 to the -9MAX, and over 4,000 airframes are on order (including the new -7MAX and -10MAX variants).

Hawai‘i continues to play a pivotal part in the 737 program, as the islands have been home to operators Aloha Airlines, Aloha Air Cargo, TransAir Hawaii, and the US Air Force. Our state's airports have been used as a stopover point for new-build and used 737 delivery flights, as well as lease return ferry flights.

Currently, Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines has 737 flights from the US mainland; Air Canada and WestJet Airlines have 737 service from Canada, and Fiji Airways has 737 service from Fiji.

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